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Tribute Pizza

Tribute Pizza

3077 North Park Way, San Diego, CA 92104

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Tribute Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Tribute Pizzas

The Pizza Mole Negro

House made 30 ingredient oaxacan-style mole negro (with 10 chiles, mexican chocolate, peanuts, almonds, sesame seeds, organic tomatoes, tomatillos, cinnamon, star anise, clove, allspice, onion, garlic, breadcrumbs, more), sesame seed crust, jamaica pickled red onion, fresh watermelon radish, cilantro, and lime, tres quesos (habanero jack, Oaxaca, panela), swirl of avocado+garlic+cilantro salsa casera.


Margherita Grandma Style

Just likea my nonna used to make, rectangular pizza baked in a buttered quarter sheet pan, somewhere between thick and thin, golden brown bottom and crust, garlic, chunky organic crushed tomato sauce over three cheeses, fresh herbs on top.


The Wise Guy Pizza

Smoked fresh mozz, wood roasted caramelized onions, housemade sweet Italian fennel sausage.


Dirty Dancin

Crushed tomatoes, mozz, shaved red onion, jalapenos, fresh pineapple (not from a can), a generous swirl of house-made harissa ranch.


The Classic Combo Supreme

Crushed tomatoes, mozz, fancy pepperoni, Calabrian chile and fennel sausage, shaved red onion, pickled peppers, garlic sauteed mushrooms, castelvetrano green olives.


The Bees Mode

Organic crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, peppadew sweet piquant peppers, ricotta, all natural fra’ mani soppressata, Mike's hot honey, hand-delivered from Brooklyn by mike Kurtz himself.



Mozzarella, ricotta, fresh garlic, crushed red chile flake, arugula.


Super vegan VII

Wood-roasted beet puree, housemade almond and hazelnut ricotta, shaved red onion, pickled peppers, castelvetrano green olives, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh basil.


Brooklyn's Best

Fresh mozz, ricotta, wood roasted onions, parsley, sesame seed crust.


Classic OG Vegan

Organic crushed tomato, basil, garlic, Calabrian chiles, fresh arugula, basil olive oil, black pepper.


Grandma Style Brooklyn's Best

Same as above, but rectangular, about 9.5" x 13", baked in a buttered quarter sheet pan, with the sesame seed crust 'upside down'.



Organic Bianco DiNapoli crushed tomatoes, fresh mozz, basil, fancy olive oil.


Mushrooms Whitestone

Fresh and aged mozz, garlicky wood roasted mushrooms, garlic confit, Calabrian chile, ricotta, pecorino.


Cadillac Margerita Coupe De Ville

Our souped-up magherita on 22"s, with burrata instead of fresh mozz, plus the addition of heirloom cherry tomatoes, and basil infused arbequina olive oil.


Kevin Mccallister

Red and white checkered tablecloth tomato sauce, aged and fresh mozzarella.



Spring Into Spring Market Salad

Baby greens, castelfranco radicchio, pink lady apples, cara cara orange supremes, sparkling rosé soaked blueberries, honey infused fresh goat cheese, d’anjou pear + cara cara vinaigrette.


Elaine Benes Little Big Salad

Organic greens, heirloom cherry tomatoes, red onion, carrot, cucumber, marinated ‘benzos, provolone, eat fresh red wine vinaigrette.


Shaved Brussels Salad

Ultra-thin shaved organic brussels sprouts, charred lemon vinaigrette, pretentious 63-degree celsius sous vide egg yolk, a fluffy pillow of pecorino romano, toasted walnuts.


I Kale, I Saw, I Conquered

Farmer’s market baby kale, ‘brutus’ dressing, preserved lemon, calabrian chiles, parmigiano reggiano, focaccia croutons, aleppo pepper.


Small Plates

Warm Marinated Olives

5 kinds of olives (castelvetrano, Gaeta, niçoise, cerignola, picholine) w/ garlic, citrus, fresh herbs.


Patatas Bravas

Heirloom fingerling potatoes, smashed & fried, with Calabrian chile aioli.


House Made Award Winning Sea Salt Focaccia

With 18 years balsamic and olive oil.


Tomato & Roasted Corn Soup

With 18 years balsamic and olive oil.


Fresh Mozzarella Balls

Clinging’ fresh mozzarella, breaded & fried, served w/ organic crushed tomato dippin‘ sauce.


Grass Fed Grass Finished Meatballs

Three house-ground meatballs of grass-fed grass-finished beef and heritage breed pork, with organic root vegetable marinara, wood roasted sweet peppers and onions, Parmigiano Reggiano.


Fried Brussels Sprouts

Organic brussels sprouts, deep fried, and dressed in roasted garlic + whole grain mustard + white balsamic vinaigrette, with crushed red chili flakes and pecorino romano.


Cremini Fonduta

Cremini mushrooms sauteed in sherry and garlic, with cypress grove lamb chopper sheep’s milk cheese, fresh parsley, little toasts.


Market Wood Roasted Vegetables

A whole bunch of farmer’s market veggies, all roasted together to order next to the burning California white oak, real simple with just arbequina, Icelandic sea salt, and a little bread.


Sized for patrons ten and under.

Cheese Pizza


Mac & Cheese


Vanilla Soft Serve



Straus Family Creamery Soft Served Ice Cream


Mom's Recipe Tiramisu

Slightly boozy version of the classic, w/ old harbor distilling ampersand coffee liqueur, ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, 58% dark Colombian chocolate.


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