Foxhole Tap & Pizzeria

3308 W Elm St, Mchenry, IL 60050

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Foxhole Tap & Pizzeria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Fox Hole Classic$11.25 +
Sausage mushroom, onions & green pepper.
Veggie Pizza$11.25 +
Mushroom, green pepper, tomato, onion & spinach.
Hawaiian Pizza$11.25 +
Canadian bacon bbq sauce & pineapple.
Mediterranean Pizza$11.25 +
Spinach black olive, tomato & feta cheese.
BBQ Chicken Pizza$11.25 +
Bbq sauce, grilled chicken onion & bacon.
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza$11.25 +
Butter milk ranch topped with white meat chicken and bacon.
Meat Lovers Pizza$11.55 +
Sausage, pepperoni bacon & canadian bacon.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$11.55 +
Grilled boneless chicken with spicy buffalo sauce & crumbled blue cheese.
Blt Pizza$11.55 +
Bacon pizza with a light mayo spread topped with fresh lettuce & tomato.
Chicken Pesto Pizza$11.55 +
Homemade pesto with boneless chicken breast & fresh garlic.
Cheeseburger in Paradise$11.55 +
Ground beef & onion atop a special mixture of pizza sauce with a hint of ketchup & mustard. Cover it all with a melty combination of cheddar & mozzarella and this is sure to be your new favorite.
Midwest Pizza$11.55 +
Italian beef & hot giardiniera.
White Pizza$11.55 +
Chicken & alfredo sauce.
Philly Cheese Steak Pizza$11.55 +
Italian beef grilled onions, green peppers, mushrooms & a blend of mozzarella & swiss.
Margherita Pizza$11.55 +
Olive oil base with sliced Roma tomatoes, garlic fresh basil & fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamic glaze.
Low Fat Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Pizza$11.55 +
Olice oil, grilled onion & mushrooms, sun-dried tomato & goat cheese.
Served with choice of dipping sauce, homemade buttermilk ranch, chunky blue cheese, chipotle ranch, honey mustard, bbq homemade marinara, buffalo sauce.
Deep Fried Green Beans$6.99
Garlic Bread$3.99
Cheesy Garlic Bread$4.99
Chicken Wings$6.99 +
Served with carrot & celery sticks.
Mozzarella Sticks$6.99
Cheddar Cheese Nuggets$6.99
Try with chipotle ranch.
Foxhole's Special Recipe Brushetta$6.99
Vine ripened tomato tomatoes, fresh basil, black olives, feta extra virgin olive oil with blended spices, served on our homemade signature garlic toast, made fresh daily.
Chicken Fingers$7.99
Battered & deep fried. Try it buffalo with blue cheese dressing and celery for dd.
Fried Shrimp$7.99
Batteres & deep fried, Try it buffalo with blue cheese dressing and celery for add.
Spinach Artichoke Dip$6.99
Cream cheese, artichoke, heart, spinach leaves & parmesan cheese baked with diced tomatoes & mozzarella, served with garlic toast ponts for dipping.
Wisconsin Combo Basket$8.99
Cauliflower & broccoli florets mixed with mushrooms, cheddar snaps, mozzarella sticks & crunchy onion rings battered & deep fried, served with parmesan peppercorn ranch dressing.
Basked of Onion Rings$5.99
Slider Platter$9.99
Choose 4 of our favorites, Italian beef bbq pork or meatball.
Brew House Combo$9.99
Leini beer batteres onion, rings, mozzarella sticks, shrimp cream cheese poppers & chicken finger with 2 dipping sauce.
All sandwiches served with crispy fries, homemade coleslaw & kosher dill pickle.
Build A Breast Sandwich$7.99
An 8 oz. Marinated chicken breast, charbroiled to a golden brown, on a toasted bakery bun with lettuce, tomato onion. available breaded also/
Build A Burger$7.99
Juiy 1/2 lb. Angus burger, cooked the way you like it on a fresh bakery bun, with lettuce, tomato & onion.
Build A Beef Sandwich$7.99
Our best selling sandwich, Chicago style Italian beef thinly sliced and piled high on our homemade garlic bread.
Meatball Bomber Sandwich$7.99
3 beautiful meatballs, smothered in our signature red sauce, topped with mozzarella, on our garlic bread.
Italian Sausage Sandwich$7.99
Our own Italian sausage link topped with red sauce & mozzarella,
Monson Combo Sandwich$9.99
You better be hungry! A full Italian beef & a sausage, smothered with grilled onions & mozzarella cheese, served on garlic bread with the side on au jus. You'll find the monsoons enjoying this sandwich at the bar while cheering on the Blackhawks.
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich$8.99
Thinly sliced beef with grilled onions & peppers, covered in Swiss served on garlic bread.
Shrimp Po Boy$8.99
Our golden fried shrimp topped with chipotle slaw, served on garlic bread.
Pulled Pork Sandwich$7.99
Amound of juicy BBQ pork piled high on a bakery bun & topped with homemade cole slaw.
Served with choice of dressing.
Dinner Salad$3.00
Tomatoes, cucumbers & mushrooms on a bed of lettuce miz.
Caesar Salad$6.99
Crispy hearts of romaine lettuce with our special caesar dressing tomato, croutons & parmesan cheese, add a frilled chicken breast.
Foxhole Salad$8.99
Chopped lettuce, feta cheese, black olives onions tomatoes, cucumber & pepperoni. Served with balsamic vinaigrette. Try with Anchovies.
Chopped Cobb Salad$8.99
Chopped lettuce, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, bacon, onion & mozzarella cheese.
Veggie Delite Salad$6.99
Start with mixed greens the top with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes mushrooms. green peppers & black olives.
Served with choice of potato, homemade coleslaw, garlic bread & choice of soup or salad.
Our Famous Bbq Ribs$10.99 +
Make it Combo$15.99
1/2 Slab with wither breaded shrimp or chicken fingers.
Steak Sandwich$12.99
A juicy 8 oz. Ribeye cooked to temperature, Served on garlic bread topped with onion rings. Try it smothered with mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms, onions * green pepper for 2.50 extra.
Fried Shrimp Dinner$12.99
7 Butterflied shrimp, serves with cocktail sauce.
Grilled Salmon$13.99
Guines glazed salmon fillet.
Bowl of Spaghetti$9.99
With homemade marinara sauce. Add meatballs or italian sausage.
4pm-10 pm
Build a Bowl Pasta Entrees$9.00
Spaghetti, tortellini, chef's choice.
All you can eat. 4pm-10pm.
Hand Breaded Lake Perch$10.00
Kid's Chicken Strips & Fries$4.99
Kid's Grilled Cheese & Fries$4.99
Kid's Mini Corn Dogs & Fries$4.99
Kid's Mac-n-Cheese & Fries$4.99
Kid's Pizza$5.00
Just their size whatever topped they want
Cookie Dough Bites$4.99


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