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Bank Sports Bar

Bank Sports Bar

102 Bank St, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Order Ahead We open at 4:00 PM

Full Hours
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    Flatbread Pizza

    The Layup Flatbread Pizza

    Fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes & chopped basil with a cilantro mayo drizzle


    The Curveball Flatbread Pizza

    Grilled shrimp with a drizzle of lemon dressing


    The Goalie Flatbread Pizza

    Peppers, onions & black olives with a balsamic drizzle.


    Three Cheese Flatbread

    White cheddar, jack cheese & mozzarella


    The Champ Flatbread Pizza

    Grilled chicken, bacon & avocado with a ranch drizzle.




    Slam Dunk Pretzels

    Pretzel bites with jalapeno cheese dipping sauce.


    French Fries

    Fresh to order


    Tailgate Chili (seasonal)

    A classic vegetarian chili topped with shredded cheddar cheese


    Garlic Bread


    Street Game Nachos

    Topped with jalapeno cheese sauce, chopped roasted poblano peppers, tomatoes, onions & olives


    Garlic Bread with Cheese


    Bank Baked Wings



    Tossed Salads

    Hail Caesar Salad

    Romaine, parmesan cheese, fresh croutons & creamy caesar


    The Umpire House Salad

    Baby spinach, cucumbers, tomato, peppers & house dressing



    Texas Toast Sandwiches

    Classic Three Cheese Melt Sandwich

    Provolone & American cheese.


    The Shroom Sandwich

    Sliced portobellos, roasted red peppers, gruyere cheese, dill scallion mayo.


    Classic BLT Sandwich

    Lettuce, tomato, bacon.




    All are served on Martin’s slider rolls.

    CBR (Chicken, Bacon, Ranch) Slider

    Grilled chicken, big bacon, white cheddar & ranch dressing


    Super Mushroom (Mario Bros) Slider

    Portobello, gruyere, tzatziki.


    Beef Sliders




    Penne A La Vodka


    Ziti Marinara


    Fettuccine Alfredo



    Tiny Tikes

    For ages 8 & under.

    Kid's Grilled Cheese


    Kid's Broccoli


    Kid's Nuggets


    Kid's Apple Slices


    Kid's Pasta with Butter


    Kid's Chocolate Milk


    Kid's Pasta Marinara


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