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Pizza Chef

Pizza Chef

423 W Main St, Boonville, IN 47601

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Pizza Chef a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Specialty Pizza

Create Your Own Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Supreme Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives, green olives, ham and tomato.


Hawaiian Pizza

Ham, pineapple and bacon.


Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Bacon, onion, chicken and ranch.


Kickin' Chicken Pizza

Frank's red hot sauce, bacon, onion, jalapenos and chicken.


Veggie Lovers Pizza

Mushroom, onion, green peppers, black olives, green olives and tomato.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Diced chicken, onion and jalapeno.


Mild Meat Lovers Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, beef and ham.


Spicy Meat Lovers Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, beef, stromboli, meat, Italian sausage and ham.


Philly Steak Pizza

Ranch, mushroom, onion and green peppers.


Bread Sticks

Bread Sticks

Golden, fluffy breadsticks served with nacho cheese & pizza sauce.


Cheesy Bread

Bread lightly buttered with melted cheese, served with pizza sauce.


Hot Wings

Hot Wings

BBQ, Plain, hot. Served with ranch dressing.


Boneless Hot Wings

BBQ, plain, hot. Served with ranch dressing.


Calzones & Strombolis


Made of our own special sauce or BBQ.



Pizza pocket with up to three toppings.



Ham & Cheese Sub

Thinly sliced lean ham with mozzarella cheese, topped with Italian dressing and shredded lettuce.


Charlie's Famous Italian Beef Sub

Premium roast beef with onion, green peppers, soaked in au jus sauce.


Italian Sub

Ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage and cheese.



Meat Lasagna


Veggie Lasagna



Cinnamon Sticks

Cinamon sugar breadsticks served with icing.


Apple Sticks

Golden brown, cinnamon sugar, apple filling breadsticks served with icing.


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