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Eris Vegan Food Co

Eris Vegan Food Co

302 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside, CA 92054

Open until 8:00 PM

Full Hours
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    Flatbread Pizza

    Peppadew Pesto Flatbread Pizza

    Peppadew peppers/pepperoncini, kale pesto, sunflower mozzarella, balsamic glaze


    Bufalo Chikun Flatbread Pizza

    Tangy buffalo marinated “chicken” and roasted red onions with our house ranch and gooey sunflower mozzarella.


    Pepperoni & Olive Flatbread Pizza

    Seitan pepperoni and olives with sunflower mozzarella and ny style tomato sauce.


    Little Brutus Flatbread Pizza

    Double garlic pizza sauce, pepperoni, adobado seitan, pepperjack, mozzarella, jalapenos and bambam sauce. Spicy, spicy!


    Acapulco Goldie Flatbread Pizza

    Pepperjack sauce, poblanos, sweet potato, seitan adobado, pineapple, cilantro, radish.




    Galactic Monster Sweet Potato Fries

    Delicious russet & sweet potato fries smothered in pepperjack with tomatoes, poblanos, radishes, and cilantro and topped with ooey-gooey sunflower mozzarella, mind-meltingly good




    Chop Chop Salad

    Kale, arugula, radish, chickpeas, olives, pickles, pepperoncini, sunflower, and pumpkins seeds in a sunflower dill dressing




    Buckaroo Banzai Sando

    Crispy Fried Chicken tossed in our house pepper BBQ with our house slaw, pickles, and caramelized onion on a handmade pretzel bun. Served with russet & sweet potato fries and house-made ketchup.


    Buckaroo Banzai Sando

    SeaCo Fysh Sando

    Crispy SeaCo coconut "fish", with our yummy house slaw and bomb vegan tartar sauce, with a touch of lettuce, tomato, onion, & pickle on a toasted bun. Served with Salt & vinegar fries


    Chicken Bakon Ranch Sando

    Crispy Fried Chicken with Plantain Bakon & cool house ranch with lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle on handmade pretzel buns. Served with russet & sweet potato fries and house-made ketchup


    Meeatloaf Sando

    Housemade vegan meatloaf, on our rosemary bread, with dijon-mayo, arugula, tomatoes, cornichon pickle, & onion


    Meeatloaf Sando


    Adobado Seitan Tacos

    Seitan adobado, citrus slaw, chipotle aioli, roasted pineapple, handmade flour tortilla.


    Fysh Tacos

    Seaco’s battered coconut “fysh”, crunchy slaw, handmade flour tortilla get it with a corn tortilla to make it gluten free!


    Sweet Potato Pepperjack Tacos

    (Gluten-free) Sunflower pepper jack, sweet potato, roasted poblanos, avocado, handmade corn tortilla


    Triple Taco Combo

    Three tacos (one of each) adobado, sweet potato, and fish.




    Bam-Bam Burger

    Cast Iron-seared Impossible burger, hand-made pretzel bun, spicy Bam-Bam sauce, vegan Bleu Cheeze, crispy onion strings, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, Served with russet & sweet potato fries and house made ketchup


    Jughead Burger

    Cast Iron seared Impossible burger, hand-made pretzel bun, thousand islands, melted cheese tomatoes, pickles, onions, lettuce, Served with russet & sweet potato fries and house-made ketchup.




    Havana Affair Bowl

    Coconut cilantro lime brown rice, Cuban style black beans, roasted yams, pickled Cuban slaw, plantains, and our Cuban mojo sauce



    Loads of vegan carne asada with brown rice black beans yams, lime cabbage, poblanos radish, tomato & two of our best sauces




    A giant mouth watering breaded vegan chicken breast topped with marinara and served over a bed of pesto pasta. With bread.




    Topo Chico Lime Mineral Water


    Topo Chico Mineral Water


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