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Cafe Pesto Hilo Bay

Cafe Pesto Hilo Bay

308 Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, HI 96720

Closed until 11:00 AM

Full Hours

    Opening at 11:00 AM

    Wood Fired Pizzas

    Southwestern Chicken Pizza

    Cilantro pesto, chipotle BBQ, tomatoes, onions, goat cheese.


    Classico Marinara Pizza

    Kaunamano sausage, salami, pepperoni, bacon, onion.


    Thai Grilled Shrimp Pizza

    Cilantro creme fraiche, hamakua mushrooms.


    Sweet Basil Greek Pizza

    Ahualoa goat cheese, artichoke heart, roasted pepper, olive, caper, sun-dried tomato


    BLT Pizza

    Creamy pesto, sliced tomato, crispy bacon, fresh romaine.


    Mushrooms Artichoke Pizza

    Locally grown alii (king oyster) mushrooms, rosemary gorgonzola sauce.


    Smoked Salmon Pizza

    Rosemary gorgonzola sauce, rainbow chard, sweet onion.


    Quattro Formaggi PIzza

    Fresh tomato marinara, blended cheese.


    Luau Pizza

    Pesto's cheese blend, kalua style pork, local sweet onion and fresh hawaiian pineapple.



    Korean Garlic Bread

    Cream cheese stuffed french bread dipped in garlic butter, baked golden brown, fresh lemon.


    Coconut Calamari

    Tender calamari strisp, crispy coconut crust, mustard dipping sauce.


    Half Moon Shrimp Nachos

    Chili glazed shrimp, crisp mondu chips, salsa, smoked mozzarella, asian slaw.


    Traditional Pork Lumpia



    Blue Caesar Salad

    Hirabara romaine, anchovy croutons, parmesan, romano, gorgonzola cheese.


    Volcano Mist Salad

    Sliced Kawamata tomatoes, crispy onions, balsamic reduction, smoked mozzarella.


    Alaskan Crab Cakes Salad

    Crisp panko-crusted red crab, tender lettuce, honey miso vinaigrette.


    Greek Salad

    Sun-dried tomato, roasted peppers, olives, artichoke hearts, capers, Ahualoa goat cheese.


    Green Salad

    Locally grown romaine lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes, carrots, kalamata olive. Choice of dressings creamy pesto, rosemary gorgonzola, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (all dressing served onside).


    Chicken Lallo Rosa Salad

    Fire roasted chicken breast served over island romaine lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes, sweet onion and caesar dressing (all dressing served onside).


    Mushroom Poke Salad

    Soy sesame marinated hamakua mushroom, romaine lettuce, oregon wasabi, vine ripe tomato and pickled ginger.



    Cheese Burger

    Island beef, toasted garlic butter bun, smoked mozzarella, crispy onions, tomato, and lettuce, served with garlic fries add bacon.


    Milolii Sandwich

    Basil pesto, toasted french bread, melted cheese, red crab, jumbo shrimp, Hamakua mushroom, served with ulu sweet potato salad.


    Lalamilo Rainbow Sandwich

    Rosemary toasted french bread, melted cheese, artichoke heart, rainbow chard, sun-dried tomato, roasted peppers, served with ulu sweet potato salad.


    Grilled Fresh Fish Sandwich

    Locallly caught, crispy onions, creamy pesto, toasted garlic butter bun, tomato, and lettuce, served with sweet potato salad.


    Banh Mi Pork Sandwich

    Kalua pork, goat cheese, pickle, red curry slaw, fresh cilantro with sweet potato salad.


    Pasta Dishes

    Plain Pasta

    Choice of pasta and sauce.


    Create Your Own Pasta

    Create your pasta dish start with pasta , sauce and three toppings.


    Pan Seared Shrimp Scampi

    Fresh tomato, caper, lemon butter wine sauce, linguine.


    Simple Classic Linguine

    Artichoke, roasted pepper, olive, caper, rainbow chard, linguine.


    Heritage Pork & Beef Bolognese

    Kaunamano pork and island beef red wine, marinara, basil, linguine.


    Sante Fe Grilled Chicken with Roasted Pepper

    Sweet onions, chipotle marinara, roasted peppers, creamy cilantro fettuccine.


    Smoked Salmon Fettuccine Alfredo

    Hamakua mushrooms, rainbow chard, sun dried tomatoes, caper, fettuccine.


    Grilled Specialties

    Dry Aged Island Beef Ribeye

    Salt and pepper grilled grass-fed beef bacon, chard, and ulu hash, arugula, house demiglace.


    Loco Moco

    Local egg and crispy onions crown an island beef burger, fire roasted demi-glace, bacon, and furikake rice round out this hilo classic.


    Saffron Risottos

    Hibachi Chicken Risotto

    Rosemary grilled oyster, mushrooms.


    Seafood Medley Risotto

    Grilled fresh fish, jumbo shrimp, roasted pepper crab risotto.


    Farmers Market Vegetable Risotto

    Roasted peppers, artichoke, caper olive, rainbowchard, hamakua mushrooms.


    Kids Menu

    Kid's Create Pasta

    Kid create pasta start with pasta, sauce and topping..



    Keanakolu Apple Crisp

    With macadamia crumble add ala mode ice cream below.


    Cream Brulee

    Vanilla, local eggs, cream, served with seasonal fruit.



    New york style cheesecake macadamia cookie crust raspberry or lilikoi sauce.


    1/4# Chocolate Mac Cookie

    Hawaiian crown chocolate, ok farms macadamia nut, add ala mode ice cream below.



    Hawaiian Crown chocolate, OK Farms macadamia nut, add ala mode ice cream below.


    Ala Mode Ice Cream

    Tahitian Vanilla, call for other flavors.


    Chocolate Cake



    Thai Lemonade

    Local honey, kaffir lime leaf lemongrass.


    Oribe Iced Tea

    Sourcing from Hawaii's farmers, healthy for you & Hawaii's economy.


    Hilo Sunrise

    Thai lemonade with Oribe iced tea.


    Fruit Smoothies

    Banana, guava, lilikoi, mango, strawberry, pina colada.


    Big Island Grown Coffee
    From Kukui Coffee Farm.

    Hawaiian Blend












    Mocha Smoothie



    Espresso over Tahitian vanilla ice cream.


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