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9551 NW 41st St, Doral, FL 33178

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Carpaccio a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Zuppa del Giorno.

Italian Wedding Soup

Chicken broth, mini meatballs, cos-cous & spinach.


Tortellini Soup

Cheese tortellini & chicken broth.


Creamy Chicken Soup

Chupe de Pollo. Traditional served with melted cheese.



Capricciosa Salad

Field greens, tomato, corn, hearts of palm, radish, shrimp and lemon vinaigrette.


Del Bosco Salad

Field greens, fresh strawberry, balsamic pears, dry apricots, candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, creamy berry-balsamic dressing.


Mediterranea Salad

Romaine lettuce, tomato, peppers, onion, cucumber, black olives, artichokes, beets, chickpeas, feta cheese, and red wine vinaigrette.


Classic Cesare Salad

Romain lettuce, crispy bacon, parmesan, croutons, homemade Caesar dressing.


Ramazzotti Salad

Baby spinach, romaine lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, crispy bacon, roasted turkey, gorgonzola cheese and creamy balsamic.


Leggera Salad

Field greens, tomato, carrots, mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini, shaved toasted almonds, beets, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.


Panzanella Salad

Romaine lettuce, arugula, fresh mozzarella, croutons, tomato, and red wine caper vinaigrette.


Frascati Salad

Romaine lettuce, celery, fresh grapes, apple, caramelized walnuts, grilled chicken, gorgonzola cheese and white balsamic vinaigrette.


Italian Tonno Salad

Field greens, romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, artichokes, corn, black olives, Italian albacore tuna, and lemon vinaigrette.


Volcano Salad

Field greens, pineapple, mandarin, soybeans, chickpeas, cabbage, peppers, shaved toasted almond, sesame seeds, cucumber, corn, feta cheese, hot grilled chicken and sweet chili vinaigrette.


Gamberetti Salad

Field greens, tomato, cucumber, avocado, soybean, cabbage, roasted cashew, shrimp and sweet chili vinaigrette.


Campagnola Salad

Arugula, field greens, tomato, dried cranberries, roasted balsamic pears, honey almond, ham, manchego cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette.


Stracciatella Salad

Baby spinach, romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, tomato, corn, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, chicken, ham, creamy chuck, and blue cheese.


Asiana Salad

Field greens, mandarin, crispy noodle, tomato, cabbage, carrots, toasted sliced almonds, grilled chicken and toasted sesame-ginger dressing.


Salmone Salad

Field greens, cucumber, pineapple, peppers, green sweet peas, red onion, grilled salmon chunks, cilantro vinaigrette dressing.



Capriccio Panini

Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, provolone cheese, pesto, and baguette bread.


Primavera Panini

Zucchini, yellow squash, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, spinach, artichoke, swiss cheese, peppers, and piadina flatbread.


Bistecca Panini

Rosemary baked beef, tomato, arugula, caramelized onion, asiago cheese baguette bread.


Quattro Formaggi Panini

Provolone, Swiss cheese, fresh mozzarella, asiago, and multigrain bread.


Manzone Panini

Roasted turkey, zucchini, arugula, Swiss cheese, sun-dried tomato, and baguette bread.


Capri Panini

Prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil and baguette bread.


Ruspante Panini

Grilled chicken, tomato, mozzarella, bacon, avocado, pesto and piadina flat bread.


Tonno Panini

Italian albacore tuna, tomato, arugula, black olive spread, pesto and multigrain baguette.



Salmon Wrap

Spinach, grilled salmon, plantain and avocado with mandarin ginger dressing.


Asiana Wrap

Spinach, grilled chicken, carrot, cabbage, almond, cherry tomato and sesame ginger dressing.


Tuna Wrap

Tuna, spinach, cherry tomato, cabbage, almond, cucumber & thousand island dressing.


Italiano Wrap

Arugula, grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomato, zucchini, squash and Italian vinaigrette.



Make Your Own Pasta


Signature Pasta

Linguini Shrimp Scampi Pasta

White wine sauce with light lemon zest and shrimp.


Penne Vodka with Grilled Chicken

Pink cream sauce with grilled chicken.


Carpaccio & Tartare
Carpaccio e crudo.

Carpaccio di Manzo

Arugula, Parmigiano, mushroom, aioli and black pepper.


Tartar di Tonno

Served with arugula Asiana salad.


Seared Ahi Tonno

Served with field green Asiana salad.


Kitchen Dishes
Della Cucina.

Grilled Salmon Arancio

Vegetables in season, baked sweet potato and orange sauce.


Grilled Calamari & Shrimp

Verde salad, arugula, almonds, zucchini, radish, tomato, lemon and avocado.


Grilled Chicken Capresa

Fresh mozzarella, tomato, field greens and avocado.



Risotto di Salmone

Served with zucchini and cherry tomato.


Risotto Vegetali

Seasonal vegetables.


Risotto di Mater

Calamari & shrimp.



Marquesa Nutella


Il Barista.



Pellegrino Aranciata


San Benedetto Iced Tea


San Pelegrino Sparkling Water


Diet Lipton Green Tea


Alohe Vera Drink


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