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Big Cheese Pizza

Big Cheese Pizza

8080 SW 67th Ave, Miami, FL 33143

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Big Cheese Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

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The big cheese makes all its products with 2% part skim grande mozzarella, the best & most expensive mozzarella in the country!

Plain Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


One Topping Pizza


Two Toppings Pizza


Three Toppings Pizza


Four Toppings Pizza


Specialty Pizza

The Deluxe Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions & extra cheese.


Big Cheese Supreme Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, ham, meatballs, olives & extra cheese. This one has everything!


The Vegetarian Pizza

Fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, onions & extra cheese.


The Big California Veggie Max Pizza

Artichoke hearts, fresh mushrooms, spinach, garlic, onions, bell peppers, fresh sliced tomatoes & extra cheese, of course!


The Big Cheese Hawaiian Pizza

Sweet sauce, topped with mozzarella, pineapple, Canadian bacon & coconut shavings. Bill stole this one from Sausalito, California in 1979 (No tomato sauce in this one folks).


Spinach Pie

We build this one from the ground up. We open the dough, put ricotta cheese first & then spinach sauteed in olive oil, garlic & spice. Then we top with mozzarella cheese & bake to perfection. Bacon available.


The Big Cheese Delight Pizza

A delightful blend of cheese. If you like cheese, you'll love this one: mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, provolone & extra cheese.


The Great White Pizza

No tomato sauce on this one folks. Olive oil & raw garlic sauce, topped with ricotta & grated parmesan & light mozzarella. It's a white pizza!


Big Chicken Pie

We start with tomato & cheese pizza & top it with grilled chicken breast, chopped scallions & fresh tomato slices. Enjoy!


Seafood Pizza

A seafood lover's delight. Shrimp, mussels & clams.


The Miami Slice Pizza

This pizza consists of sweet baked ham, creamy ricotta cheese & pineapple topped with cinnamon. Try it, if it's for you. It's great!



Fried Mozzarella Cheese

Served with tomato sauce.


Shrimp Cocktail

Served with tomato sauce.


Big Cheese Buffalo Wings

Mild or hot. Served with celery sticks & chunky bleu cheese.


Fried Calamari Basket

Served with lemon wedges and red sauce.


Italian Poppers


Grandpa's Buffalo Mozzarella

Served with tomato, red onions, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.


Chicken Fingers

Served with honey mustard and BBQ sauce.


Fried Jumbo Shrimp

Served with cocktail sauce.


Fried Oysters

Served with lemon and cocktail sauce.


Michelle's Boneless Buffalo Wings

Save the messy bones. Chicken fingers in our buffalo sauce. Served with celery sticks and chunky bleu cheese.


Seafood Sautee

Shrimp, mussels, and clams sautéed in wine butter marinara served with rolls for sopping! topped with freshly grated parmesan.




Served with home-baked rolls. The captain's minestrone or chicken noodle soup.


Doc's New England Clam Chowder

The captain's minestrone or chicken noodle soup.



Dinner Salad


Caesar Salad

Made with big cheese caesar dressing, fresh-grated parmesan, red onions and croutons (Anchovies request).


Antipasto Salad

Fresh lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers, topped with slices of ham, salami, pepperoni and provolone (Anchovies on request). Also comes with three of our oven-baked rolls.


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Our famous Caesar with grilled chicken on top.


Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad

Our original Caesar with fried chicken tenderloin strips on top.


Steak & Caesar Platter Salad

Sautéed steak strips with onions and fresh mushrooms, served on a platter with our excellent caesar salad. Great for lunch!


Eddy's Big Greek Salad

Crispy romaine with imported feta cheese served with fresh tomato, greek olives, pepperoncini, red onion, croutons and topped with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Fried Oyster Caesar Salad

Our original caesar with fried oysters on top.


Fried Shrimp Caesar Salad

Our original Caesar salad with fried shrimp.


Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

Our original Caesar salad with grilled shrimp.


Chef Salad

Fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, roast beef, ham and turkey, topped with provolone and mozzarella.


Veggie Salad

Lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, and provolone cheese.


Turkey Salad Platter

Lettuce, tomato, smoked turkey breast, cheese, onions with house dressing.


Chicken Salad Platter Deluxe

White meat, Fresh lettuce, tomato, chicken salad, mozzarella, onions, and olives.


