Oak Oven

6625 Jefferson Hwy, Harahan, LA 70123

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  • Margherita Pizza$13.00
    Housemade mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, olive oil.
  • Americano Pizza$13.00
    Pepperoni, tomato & mozzarella.
  • Formaggi Pizza$13.00
    Mozzarella, fontina, ricotta, grana padano & tomato.
  • Salsiccia Pizza$13.00
    Spicy fennel sausage, roast peppers, capers, green olive.
  • Pollo Pizza$13.00
    Rosemary chicken, spinach, artichoke, mozzarella & garlic oil.
  • Lamb Meatball Pizza$14.00
    Sweet peppers, basil, tomato, red chile & ricotta.
  • Shrimp & Crab Pizza$15.00
    Artichoke, red chile, oregano, garlic, white wine.
  • Verdure Pizza$13.00
    Cherry tomato, artichoke, basil, spinach, ricotta & garlic oil.
  • Carne Pizza$14.00
    Smoked bacon, house-made sausage, pepperoni & sweet onions.
  • Spinach Salad$7.00 +
    Apple, candied pecan, raisin, feta cheese, balsamic-pepper jelly.
  • Caesar Salad$7.00 +
    With housemade croutons.
  • Parmigiano Salad$7.00 +
    Romaine, bacon, tomato, egg, olive, parmigiano.
  • Arugula Salad$7.00 +
    Cherry tomato, cucumber, mint, feta & lemon vinaigrette.
  • Zuppa del Giorno$6.00 +
    Fresh soup of the day. Please call the restaurant for today selection.
  • Ravioli del Giorno$13.00
    Today’s fresh handmade ravioli.
  • Melanzana Fritta$9.00
    Fried eggplant, tomato basil sauce, grana padano.
  • Frutti di Golfo$13.00
    Warm shrimp & crab salad, fire roasted artichoke, lemon.
  • Calamari$11.00
    Fried baby squid, tomato-basil sauce, spicy mayo, garlic aioli.
  • Oysters & Crab$13.00
    Cornmeal-crusted oysters, crabmeat, garlic aioli, fresh basil.
  • Parmigiana Veal$19.00
    With tomato basil spaghetti.
  • Parmigiana Chicken$18.00
    With tomato basil spaghetti.
  • Parmigiana Eggplant$16.00
    With tomato basil spaghetti.
  • Piccata Veal$19.00
    Lemon, butter, capers, angel hair al’ oglio y prezzemolo & grilled asparagus.
  • Piccata Chicken$18.00
    Lemon, butter, capers, angel hair al’ oglio y prezzemolo & grilled asparagus.
  • ?Marsala Veal$23.00
    Veal demi glace, mushrooms, whipped potatoes & grilled asparagus.
  • Marsala Chicken$21.00
    Mushrooms, whipped potatoes & grilled asparagus.
  • Paneed Veal$19.00
    Served with handmade fettuccine alfredo.
  • Beccafico$27.00
    Crab stuffed gulf fish, lemon, red chile, cherry tomato, angel hair.
  • Gulf Fish$27.00
    Blue crab, white wine, mushrooms, sicilian pesto-angel hair.
  • Bistecca$32.00
    Emmett’s 30-day aged NY strip steak, whipped potatoes, grilled asparagus black truffle butter and crispy fried shallots.
  • Penne Pasta$13.00 +
    Rosemary chicken, grilled mushrooms, spinach & garlic.
  • Spaghetti Pasta$14.00 +
    Lamb meatballs, tomato sauce, sweet marjoram, ricotta.
  • Handmade Fettucine Pasta$14.00 +
    Fresh cream, butter, and Grana Padano cheese.
  • Handmade Pappardelle Pasta$14.00 +
    Shrimp, artichoke, cherry tomato, lemon & herbs.
  • Penne Diavola Pasta$16.00 +
    Gulf shrimp, blue crab, spicy rosa sauce, herb butter.
  • ?Handmade Frattura Pasta$12.00 +
    Grilled mushrooms, spinach, pine nut, feta, olive oil.
  • ?Lasagna Pasta$13.00 +
    Ground beef, smoked local pork, tomato, mozzarella.
  • Gelati$4.00 +
    Assorted flavors.
  • Sorbet$4.00
    Assorted flavors.
  • Budino di Pane$8.00
    Bread pudding, banana, dark rum, candied pecan, cinnamon.
  • Crema Bruciata$8.00
    Fresh cream custard, caramelized cane sugar, fresh berries.
  • Tiramisu$8.00
    Espresso soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, chocolate.
  • Cannoli Aperti$8.00
    Cocoa marsala shell, sweet ricotta, chocolate & pistacchio,
Children 12 and under.
  • Kid's Cheese Pizza$6.00
  • Kid's Pepperoni Pizza$7.00
  • Kid's Spaghetti$7.00
    With meatball and tomato sauce.
  • Kid's Chicken Strips$7.00
    With fresh sliced apple or fried potatoes.
  • Kid's Fried Shrimp$7.00
    With fresh sliced apple or fried potatoes.


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