Vito & Michael's Pizzeria

7704 Blind Pass Rd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Vito & Michael's Pizzeria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

All our hand spun pizza are hand stretched and baked directly on the bricks of our ovens to insure a thin and crispy crust.
White Pie Pizza$8.95 +
Mozzarella, parmigiana & ricotta.
Eggplant Pie Pizza$8.95 +
Mozzarella, plum tomatoes, eggplant & ricotta.
Spinach Pie Pizza$8.95 +
Blend of cheese, spinach, plum tomatoes, roasted garlic.
Broccoli Pie Pizza$8.95 +
Mozzarella, sauteed broccoli, plum tomatoes, pesto.
Shrimp Scampi Pie Pizza$9.95 +
Jumbo shrimps in a butter garlic sauce with mozzarella, plum tomatoes.
Garbage Pie Pizza$9.95 +
Cheese Calzone$7.95 +
Meat Stromboli$12.95
Vegetable Stromboli$12.95
All traditional pizza are made with our own pizza sauce, 100% mozzarella cheese and your choice of topping: pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, meatballs, garlic, peppers, onions, black olives, anchovies, or extra cheese, broccoli, spinach eggplant, plum tomat
Traditional Hand Spun Pizza$6.95 +
Cheese Pizza$9.95 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Cheese Pizza with One Topping$10.95 +
Cheese Pizza with Two Toppings$11.95 +
Garbage Pie Pizza$13.95 +
All our pan pizza crust are lightly marinated in 100% pure olive oil and baked to perfection in our old fashioned pizza pans.
Fagatze Pizza$12.95 +
The authentic Italian pizza baked without cheese. Our dough is topped with plum tomatoes, olive oil and Italian spices.
Parizzi Vegetable Pizza$12.95 +
Sauteed broccoli, spinach and eggplant with fresh mushrooms, pesto, plum tomatoes and our specials cheese blend.
Farmaggio Pizza$12.95 +
Our special cheese blend with pesto and plum tomatoes.
Asti Mellanzana Pizza$12.95 +
Sun-ripened egg plant baked with our special cheese blend, pesto and plum tomatoes.
Chicken Portafino Pizza$13.95 +
Fresh cuts of chicken in a white garlic sauce, topped with our quality mozzarella cheese and plum tomatoes.
Briatze Pizza$8.95 +
Our special cheese blend baked with fresh sliced tomatoes and parsley.
Vegetable Combo Pizza$8.95 +
Eggplant, broccoli, spinach, fresh tomatoes, our special cheese blend, topped with ricotta cheese.
Barioni Pizza$8.95 +
The ultimate pepperoni, pizza, with pesto, plum tomatoes and our special cheese blend.
Spinaci Pizza$8.95 +
Spinach, pesto and our cheese blend topped with plum tomatoes.
Bariaggi Pizza$8.95 +
A blend of authentic italian sausage, plum tomatoes, with our special mozzarella cheese.
Eflite Pizza$8.95 +
double layer of mozzarella cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, sweet plum tomatoes, basil and a splash of olive oil.
Seafood Combo Pizza$9.95 +
Shrimp and crab in a butter and garlic saute topped with mozzarella cheese, plum tomatoes and capers.
Fried Calamari$8.95
Veggie Antipasto$7.95
Homemade Mozzarella Stix$6.95
Fried Cheese Ravioli$6.95
Jumbo Mussels$7.95
Garlic Bread with Cheese$6.95
Garden Salad$3.95 +
Side Of Ziti$4.95
Side of Linguini$4.95
Side of Fagatze$3.95
Side of Garlic Bread$3.95
Side Meatballs$4.95
Side of Sausage$4.95
Portabello Mushroom$6.95
Chicken Wings$7.95
Caesar Salad$5.95
Caesar Salad With Chicken$8.95
Caprese Salad$7.95
Pasta Fagioli Soup$4.95
Zuppa Dimare$7.95
Italian Combo Hero$7.95
Sausage & Peppers Hero$7.95
Eggplant Parmigiana Hero$7.95
Meatball Parmigiana Hero$7.95
Chicken Parmigiana Hero$7.95
Ham & Cheese Hero$7.95
Philly Cheese Steak Hero$8.95
Chicken Cutlet Supreme Hero$7.95
Veal Parmigiana Hero$9.95
All pasta specials are served with salad and garlic bread.
Shrimp And Broccoli$11.95
With sun-dried tomatoes over angel hair.
Baby Ziti Sauteed$10.95
With spinach, garlic and oil.
Mussels Served Over Linguini$11.95
Calamari Served Over Linguini$11.95
Sauteed Chicken & Mushrooms Served Over Fettuccini$11.95
Sauteed Broccoli & Fresh Tomato Over Angel Hair$9.95
Shrimp Scampi Over Angel Hair Pasta$12.95
Sauteed Shrimp & Mushrooms$13.95
Baby Ziti$12.95
Sauteed with shrimp, spinach, chicken and pesto in a garlic and wine sauce.
Sauteed Shrimp Fradiavolo Over Rigatoni$12.95
Sauteed Eggplant & Pesto with Rigatoni$10.95
Rigatoni Marinara$9.95
Fettuccini Alfredo$14.95
Shrimp, mushrooms & pignoli nuts sauteed in a light creamy garlic wine sauce.
Chicken Franpesto$12.95
Chicken breast franchise style in a pesto wine sauce served with fettuccini.
Shrimp Franpesto$13.95
Sauteed shrimp franchaise style in a pesto wine sauce served with fettuccini.
Chicken & Shrimp Francoper$14.95
Chicken breast, shrimps & mushrooms, sauteed in a white coper sauce served with fettuccini.
All our entrees are served with salad and garlic bread.
Baked Ziti$9.95
Baked Lasagna$11.95
Eggplant Parmigiana Pasta$10.95
Chicken Parmigiana Pasta$11.95
Veal Parmigiana Pasta$13.95
Shrimp Parmigiana Pasta$12.95
Eggplant Rollatini$11.95
Stuffed Shells$10.95
Linguini with White Clam Sauce$11.95
Linguini with Red Clam Sauce$11.95