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1920 Vault

8245 IN-39, Lebanon, IN 46052

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Half Pound Burgers
All burgers are ½ pound before cooking, and topped your way. all items below come with your choice of regular side item.

Pork Burger

All burgers are ½ pound before cooking, and topped your way.


Pizza Burger

Topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni



8oz of ground beef seasoned and grilled then topped off with melted American cheese


Mushroom Burger

Topped off with sautéed mushrooms and mozzarella cheese


Bacon Cheeseburger

Hickory smoked bacon and melted American cheese


Patty Melt Burger

Marble rye, 1000 island, sautéed onions, & American cheese


Wester Burger

Hickory smoked bacon, American cheese and BBQ sauce


Deli Fresh Sandwiches
All deli fresh sandwiches are on our special honeywheat bread and dressed with lettuce & tomato. Mayonnaise & spicy mustard upon request. Also available as a wrap or croissant.

Ham & American Sandwich

Lean ham & American cheese


Chicken Salad Sandwich

Our homemade chicken salad that you’ve no doubt heard about! Celery, apples, grapes, chicken and a secret creamy mix!


Turkey Sandiwch

Thin sliced smoked turkey


BLT Sandwich

A classic with hickory smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce and tomato


Turkey Bacon Ranch Sandwich

Smoked turkey, bacon & ranch dressing.


Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Large flour tortilla stuffed with crispy chicken, bacon, ranch, lettuce, cheese, and tomato


Ham & Turkey Club Sandwich

Smoked turkey & sliced ham with bacon.


Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Crispy chicken tossed in our buffalo sauce with ranch, lettuce, shredded cheese, and tomato


Toasted Subs
All subs prepared and toasted, then topped as described below.toasted subs include chips & pickles or upgrade to any other side

Italian Sub

Ham, salami, pepperoni, smothered in cheese then topped with lettuce, tomato and Italian dressing


Turkey & Cheese Sub

Sliced smoked turkey smothered in cheese then topped with lettuce & tomato


Stromboli Sub

Pizza sauce, Italian sausage, onion, smothered in cheese. Great with jalapenos upon request!


Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub

Ranch topped with chicken, bacon and cheese- toasted then topped with lettuce & tomato


BBQ Stromboli Sub

Sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, Italian sausage, onions, smothered in cheese. Great with jalapenos upon request


Ham & Turkey Club Sub

Sliced ham, turkey, & bacon smothered in cheese then topped with lettuce & tomato


Ham & Cheese Sub

Sliced ham smothered in cheese then topped with lettuce & tomato


Signature Sandwiches
Served on our toasted 5” bun and comes with one regular side.

Hand Breaded Tenderloin Sandwich

We start with a butterflied pork loin, cube it not once- but twice, then hand-bread! Topped your way! Great with our hand-dipped onion rings!


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Crispy chicken tossed in our buffalo sauce then topped with lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing


Hand Breaded Fish Sandwich

Hand-breaded to order! Topped with tartar & lettuce


Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Deep-fried crispy chicken topped with lettuce & tomato. Add toppings to your pleasure!



Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Cheese Pizza with 1 Topping


Specialty Pizza



Combo #2- Family Combo

2 large 1 topping pizzas and 6 breadsticks


Combo #3- Family Combo

4- 7'' topping pizzas and 6 breadsticks.


Mexican Inspired

Tres Tacos

Three soft beef or chicken tacos topped with cheese, lettuce, & tomato. With house made tortilla chips & salsa. Sour cream upon request



Housemade tortilla chips, topped with chicken or beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, & shredded cheese. Salsa & sour cream upon request



Two large flour tortillas stuffed with beef or chicken, cheese, tomatoes then grilled. Served with house made tortilla chips & salsa


Other Entrees
Each entrée served with your choice of any 2 sides

Hand Bredad Fish Dinner

We hand-bread to order! Delicious whitefish, hushpuppies and your choice of 2 sides


Chopped Steak with Mushroom & Onion Dinner

8oz chopped steak topped with sautéed mushroom & onions. Served with 2 sides


Chicken Tennder Dinner

Crispy, all white meat chicken tenders with your choice of two sides



Taco Salad

Lg Salad topped with taco beef or chicken, shredded cheese, tomatoes with salsa and sour cream on the side


Chef Salad

Lg salad with ham, turkey, cucumber, tomato, cheese, & bacon



Small salad with cucumber, tomato, & cheese Lg Salad with cucumber, tomato, cheese





Pasta Salad


Creamy Cole Slaw


Hand-Dipped Onion Rings


Side Salad


Hand-Dipped Mushrooms


Cottage Cheese


Sweet Potato Fries


Vegetable of the Day


Mozzarella Sticks


Apple Sauce


Loaded Fries


Potato Salad


Served with fries and apple sauce.

Kid's Chicken Tenders

2 crispy chicken tenders and fries.


Kid's Turkey Sandwich


Kid's Cheese Quesadilla


Kid's 1 Soft Taco


Kid's Ham Sandwich


Family Style Meals

Family Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Special

Generous portion of tender spaghetti noodles topped with our own meaty marinara and served with breadsticks. Serves 4-6


Family Pizza Bundle Special

See “pizza & sticks”


Vault Breadstix


With chees or pizza sauce.




Rotating selection of 4 flavors!





Flavors change daily.






Cherry or regular.






Iced Tea


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