Goomba's Pizza Grinder

10050 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO 80004

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
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Create Your Own Pizza$8.95 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza. Start with a cheese pizza and add toppings to them.
Super Goomba Pizza$16.95 +
Genoa salami, capicola ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni, black olives, red onions, green bell peppers, mushrooms, oregano and mozzarella cheese.
Spicy Island Pizza$13.95 +
Canadian bacon, pineapple, serrano peppers, fresh cilantro and mozzarella cheese.
Game Over Pizza$15.95 +
Italian sausage, pepperoni, red onions, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella cheese, NY tomato sauce & basil pesto.
Grindhouse Pizza$16.95 +
Genoa salami, Pepperoni, chopped bacon, Canadian bacon, meatball and Italian sausage.
Vita Bella Pizza$12.95 +
Olive oil-based with fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, Feta cheese, grated parmesan, roasted garlic, cracked black pepper and mozzarella.
Margherita Pizza$13.95 +
Olive oil-based with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, sea salt, cracked black pepper and parmesan cheese.
Paulie's Pizza$15.95 +
Tzatziki sauce, sliced Gyro, Feta, red onion, sliced pepperoncini peppers, tomato, Kalamata olive, oregano and mozzarella.
Meatball Parmesan Pizza$12.95 +
Sliced meatballs, Pomodoro sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, Italian breadcrumbs and oregano.
Road House Pizza$14.95 +
Ranch sauce, seasoned chicken, bacon, jalapeno, cheddar and mozzarella.
The Inferno Pizza$14.95 +
Buffalo sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, Jalepeno, Serrano pepper, Anaheim pepper, and crushed red pepper.
Sophia Mia Pizza$16.95 +
Olive oil-based with seasoned chicken, artichoke heart, sun-dried tomato, mushroom, Kalamata olives, Feta, Parmesan, fresh spinach and basil.
Kickin' Wing Pizza$13.95 +
Buffalo sauce, Sriracha-coated chicken, gorgonzola, mozzarella and ranch dressing.
Garden City Pizza$14.95 +
Our all-veggie pizza with fresh spinach, sun-dried tomato, black olives, red onion, green bell pepper, mushroom and sliced tomato.
Cheesy Goomba Pizza$15.95 +
Our five cheese blend which includes mozzarella, provolone, Asiago, Parmesan, cheddar and oregano.
Wise Guy Pizza$12.95 +
Italian sausage, red onion and green bell pepper.
Greek Salad$7.95
Crisp Romaine, cucumber, tomato, croutons, Pepperoncini pepper, Kalamata olive, green Bell pepper, and shaved asiago. Your choice of dressing.
Goombas Chicken Caesar Salad$7.95
Crisp Romaine lettuce, seasoned chicken, chopped bacon, hard boiled egg, shaved Asiago, croutons and our very own Caesar dressing.
Classic Cobb Salad$7.95
Crisp Romaine, seasoned chicken, avocado, tomato, hard boiled egg, Gorgonzola, chopped bacon, black olive, bell pepper and red onion. Your choice of dressing.
Italian Chef's Salad$7.95
Crisp romaine, sliced Capicola ham and Genoa salami with pepperoncini peppers, black olives, tomato, green bell pepper, red onion, croutons, shredded mozzarella, hard boiled egg and Italian vinaigrette.
House Salad$7.95
Crisp romaine lettuce, green bell pepper, Kalamata olive, cucumber, tomato, pepperoncini pepper, crouton, shaved Asiago and your choice of dressing.
Goomba Side Salad$3.95
Our smaller version of the House salad with your choice of dressing.
Cheesy Bread$5.95
Round cheese bread, cut into sticks, topped with melted mozzarella and seasoned with our Goomba spice blend, Oregano and sprinkled with grated parmesan. Served with a side of our home made pizza sauce.
Original cheese calzones.
You may choose from white or wheat bread, toasted or not toasted. All grinders include a pickle spear & bag of nacho cheese Doritos!
Italian Grinder$8.95 +
Genoa salami, pepperoni, Capicola ham, provolone, tomato, green bell pepper, red onion, black olive, lettuce and Italian vinaigrette.
Jive Turkey Grinder$8.95 +
Sliced turkey, bacon, roasted red bell pepper, basil pesto, mozzarella and romaine lettuce.
Chicken Caesar Grinder$8.95 +
Seasoned chicken, bacon, asiago, tomato, romaine lettuce and our Caesar dressing.
California Grinder$8.95 +
Sliced turkey, swiss, avocado, bacon, tomato, mayonnaise and lettuce.
Cheesy Garden Melt Grinder$8.95 +
Mozzarella, provolone, Swiss, cheddar, asiago, parmesan, cheddar, tomato, roasted red bell pepper, basil pesto and romaine lettuce.
Club Goombas Grinder$8.95 +
Sliced turkey, capicola ham, bacon, Swiss, provolone, tomato, mayonnaise and romaine lettuce.
Gyro Sandwich$8.95 +
Sliced gyro, tomato and red onion wrapped in a pita. Served with our Tzatziki sauce and a bag of Lay's Original potato chips!
NY Cheesecake$3.75
With berry sauce.
Espresso-dipped lady fingers, layered in whipped cream and dusted with powdered cocoa.
Soda$0.99 +


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