Tuna Salad Platter

Albacore. Lettuce, tomato, tuna salad, onions, and cheese, with house dressing.


Albacore Tuna Salad Platter

Iceberg lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, olives, green peppers, onions, provolone cheese topped with albacore tuna, with or without mayo, dressing served on the side.


Shrimp Salad Platter

A homemade recipe, fresh lettuce, tomato, and shrimp salad topped with provolone cheese.


Tuna Antipasto Salad

Lettuce, tomato, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and two scoops of fresh tuna, topped with provolone cheese.


Sergeant’s Dinner Salad

This is a creation of one of our favorite customers. It is a dinner salad, topped with olives, mushrooms, green peppers, and provolone cheese.


Side Caesar Salad


Side Orders

French Fries


Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce


Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce


Spaghetti with One Meatball & Meat Sauce


Side of Tomato Sauce


Side of Meat Sauce


Italian Sausage




Garlic Sauce


Side of Anchovy


Side of Pepperoni


Side of Grilled Chicken


Side of Vegetables


Side of Marinara Sauce


Side of Alfredo Sauce


Side of Vegetables with Alfredo Sauce


Side of Vegetables with Marinara Sauce


Side of Jalapenos


Side of Slices of Dill Pickles


Calzones & Strombolis
Served with garlic sauce & tomato sauce on the side!

Oven Baked Garlic Rolls

Freshly baked to perfection. Smothered with special garlic sauce.



Pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, onions, bell peppers, black olives, ham & mozzarella. All baked in a roll of fresh dough.



Ham, onions, mozzarella, ricotta, a touch of parmesan & sprinkled with our special garlic sauce.


Our subs are a foot long & come with fresh Italian sub rolls baked that morning.

The Big Cheese Burger Sub

Two quarter-pound ground chuck patties laid on our fresh, baked Italian roll with a sizeable amount of mozzarella and fresh lettuce, tomato, onions and grilled onions on request, served with mayo.


The Vegetarian Sub

Fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, bell peppers, mozzarella, black olives, and mushrooms, served hot with Italian dressing.


The Sausage Sub

Sausage, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Green peppers on request.


The Tuna Sub

Tuna, tomato, onions, lettuce, & mozzarella, served with mayo.


The Meatball Sub

Three hearty homemade Italian meatballs smothered in our own tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella.


The Italian Sub

Ham, salami, pepperoni, lettuce, tomato, onions & mozzarella served with Italian dressing,


The Smoked Turkey Sub

Smoked turkey breast, tomato, onions, lettuce & mozzarella served with mayo. Ask for it hot!


The Steak Sub

Lean tender strips of steak, grilled in garlic sauce with grilled onions topped with mozzarella, served with tomato sauce.


The Big Philly Cheese Steak Sub

No tomato sauce on this one folks. Grilled onions & mushrooms served up with our steak & cheese & light mayo. Garrett's favorite!


Roast Beef Sub

Roast beef served with lettuce, tomato, onions & mozzarella.


The Big Cheese International Sub

Roast beef, ham, turkey, served with lettuce, tomato, onion, mozzarella, mayo & Italian dressing.


Eggplant Parmesan Sub

Homemade eggplant on a sub roll with tomato sauce & mozzarella.


Shrimp Salad Sub

Fresh shrimp, cheese, lettuce, tomato & onions with Italian dressing.


Hot Ham & Cheese Sub

Ham & mozzarella melted with lettuce, tomato, onions & mayo with Italian dressing on an Italian sub roll.


Chicken Salad Sub

Fresh chicken salad, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions.


Crispy Chicken Sub

Our famous crispy chicken on a sub roll, with melted cheese on top, served with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.


Chicken Parmesan Sub

Dipped and breaded chicken breast, served on an Italian sub roll with tomato sauce and cheese.


Veal Parmesan Sub

The finest veal steak on a sub roll with tomato sauce and cheese.


Grilled Chicken Breast Sub

Our famous grilled chicken breast on a sub roll with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.


Baked Pasta Dishes
All pasta dishes are served with three garlic rolls. Dinner salad available. Whole wheat spaghetti substitute available.

Any Pasta with Pink Sauce

A mixture of Alfredo & marinara sauce.



Bill's special pride, you never had it so good.



Pasta wrapped around a special cheese blend, covered with meat sauce, topped with mozzarella, a local favorite.


