Dough Boyz Pizza & Philly's

501 S 21st St, Council Bluffs, IA 51501

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
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  • Cheese Pizza$4.99 +
    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
  • Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza$6.99 +
    Our signature crust topped with our sweet parmesan blend pizza sauce, Canadian bacon, and pineapple chunks piled with our five cheese mozzarella blend.
  • Fiery Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza$6.99 +
    Kick it up a notch and add jalapenos and buffalo sauce to our signature Hawaiian for a zesty experience.
  • Cream Cheese Philly Cheese Steak Pizza$6.99 +
    Our signature dough with a layer of cream cheese stacked with steak, onion, mushroom and green red peppers.
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$6.99 +
    Our signature dough layer with our homemade creamy ranch topped with seasoned grilled chicken, chunks of bacon, mozzarella cheese, and another layer of ranch top op it all off.
  • Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$6.99 +
    Same as our chicken bacon ranch, but we added jalapenos and buffalo sauce to spice it up a little bit.
  • Veggie Lovers Pizza$6.99 +
    Loaded of veggies, onions, olives, broccoli, green peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes o our signature crust with our sweet parmesan sauce, topped all with mozzarella cheese.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza$6.99 +
    Grilled chicken, chunks of bacon and onion on ur BBQ dough, piled with mozzarella cheese, topped with more BBQ sauce.
  • BBQ Brisket Pizza$6.99 +
    A perfect blend of tender brisked, chunky bacon, and fresh onion on our BBQ based dough, layered with mozzarella cheese, and more BBQ sauce.
  • Meat Lovers Pizza$6.99 +
    Pile on the meat, pepperoni, Italian sausage, hamburger, bacon, and Canadian bacon on our signature crust with parmesan blend sauce topped with mozzarella.
  • Reuben Pizza$6.99 +
    Our signature crust basked with creamy bistro sauce layered with corned beef shredded sauerkraut, topped with mozzarella cheese, and more bistro sauce, baked to perfection.
  • Chicken Thai Pizza$6.99 +
    Sweet chili sauce on our signature crust, stacked with bacon, onion, and seasoned grilled chicken, topped with mozzarella cheese, Thai peanut sauce, and crispy chow mein noodles.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$6.99 +
    Just like taking a burger and throwing it on a pizza. Our combination of ketchup, mustard chunks of beef bacon, fresh onion, and the best part, on of sweet dill.
  • Chicken Alfredo Pizza$6.99 +
    Seasoned grilled chicken, sauteed mushrooms, fresh juicy tomatoes, and broccoli atop our creamy alfredo sauce, covered in mozzarella cheese.
  • Dough Boyz Combo Pizza$6.99 +
    The perfect combination of pepperoni and seasoned sausage, plus a whole lot of veggies.
  • Taco Pizza$6.99 +
    Taking a taco and laying it on our signature dough. We take our pizza sauce, chunks of beef, then pile on the cheese, cook it until it's crisp. Then top it with fresh lettuce, tomato, black olives, and crispy taco chips.
  • Meatball Pizza$6.99 +
    Every bite gets a mouthful of the best meatballs on the business. You can never get enough mozzarella cheese and onion with meatball pizza.
  • Chili Cheese Dog Pizza$6.99 +
    Covered in chili beans, onions, and cubes of hot dogs, loaded with a ton of cheddar cheese and cooked until it's golden.
  • Mozzarella Sticks$6.99
    A little bit of breading and a whole lot of cheese, served with savory, marinara.
  • Beef Ravioli$6.99
    Served with your choice of sauce (ranch, BBQ, cheese sauce or marinara).
  • Onion Rings$6.99
    Homestyle breaded and cooked until golden and crispy. Served with your choice of sauce.
  • Mac & Cheese Wedges$6.99
    Creamy macaroni and cheese battered and fried golden brown. Served with your choice sauce.
  • Breaded Pickle Spears$6.99
    Crispy dill pickles, breaded and deep-fried. Served with your choice of sauce.
  • Wings$7.50 +
    Served hot, BBQ or ranch.
  • Fried Calamari$6.99
    Served with marinara sauce.
  • Chicken Tenders$6.99
    House style breaded chicken tenders. Served with your choice of dipping sauce.
  • Broccoli Bites$6.99
    Broccoli, bacon and cheddar cheese, breaded and deep-fried.
  • Breaded Mushrooms$6.99
    Served with cheese sauce.
  • Cheddar Nuggets$6.99
    Served with our homemade creamy ranch.
  • Fries$1.95
    Deep-fried golden brown crinkle curr fries.
