Declaration Nats Park

1237 First St SE, Washington, DC 20003

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Declaration Nats Park a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Traditional Margherita Pizza $12.00
    No cheese. Fresh garlic, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, EVOO.
  • Brooklyn Pizza $15.00
    Fresh mozzarella, grated imported Parmesan, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, fresh basil, EVOO.
  • Thomas Jefferson VA Pizza $17.76
    Proscuitto, arugula, lemon, olive oil, oven roasted tomatoes, fresh mozzarella.
  • Matthew Thornton NH Pizza $17.76
    Spinach, ricotta, garlic, nutmeg, mozzarella.
  • Thomas Mckean De Pizza $17.76
    Ricotta, brussels sprouts, sweet Italian sausage, idiazabal, mozzarella, garlic.
  • Frances Hopkinson NJ Pizza $17.76
    Soppressata, tomato, Romano, fresh mozzarella, Calabrian chili honey.
  • Roger Sherman CT Pizza $19.76
    Meatballs, roasted red pepper, ricotta, Romano, mozzarella, tomato sauce.
  • John Witherspoon NJ Pizza $17.76
    Eggplant, basil ricotta, tomato, mozzarella.
  • B.A.T. Pizza Breakfast $17.76
    Bacon, arugula, tomato, green goddess dressing.
  • Egg & Cheese Pizza Breakfast $17.76
    Caramelized onions, provolone, Parmesan mornay.
  • Truffle Eggs Pizza Breakfast $17.76
    Roasted mushrooms, taleggio, brussels sprouts.
  • House Meatballs $13.00
    San Marzano tomatoes, ricotta, Parmesan, and grilled bread.
  • Calamari $14.00
    Delicate, crispy calamari, lemon, spring onion, dipping sauces.
  • Brussels Sprouts $15.00
    Strawberries, honey vinaigrette, black pepper ricotta, almond praline.
  • Chicken Wings $11.00
    Caramelized onions, lemon rosemary.
  • Macaroni & Cheese $8.00
    Housemade elbow pasta, mornay, smoked Gouda, provolone, mozzarella.
  • House Dough Boy $4.00
    Freshly baked with fine herbs, EVOO and Parmesan cheese.
  • Fried Mozzarella $13.00
    Citrus tomato jam, basil pesto.
  • French Fries $6.00
    Thin house cut potatoes.
  • Truffle Parmesan French Fries $8.00
  • Kale Salad $15.00
    Pickled red onion, mint, Parmesan, dried currants, chilis, lemon.
  • Beef Carpaccio $11.00
    Black pepper creme fraiche, truffle vinaigrette, rocket.
  • Marinated Olives $4.00
    Oregano, preserved lemon, basil.
  • Caesar Salad $17.00
    Fermented garlic puree, Parmesan reggiano, classic caesar dressing, shaved croutons.
  • Burrata Salad $15.00
    Heirloom tomatoes, basil, black pepper honey vinaigrette.
  • Fried Chicken & Waffles Brunch $15.00
    Carrot cake waffle, spring carrot slaw, pineapple syrup.
  • Ricotta Almond Donuts Brunch $10.00
    Blueberry jam, lemon whipped ricotta.
  • Fruit & Granola Brunch $7.00
    Yogurt, strawberry, toasted hazelnuts.
  • Nutella French Toast Brunch $11.00
    Nutella, hazelnut praline, banana compote.
  • Farmers Market Broccolini Frittata Brunch $12.00
    Arugula, Parmesan, black pepper, whipped ricotta.
  • Hangover Helper Brunch $7.00
    Sweet Italian sausage, biscuit, sunny egg, romesco, Parmesan mornay.
  • PA Mushroom & Spinach Omelette Brunch $12.00
    Caramelized onions, sharp provolone, house potatoes, local greens.
  • Navy Yard Breakfast $14.00
    Two country eggs, doubled smoked bacon, house potatoes, biscuit.
  • House Smoked Salmon Brunch $18.00
    Vodka and dill cured salmon, herb cream cheese, fennel, and radish salad, bagel.
  • Crabby Benedict Brunch $19.00
    Creamed spinach, chive hollandaise.
  • Croque Madame Brunch $12.00
    Prosciutto, provolone, sunny egg, mornay sauce.
  • Steak & Eggs Brunch $19.00
    Over easy egg, home fries, red-eye hollandaise.
  • Marinated Olives Brunch $4.00
    Oregano, preserved lemon, basil.
  • Crispy Calamari Brunch $8.00 +
  • Brussels Sprouts Brunch $8.00 +
    Strawberry, honey vinaigrette, black pepper ricotta, almond praline.
  • BLT Brunch $14.00
    Heirloom sunny egg, tomatoes, arugula, balsamic glazed bacon, basil mayo.
  • Double Cheeseburger Brunch $15.00
    Sunny egg, heirloom tomato, leaf lettuce, pickles, secret sauce.
  • Burrata $8.00
    Green house tomatoes, aged balsamic.
  • Avocado $7.00
    Garlic puree, tarragon, salt cured egg yolk.
  • Duck Ham $10.00
    Taleggio cheese, shallot, mushrooms.
  • Two Meats & Two Cheeses $18.00
  • Three Meats & Three Cheeses $24.00
All sandwiches come with a choice of coleslaw, house chips or salad.
  • Our Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich $15.00
    Sauteed onions, housemade cheese whiz.
  • Muffuletta Sandwich $13.00
    Housemade mortadella, capicola, soppressata, provolone, giardiniera.
  • Meatball Hoagie $13.00
    San Marzano tomatoes, ricotta, Parmesan.
  • Crispy Half Boneless Chicken $17.00
    English peas, potato, sausage, roasted peppers.
  • Bucatini Pomodoro $15.00
    Housemade cavatelli, basil, garlic, San Marzano tomatoes.
  • Cavatelli Bolognese $15.00
    Housemade cavatelli, meat ragu.
  • NY Steak $19.00
    Fingerlings, olive oil poached tomatoes, spinach, barolo sauce.
  • Double Cheeseburger $13.00
    Heirloom tomato, leaf lettuce, pickles, secret sauce.
  • Chocolate Pot de Creme $6.00
    Chantilly cream shaved chocolate.
  • Pavlova $6.00
    Macerated strawberry, crème anglaise.
  • Ricotta Doughnuts $6.00
    Lemon curd, blueberry compote.
  • Seasonal Gelato $6.00
  • Iced Tea $3.50
  • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $4.00
  • Brewed Coffee $4.00
  • Hot Tea $4.00
  • Hot Coffee $4.00
    Locally roasted by compass coffee.
  • Organic Teas $4.00
    Vegetarian. By compass coffee lavender earl grey, moroccan mint, jasmine green, chamomile lemongrass, raspberry rose.


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