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Puntino Pizza

260 Crandon Blvd Ste 35, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Puntino Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Antipasti e Insalate

Bruschetta Tradizionale

Toasted bread topped with tomatoes and marinated in extra virgin olive oil with garlic and fresh basil.


Polpo Alla Griglia

Grill octopus with frisée salad, black olives, chickpeas, parsley, lemon vinaigrette.


Bruschetta Puntino

Toasted bread topped with pepper pesto, prosciutto di parma and burrata cheese with extra virgin olive oil.



Burrata cheese in a bed of grilled vegetables.


Carpaccio di Manzo

Thin slices of beef tenderloin, black truffle carpaccio, capers and shaved parmesan cheese.


Quinoa Salad

Organic quinoa, artichokes, arugula, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, parsley, cucumbers.


Calamari e Zucchine

Lightly fried calamari and zucchini served with a spicy tomato sauce.


Rucula e Parmigiano Insalate

Organic baby arugula salad, topped with shaved parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette.


Vitello Tonnato

Thin slices of chilled roasted veal served in creamy tuna capers aioli.


Romana Alla Cesare Insalate

Romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, seasoned croutons, and shaved parmesan cheese.


Paste e Risotti

Spaghetti Pasta Cacio e Pepe

Spaghetti with light cream of parmigiano and pecorino cheese, topped with black pepper.


Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Pasta

Spaghetti with a rich creamy sauce based of eggs and parmigiano, served with cryspy guanciale.


Tagliatelle al Ragu Pasta

Homemade fettuccine pasta with beef tenderloin ragu sauce.


Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina Pasta

Home made potato gnocchi with a fresh tomato sauce and bufala mozzarella cheese.


Tagliatelle Funghi di Bosco Pasta

Fresh tagliatelle pasta with sautéed mushrooms, truffle oil in a creamy tomato sauce.


Fettuccine Amalfi Pasta

Tipical amalfi coast dish light fried zucchine served with a cream of parmigiano cheese, light butter and fresh basil.


Ravioli di Zucca e Ricotta Pasta

Homemade ravioli filled with pumpkin and ricotta cheese, served with a light butter and sage sauce.


Risotto Alla Milanese Pasta

Vialone nano rice with zafferano.


Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci Pasta

Homemade ravioli filled with buffalo ricotta and spinach, fresh tomatoes and basil, light tomato sauce.


Spaghetti Bottarga e Zucchine Pasta

Spaguetti pasta with selected bottarga of muggine from sardegna, light fried zucchine, extra virgin olive oil, organic garlic, and chili pepper flakes.


Pennette di Quinoa al Pesto Pasta

Organic quinoa penne served with basil pesto, pine nuts, zucchini, sun dried tomatoes.


Spaghetti Alle Vongole Pasta

Spaghetti pasta with fresh clams, extra virgin olive oil, organic garlic, and chili pepper flakes.


Crudi di Pesce

Salmon Sashimi

Thick slices of fresh wild salmon, citrus soy vinagrette, microgreens.


Carpaccio di Polpo

Thin sliced octopus served with arugula, carrots, fennel, in extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice.


Tartare di Tonno

Fresh yellowfin sushi tuna chopped and mixed with avocado and citrus soy vinagrette.



Salmone Alla Brace

Grilled wild salmon with grape tomatoes, thyme, extra virgin olive oil and venere rice.


Branzino Alla Griglia

Fillet of Mediterranean grilled sea bass served with vegetables and fresh cherry tomato sauce.


Tagliata di Tonno

Lightly grilled yellowfin tuna, braised vegetables and organic arugula salad, in citrus soy vinagrette.



Pollo al Marsala

Free range chicken breast pan seared with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce, served with roasted potatoes.


Agnello al Forno

Rack of lamb marinated with herbs, twenty five years aged balsamic in acetaia, served with potatoes.


Cotoletta Alla Milanese

Lightly fried, breaded free range chicken breast, served with arugula and parmigiano.


Tagliata di Manzo

Grilled sliced new york strip steak served with arugula and parmigiano salad.


Vitello al Limone

Veal scaloppine lightly floured and pan seared in a lemon butter sauce, with seasonal vegetables.


Filetto di Manzo Ai Funghi

Certified prime beef tenderloin over a mushroom sauce served with potatoes.


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