Plymouth House Of Pizza

Plymouth House Of Pizza

50 Long Pond Rd, Plymouth, MA 02360

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Plymouth House Of Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.


Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Super Special Pizza

Hamburger, pepperoni, sausage, linguica, mushrooms, peppers, and onions.


Potato Skins & Bacon Pizza


Ham & Pineapple Pizza


Spinach & Feta Pizza


Vegetarian Pizza

Mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, and olives.


Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Margarita Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, garlic, tomato, basil.


Acropoli Pizza

Fresh spinach, tomatoes, and greek olives.


White Seafood Pizza

White sauce with shrimps, scallops.


Gluten Free Cheese Pizza

Make your own by adding any gluten free meat, vegetable, or seafood item from the menu.



Small Phop Sampler

3 chicken finger, 3 wings, 3 mozzarella sticks.


Jalapenos Poppers


Large Phop Sampler

5 chicken fingers, 5 wings, 5 mozzarella sticks.


Bacon Potato Skins

Basket of french fries.


Basket of French Fries


Chicken Noodle Soup


Italian Wedding Soup


Garlic Brusquetta with Feta Cheese


New England Clam Chowder


Curly Spicy Fries


Onion Rings


Mozzarella Sticks


Chicken Wings


Chicken Fingers


Boneless Buffalo Fingers


Buffalo Wings


Sweet Potato Fries



Fried Breaded Mushrooms



All salads come with syrian bread.

Country Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce. tomatoes, onions and seasoned croutons with a tangy Caesar dressing, topped with romano cheese and pita bread.


Grilled Chicken Salad

Tossed salad with grilled chicken breast and pita bread.


Athenian Salad

Garden salad with feta cheese and grilled chicken and pita bread.


Fresh Mozzarella & Plum Tomato Salad

Fresh mozzarella with plum tomatoes mixed with Italian dressing and pita bread.


Steak Tip Salad

Steak tips with tossed lettuce, tomato, and peppers and pita bread.


Baby Spinach Salad

Wth bacon bits, fresh mushrooms, plum tomatoes and pita bread.


Tossed Salad

Lettuce, tomato, red cabbage, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, black olives and pita bread.


Greek Salad

Tossed salad with feta cheese and pita bread.


Dieter's Tuna Salad

Tossed salad with dry lite tuna and pita bread.


Chef's Salad

Tossed salad with ham, roast beef, turkey and cheese and pita bread.


Antipasto Salad

Tossed salad with 3 kinds of salami and cheese and pita bread.



Garden Veggies & Cheese Pizza


Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Steak & Cheese Pizza


Ham & Cheese Pizza


Eggplant, Tomatoes, & Onions Stromboli


Cheese Stromboli


Fresh Spinach Feta Garlic Pizza



Hamburger Sub

Tell us if you like mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hots, pickles.


Black Angus Cheeseburger Sub

Tell us if you like mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hots, pickles.


Quarter Pound Hamburger on a Sesamy Roll

Tell us if you like mayo, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, hots, pickles.


Buffalo Cheeseburger


Bacon Cheeseburger


Cheeseburger Deluxe

Comes with: mushrooms, peppers, & onions.


Steak Subs

Philly Steak & Cheese Sub


Buffalo Philly Steak & Cheese Sub


Steak Deluxe & Red Sauce Sub



Veal Parmigiana Sub


Chicken Cutlet Parmagiana Sub


Turkey, Ham & Bacon Sub


Grilled Chicken Sub


Chicken Stir Fry Sub


Italian Club Sub


American Cold Cut Sub


Ham & Cheese Sub


Roast Beef Sub


Turkey Breast Sub


Chicken Salad Sub


Tuna Salad Sub


Seafood Salad Sub


Meatball Sub


Sausage Sub


B.L.T Sub


Pastrami Sub


Eggplant Parmigiana Sub


Kids Menu

Kid's Cheese Pizza


Kid's Grilled Cheese with Fresh Sliced Tomatoes


Kid's Penne with Butter


Kid's Penne with Tomato Sauce


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