  • Chili Cheese Fries$4.95
  • Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Fries$4.95
  • Bread Sticks$3.95
  • Garlic Cheese Bread$5.95
    Garlic butter, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese baked to perfection.
  • Dinner Salad$2.25
    Fresh green, tomato, cheese, croutons, and crackers.
  • Grilled Chicken Salad$7.99
    Fresh greens topped with season grill chicken, tomatoes, cheese, and croutons.
  • Crispy Chicken Salad$7.99
    Fresh green topped with seasoned crispy chicken tomatoes, cheese, and croutons.
  • Chef Salad$7.99
    Fresh green, ham, bacon, tomato, cheese, olives, broccoli, and croutons.
  • Tossed Asian Chicken Salad$7.99
    Seasoned grilled chicken, broccoli, tomato, and cheese on our sweet sauce, topped with chow mein noodles.
  • Traditional Beef Philly$6.99 +
    Hoagie roll stuffed with sauteed beef, mixture of green and red peppers, mushrooms, covered with swiss cheese, then toasted.
  • Chicken Philly$6.99 +
    Slices of seasoned grilled chicken, sauteed onions, green and red peppers, mushrooms, and swiss cheese, then toasted.
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub$6.99 +
    We take our seasoned grilled chicken, crispy bacon, and our homemade ranch, shake it all together and top it with swiss cheese.
  • Chicken Parmesan Sub$6.99 +
    Deep-fried chicken strips in our sweet marinara, covered on shredded, mozzarella cheese. And sprinkled with parmesan.
  • BBQ Chicken Sub$6.99 +
    Grilled slice of chicken and fresh diced onion is thrown together in our sweet hickory bbq sauce, topped with melted swiss, comes with bacon.
  • Reuben Sub$6.99 +
    The house favorite! Dice of flavorful, lean corn beef, sauerkraut, and zesty bistro sauce to give it the kick it needs and melted swiss cheese.
  • Corned Beef Philly Sub$6.99 +
    On lean corned beef joined with sauteed onions, green and red peppers, mushroom, and melted swiss cheese.
  • Pizza Sub$6.99 +
    Just like our meat lover pizza was thrown on a fresh hoagie? Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hamburger, sausage, and bacon, covered with shredded mozzarella cheese.
  • Meatball Sub$6.99 +
    The perfect size Italian described neatballs. We add a little onion, sweet marinara, and lots of shredded mozzarellas.
  • BBQ brisket Philly$6.99 +
    Juicy, tender diced brisket, crispy bacon, and onion throw around on our sweet bbq sauce, stuffed in our daily fresh hoagie, topped with melted sharp cheddar cheese.
  • Chili Cheese Dog Sub$6.99 +
    One big mess. Chilli with beef cut up thick hot dogs, onions, and pickles, all surrounded by creamy cheddar cheese sauce.
  • Vegetarian Sub$6.99 +
    A mix of pure vegetable blend, sauteed onions, green and red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, broccoli, and lettuce. Comes with olives and cheese.
  • Chicken Tender Basket$7.95
  • Catfish Basket$7.95
  • Shrimp Basket$7.95
  • Ravioli Basket$7.95
  • Alfredo Pasta$6.50
    Broccoli, tomato, and mushroom sauteed in creamy alfredo sauce on fettuccine noodles served with breadsticks.
  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta$7.99
    Chicken, broccoli, tomato, and mushroom sauteed in creamy alfredo sauce on fettuccine noodles served with breadsticks.
  • Chicken Parmesan Pasta$7.99
    Sliced crispy al white chicken covered in melted cheese, laying on top of our fettuccine noodles, mixed with sweet marinara, then sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese. Served with breadsticks.
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta$7.99
    Fettuccine noodles steamed to perfection, covered with chunk of bacon, seasoned grilled chicken, creamy homemade ranch, mozzarella cheese naled to perfection. Served with breadsticks.
  • Cheese Broccoli Bacon Bowl Pasta$7.99
    Creamy Velveeta cheese, broccoli, and bacon on our steamed fettuccine noodles. Served with breadsticks.
  • Pasta with Italian Sausage$7.99
    Fettuccine noodles baked in a sweet marinate sauce with Italian sausage, topped with our five cheese, mozzarella blend. Served with breadsticks.
  • Pasta with Meatballs$7.99
    Fettuccine noodles baked in a sweet marinate sauce with meatballs, topped with our five cheese, mozzarella blend. Served with breadsticks.
  • Kid's Chicken Tenders$4.95
  • Kid's Battered Mac & Cheese Wedges$4.95
  • Kid's Breaded Ravioli$4.95
  • Kid's Hot Dogs$4.95
  • Cinnamon Sticks$4.95
  • Funnel Cake Fries$4.25
  • Fountain Pop$1.95


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