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Pieducks Pizza (a.k.a Pizza Onne)

Pieducks Pizza (a.k.a Pizza Onne)

192 SE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Closed until 11:00 AM

Full Hours

Opening at 11:00 AM

Pizza Pies

The Cheese Pie

Our signature crushed tomatoes sauce covered with an award-winning Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, sprinkled with dried oregano. Its the number one!


Margherita Pie

Tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala and Wisconsin mozzarella with fresh locally grown basil. Her name was margherita.


Eggplant Ricotta Pizza

Fresh eggplant, ricotta cheese, kalamata olive, and Wisconsin mozzarella… just the right combination.


Quattro Pie

Four cheeses: asiago cheese, pecorino romano, holland gouda and Wisconsin mozzarella. All fresh and melted on top of tomato sauce. One, two, three, four.


Roni Pie

All natural freshly sliced pepperoni on our cheese pie. My heart belongs to tender Roni!


D Bacon Pie

Diced applewood smoked bacon, crumbled feta cheese, green olives and mozzarella cheese. You said, bacon baby!


Ole Pie

Kalamata black olives, marinated hearts of artichoke, goat cheese, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil. Who said Greece?


Deep Forest Pie

Fresh spinach, onions, fresh sliced mushrooms, garlic and green bell peppers. All on top of a mozzarella and tomato sauce pie, sprinkled with pecorino romano cheese. Veggie lovers unite.


Sausage Pie

Fresh premium sausage, herbs and Wisconsin mozzarella with our tomato sauce. Happiness is a warm sausage.


Sirlion Pie

Ground lean sirloin beef, pieducks seasoning, tomato sauce, covered with mozzarella and grated pecorino cheese. Where’s the beef?


Lisboa Pie

Thin slices of Virginia ham, onions, kalamata black olives, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Just the right combination!


Pipeline pie

Juicy pineapple, Virginia ham, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. The classic Hawaiian pie!


Calabria Pie

Thin slices of Italian smoked sausage from Calabria backed to perfection with onions, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Just delicious!


Major Tom Pie

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes cut into slices on top of a three cheeses pie; Holland gouda, romano cheese and mozzarella, tomato sauce and hot oven! To ground control.


BBQ Chicken Pie

Diced oven roasted chicken breast, sliced onions on top of our signature crust with mozzarella and barbecue sauce on top of the pie. Yee Haw!


Catupiry Pie

A soft with a nutty flavor catupiry cream cheese is lightly spread over our cheese pie. Creamy awesomeness!


Meat Lovers Pie

Bacon, pepperoni, ham and wisconsin mozzarella



Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are elongated pieces of battered or breaded mozzarella & sauces marinara.


French Fries

Our delicious French fries are deep-fried 'till golden brown, with a crunchy exterior and a light fluffy interior. Seasoned to perfection!


Chicken Wings Hot Sauce

Chicken wings deep-fried, then dipped in hot sauce.


Chicken Wings Hot Sauce

Chicken Wings BBQ Sauce

Deep-fried chicken wings.


Garlic Breadsticks

Freshly baked in our brick oven with extra virgin olive oil, pecorino romano cheese, fresh garlic, basil and ranch dressing.



Classic Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine leaves and garlic-herb croutons tossed in our Caesar dressing.


Power Salad

Spinach leaves, arugula, romaine lettuce, red onions, pumpkin seeds, crumbled feta cheese in our special honey mango vinaigrette dressing.


The Roast Salad

Out brick oven roasted chicken breast, sliced and served hot on top of a classic Caesar salad. Just delicious!


Nero Salad

Romaine lettuce, diced applewood smoked bacon, crumbs of blue cheese and garlic-herb croutons tossed in our Nero dressing. A must try!


The Green Field Salad

A delicious mix of greens, goat cheese an candied pecans in our dijon balsamic vinaigrette.



Pasta with Salsa Marinara

Marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, penne pasta, mozzarella cheese, parmesan.


Pasta with Salsa Alfredo

Alfredo sauce, ricotta cheese, penne pasta, mozzarella cheese, parmesan.



Romeo & Juliet

Our creation; a chilled cheesecake with natural guava sauce.





Iced Tea




Red Bull






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