The Pizza Place

8544 S Marcus St, Wrightsville, GA 31096

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give The Pizza Place a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

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Cheese Pizza$14.99
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
One Topping Pizza$15.99
Two Toppings Pizza$16.99
Three Toppings Pizza$19.99
Philly Steak & Cheese Pizza$13.99 +
Sliced steak, mozzarella, mushrooms & onions, piled on top of a rich ranch sauce.
All Meat Special Pizza$13.99 +
Beef, sausage, pepperoni, ham & canadian bacon.
Veggie Lite Pizza$13.99 +
Green peppers, onions, black and green olives and mushrooms topped with cheese & tomatoes.
Chicken Fiesta Pizza$13.99 +
Grilled chicken strips with cheese, onions, bacon & tomatoes, on a top of a ranch sauce.
Special Pizza$13.99 +
Pepperoni, mushrooms, onions. Green peppers & Canadian bacon.
Deluxe Pizza$16.99 +
Pepperoni, ground? beef, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, onions, green and black olives & green peppers.
Hawaiian Pizza$13.99 +
Ham & pineapple covered in cheese.
Thin Crust Pizza$3.69
Cheese plus one topping.
Regular Crust Pizza$3.69
Cheese plus one topping.
The Pizza Place X Large Pizza$17.99
18'' pizza with 100 pepperonis, covered in cheese.
Spinach Pizza$13.99 +
Spinach on a creamy alfredo sauce with cheese.
Cheese Bread$3.39
Pizza Bread$3.39
Garlic Bread$2.89
Baja Chicken Fajita Salad$5.59
Grilled chicken strips, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cheese, dressing.
Smoked Turkey Salad$5.59
Turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cheese.
Southwest Veggie Salad$5.59
Lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom, black and green olives, onions, cheese, green peppers, corn & black beans.
Tuna Salad$5.59
Tuna, lettuce, tomatoes & cheese.
Hero Salad$5.59
Roast beef,? ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes.
Santa Fe Chicken Salad$5.59
Chicken tenders, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, black beans & corn.
Chef Salad$5.59
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers onions, ham & cheese.
Chicken Tender Salad$5.59
Chicken tenders, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, southwestern dressing.
Chicken Wings$4.99 +
Cajun bbq chicken wings served with celery sticks & ranch or bleu cheese dressing.
Filled with our special cheese plus any two toppings of your choice. Served with our dipping sauce.
Hero Special Sub$4.79 +
Roast beef, smoked turkey breast, American and swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo.
BLT Sub$4.79 +
Strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Roast Beef Sub$4.79 +
Roast beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo.
Smoked Turkey Sub$4.79 +
Smoked turkey, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo.
Ham & Cheese Sub$4.79 +
Ham, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo.
Tuna Sub$4.79 +
Tuna blend, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo.
Chicken Fajita Subs$4.99 +
Grilled marinated chicken strips with cooked green peppers and onions & provolone cheese.
Cordon Bleu Sub$4.99 +
Ham, turkey, American and swiss cheese & mayo.
Club$4.99 +
Turkey, bacon, ham, American and swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato.
Meatball Sub$4.99 +
Meatballs, tomato sauce & provolone cheese.
Chicken Parmigiana Sub$4.99 +
Chicken tenders, tomatoes sauce & mozzarella cheese.
Ham & Cheese Melt Sub$4.99 +
Smoked ham, American cheese & mayo.
Philly Steak & Cheese Sub$4.99 +
Steak with sauteed peppers & onions, provolone cheese & mayo.
Tune & Swiss Melt Sub$4.99 +
Tuna blend & swiss cheese on a fresh bun.
Chicken Tender Basket$6.29
Three juicy? tenders, an order of curly fries & your choice of dipping sauce.
Chicken Quesadillas$5.69
Grilled chicken strips, fresh tomatoes, cheese, wrapped in a fresh tortilla and over a bed of lettuce.
Steak Quesadillas$5.69
Grilled sliced steak, tomatoes, cheese, in a fresh tortilla & over a bed of lettuce.
Cheese Quesadillas$4.69
Cheese, tomatoes, wrapped in a fresh tortilla & over a bed of lettuce.
Baja Chicken Fajita Wrap$5.69
Chicken fajita meat, ranch dressing, cheese, onions & green peppers, lettuce, tomato, on a 12'' wraps.
Southwest Chipotle Wrap$5.69
Chicken tenders, southwest dressing, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on a 12'' wrap.
Topped with cheese in our traditional sauce, served with a side salad & garlic bread.
Spaghetti & Pasta$5.49
Pasta covered with sauce and melted the cheese. Served with a side salad & garlic bread with meatballs.
Kid's Turkey Ham & Cheese Sub$3.69
Tender ham or turkey, cheese & mayo.
Kid's Spaghetti Bake$3.99
Pasta covered with a delicious sauce & topped with cheese. Served with garlic bread.
Kid's Chicken Tender Basket$3.99
Two tenders & order of curly fries with dipping sauce.
Cinnamon Stix$4.99
Fluffy dough topped with cinnamon & sweet icing.
Dessert Pizza$3.99 +
Fluffy dough topped with cream cheese & your favorite topping.