Big Boyz Pizza

1015 E Main St, Richmond, IN 47374

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Big Boyz Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Cheese Pizza $4.99 +
    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
  • One Topping Pizza $5.98 +
  • Two Toppings Pizza $6.97 +
All pizzas are topped with the finest mozzarella and provolone cheese.
  • Chicken Ranch Pizza $6.99 +
    Our housemade ranch dressing with grilled chicken, bacon, onion and tomato.
  • Big Boy Pizza $6.99 +
    Pizza sauce with pepperoni, sausage, beet. Mushroom. Green pepper and onion.
  • Big Hog Pizza $6.99 +
    Pizza sauce with pepperoni sausage, beef, ham, and bacon.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza $6.99 +
    BBQ sauce with grilled chicken, bacon and onion.
  • Hawaiian Pizza $6.99 +
    BBQ sauce with baked ham, pineapple, and banana peppers.
  • Meatball Pizza $6.99 +
    Pizza sauce with sliced Italian meatballs and our spicy garden mix.
  • Buffalo Chicken $6.99 +
    Buffalo sauce with bacon and sliced chicken tenders.
  • Veggie $6.99 +
    Pizza sauce with mushroom, green pepper. Onion, green olives, and black olives.
  • Chicken Alfredo $6.99 +
    Alfredo sauce with spinach and grilled chicken.
Dipping sauces include housemade ranch, blue cheese, ketchup, garlic butter, honey mustard, pizza sauce, cheese sauce, beer cheese or bbq sauce.
  • Bread Sticks $3.99
    Brushed with garlic butter and parmesan cheese. Served with one dipping sauce.
  • Garlic Cheese Bread $3.99
    Covered with mozzarella cheese and served with pizza sauce.
  • Bone in Wings $7.75
    Spicy or bbq wings served with ranch or blue cheese dressing.
  • Chicken Tenders $6.99
    All white meat breaded tenders baked and served with one dipping sauce.
  • Meatballs $3.79
    Italian style meatballs topped with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.
  • Mozzarella Sticks $3.99
    Breaded mozzarella sticks baked and served with one dipping sauce.
  • Cheese & Bacon Waffle Fries $4.99
    Generous portion of baked waffle fries topped with cheddar cheese and real bacon.
  • Soft Pretzels $4.99
    Warm pretzel sticks, lightly salted and served with beer cheese or your choice of dipping sauce.
All salads made fresh to order. We recommend our housemade ranch dressing or choose from French honey mustard, Caesar, blue cheese, 1000 island, Italian, raspberry vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, fat-free ranch, fat-free Italian.
  • Cobb Salad $6.99
    Iceberg lettuce with cheddar cheese, onion, tomato, egg. Bleu cheese crumbles, bacon, grilled chicken and dressing.
  • Chef Salad $6.99
    Iceberg lettuce with cheddar cheese. Onion, tomato, egg, turkey, ham, and dressing.
  • Chicken Salad Plate $4.29 +
    Our house made chicken salad with fruit, sweet bread, and crackers.
  • Caesar Salad $3.99 +
    Romaine lettuce with shaved parmesan cheese, croutons. Grilled chicken and Caesar dressing.
  • House Side Salad $3.99
    Iceberg lettuce with onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, and dressing.
  • Strawberry Spinach Salad $6.99
    Fresh spinach with feta cheese, bacon, strawberries, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken and our housemade strawberry dressing.
  • Calzone $6.99
    Your choice of three pizza toppings smothered in mozzarella cheese and served with your choice of one dipping sauce.
  • Stromboli $6.29
    Pizza sauce with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, onion and mozzarella cheese.
All sandwiches toasted on an 8" white sub bun, served with potato chips and bread 'n butter pickles.
  • Club Sandwich $6.29
    Ham, turkey, bacon, and cheese with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.
  • Ham & Cheese Sandwich $6.29
    Ham and mozzarella cheese with a side of lettuce, tomato, and mayo.
  • Meatball Sandwich $6.29
    Italian meatballs, with pizza sauce, green pepper, onion, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Pork BBQ Sandwich $6.29
    Sweet and tender pulled pork BBQ.
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich $6.29
    Our housemade chicken salad.
  • BLT Sandwich $6.29
    Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mozzarella cheese with a side of mayo.
Our finest ingredient toasted on an 8" white sub bun, served with potato chips and bread 'n butter pickles.
  • Italian Beef Sandwich $6.99
    Shaved roast beef with our spicy garden mix and mozzarella cheese.
  • Chicken Parmesan Sandwich $6.99
    Breaded, all white meat chicken tenders, marinara sauce, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Philly Cheese Sandwich $6.99
    Shaved roast beef, green pepper, onion, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Chicken Ranch Sandwich $6.99
    Our housemade ranch with chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, onion and mozzarella cheese.
  • Steak Hoagie $6.99
    Your choice of classic, mushroom or pizza hoagie.
  • Big Boy Trio $6.99
    Salami, pepperoni, ham, lettuce. Tomato, mozzarella cheese and Italian dressing.
All pastas served with two slices of garlic bread.
  • Baked Spaghetti $5.95
    Generous portion maxed with ground beet and topped with mozzarella cheese.
  • Fettuccine Alfredo $5.95
    Thick noodles in rich and creamy alfredo sauce.
  • Chicken Parmesan $5.95
    Our baked spaghetti topped with chicken tenders and mozzarella cheese.
Reserved for those 10 and under only.
  • Kid's Chicken Tenders $4.50
    Breaded tenders with dipping sauce and choice of chips or fruit. 2 Pieces.
  • Kid's Cheese Pizza $4.99
  • Kid's Baked Spaghetti $4.50
    Spaghetti with marinara sauce and a slice of garlic bread.
  • Kid's Fettuccine Alfredo $4.50
    Fettuccine with alfredo sauce and a slice of garlic bread.
  • Drinks $1.79 +
  • Water $1.50


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