Stuffed Shells

Pasta stuffed with a special ricotta blend, then smothered in mozzarella & meat sauce. Oooh, so good!


Stuffed Spinach Shells

Pasta shells stuffed with spinach & ricotta cheese, baked with tomato sauce & mozzarella. You'll it!


Baked ZIti Parmesan

Tender ziti baked with meat sauce topped with mozzarella.


Baked ZIti RIcotta

Tender ziti baked in a special parmesan & ricotta blend with meat sauce then topped with lots of mozzarella. You'll like it!


Baked Meat Tortellini

Small pasta shells filled with tasty meat, baked with meat sauce & lots of cheese.


Baked Eggplant Parmesan

A better-dipped & breaded large portion of eggplant. Topped with two layers of mozzarella, then baked to perfection served with a side of spaghetti.


Stuffed Eggplant

Stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan cheese mixture, baked with mozzarella on top! Served with a side of spaghetti & tomato sauce.


Spaghetti Parmesan

Spaghetti baked with mozzarella & parmesan cheese & meat sauce.


Cheese Ravioli

Ravioli pasta stuffed with cheese, served with tomato sauce. Enjoy!


Chicken Cutlet Parmesan

Chicken cutlets batter dipped, breaded deep fried to order. Then baked with ziti, tomato sauce & lots of mozzarella.


Vegetable Lasagna

Our traditional lasagna without the meat replaced with a vegetable medley & spinach served with tomato sauce.


Veal Parmesan

The finest veal tenderloin steak prepared in our kitchen with cheese of course & served with linguine & tomato sauce.


Walter Special K.B.C

Side spaghetti with fresh mushrooms, topped with three pieces of grilled chicken breast, named after on of our favorite customers!


Art Kehoe Atkin's Special

Grilled chicken, meatball,sausage, meat sauce with cheese melted over the top. Thank god he's back! The canes are golden again.


Sauteed Chicken with Spaghetti & Mushrooms

Sauteed chicken in lemon, butter & wine sauce, served with spaghetti & mushrooms.


Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken breast with bell peppers, onions & fresh mushrooms served with marinara sauce over linguine.


Chicken Marsala

Chicken breast sauteed with fresh mushrooms & marsala wine served over linguine.


Chicken Francaise

This local favorite is served over linguine with lemon butter wine sauce.


Grilled Chicken Pasta

Marinara or Alfredo sauce served over fettuccine with grilled chicken breast.


Veal Marsala

Veal tenderloin steak sauteed with mushrooms, linguine & marsala wine sauce.


Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine noodles tossed in our Alfredo cheese sauce.


Veggie Pasta Marinara

Artichoke hearts, fresh mushrooms, garlic and onions sauteed in marinara sauce over fettuccine.


Ricardo's Silver Badge Pasta

Fresh sauteed mushrooms, garlic and spinach in marinara sauce over fettuccine..


Grilled Eggplant Pasta

Sauteed mushrooms, onions and artichoke hearts in a wine marinara with grilled eggplant strips on top. Served with fresh grated parmesan.


Spaghetti with Sausage & Peppers Marinara


Kids Menu
12 & under.

Kid's Chicken Fingers & Fries


Kid's Shrimp Basket & Fries


Kid's Plain Buffalo Wings & Fries


Kid's Spaghetti with Meat or Tomato Sauce & Rolls


Kid's Cheese Pizza by The Slice



Double Chocolate Mousse Cake


Oreo Cookie Cheese Cake


Big Cheese Cake


Strawberry Cheese Cake


Key Lime Pie


Triple Chocolate Fudge


Carrot Cake


Big Italian Tiramisu



Filled with chocolate chips cream, powdered sugar & light chocolate syrup.







Iced Tea


Appetizer Platters

Fried Mozzarella Platter


Big Cheese Buffalo Wings Platter

WIth celery & bleu cheese.


Chicken Fingers Platter

With honey mustard & barbeque sauce.


Fried Shrimp Platter

With cocktail sauce & lemon wedges.


Fried Calamari Platter

With lemon wedges & marinara sauce.


Onion Strings Platter

With ranch dressing.


Salad Platters
All dressing on the side.

Caesar Salad Platter


Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Platter


Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad Platter


Dinner Salad Platter

Iceberg lettuce, tomato, black lives, red onions & provolone cheese.


Antipasto Salad Platter


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