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2842 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Gialina a call to order. We hear their food's delish.


Margherita Pizza


Four Cheese Pizza

Herbs, ricotta, provolone, gorgonzola & pecorino.


Atomica Pizza

Tomato, mushrooms, chilies, red onions & mozzarella.


Yukon Gold Potatoes Pizza

Served w/ bacon, red onions, thyme & gorgonzola.


Pesto Pizza

Served w/ braised chard, black olives, ricotta & ricotta salad.


Amatriciana Pizza

Tomato, pancetta, chilies, farm egg & pecorino.


Portobello Mushroom Pizza

Served w/ preserved lemon, thyme & Val d'Aosta fontina.


Asparagus Pizza

Served w/ preserved lemon, black olives, chilies, mozzarella & ricotta.


Moroccan Lamb Pizza

Served w/ spring onions, mozzarella & yogurt.


Wild Nettles Pizza

Served w/ pancetta, red onions, mushrooms & aged provolone.


Dandelion Greens Pizza

Served w/ red onion, sweet Italian sausage & Val d'Aosta fontina.



Garden Lettuces


Wild Arugula

Served w/ beets, goat cheese & pistachios.


Citrus Salad

Served w/ avocado & marcona almonds.


Little Meatballs

Served w/ tomato sauce & aged provolone.


Niman Ranch Pork Belly

Served w/ chard, soft polenta & balsamic condimento.


Salumi Plate

Served w/ smoked prosciutto, soppressata, salametto picante salume, brown sugar fennel salume, olives, beets, ricotta & flatbread.



Served w/ pistachio salsa verde, chili oil & flatbread.


Roasted Asparagus

Served w/ moltinero truffle pecorino & nduja vinagrette.


Long Cooked Romano Beans

Served w/ black taggiasca olive vinaigrette.


Sauteed Whole Baby Fava Beans

Served w/ garlic, currants, chilies and pecorino.


Pasta & Roast

Ricotta Cavatelli

Served w/ english peas, preserved lemon-tarragon butter & parmigiano.


Roasted Chicken Breast

Served w/ aioli, soft polenta & roasted asparagus.


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