Angelo's Ristorante

237 Main St, Stoneham, MA 02180

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Angelo's Ristorante a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Chicken & Broccoli Pizza$13.50 +
Ricotta, Shaved Steak Pizza$15.00 +
Pescatore Pizza$16.95 +
Clams, shrimp, calamari, mussels.
Peppers Pizza$12.50 +
Prosciutto & Arucola Pizza$14.50 +
Roasted Red Peppers Pizza$12.75 +
Broccoli Rabe & Sausage Pizza$13.50 +
Meatball Pizza$12.50 +
Prosciutto Mozzarella Tomato Pizza$14.50 +
Mushrooms Pizza$12.50 +
Onion Pizza$12.50 +
Pepperoni Pizza$12.50 +
Caruso Special Pizza$15.50 +
Home Made Sausage Pizza$12.50 +
Fresh Baby Artichokes Pizza$13.50 +
Zazza Pizza$13.95 +
Vegetarian Pizza$15.00 +
Cheese Pizza$11.50 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Anchovie Pizza$12.50 +
Eggplant Pesto Pizza$15.50 +
No nuts.
Chicken Sausage Pizza$12.50 +
Chicken Pizza$12.50 +
Black Olive Pizza$12.50 +
Pineapple & Ham Pizza$13.50 +
Shrimp Scampi Pizza$16.95 +
Garlic Bread$1.75
Stuffed Mushrooms$6.95
Spinach, mushrooms bread crumbs brandy cream sauce.
Mussels Marinara$10.95
No pasta. Garlic Fresh oregano white wine and plum tomatoes.
Antipasto Italiano$12.95
Prosciutto Di Parma, dry cured sausage, marinated eggplant, roasted peppers, Gaeta olives and assorted cheeses.
Rice balls filled with meat sauce, mozzarella cheese & peas.
Shrimp Radicchio$13.50
Pan roasted shrimps with garlic White wine, radicchio, and lemon.
Mozzarella Sticks$5.75
Rice balls filled with meat sauce, mozzarella cheese & peas.
French Fries$3.95
Wings with Fries$8.94
Chicken Fingers$5.50
Side Orders Pasta with Dinners$5.50
Chicken Fingers with Fries$8.94
Sauce$4.95 +
House Salad$6.95
Salad with Provolone$7.50
Salad with Tuna$8.50
Antipasto Salad$9.25
Caesar Salad$8.25
Homemade Mozzarella & Tomato Salad$9.50
Grilled Prosciutto & Mozzarella Salad$12.95
Prosciutto wrapped, mozzarella grilled served with roasted peppers.
Prosciutto Mozzarella & Tomato Salad$12.95
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken$12.95
House Salad with Grilled Chicken$11.95
Steak Tips with Salad & Veggie$17.95
Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp$18.95
Soup of The Day$5.25 +
Chicken Soup$4.75 +
Tortellini Soup$4.95 +
Italian Tuna Arucola Sub$7.95
Italian tuna in olive oil, arucola, red onion, and tomatoes.
Porchetta on Foccacia Sub$8.50
Thinly Sliced Porchetta on Foccacia bread with broccoli rabbi.
Sausage, Peppers & Onion Wrap$7.25
Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.25
Broccoli Rabe Sausage$7.95
Steak & Cheese Sub$8.25 +
Chicken Cutlet Sub$7.75 +
Eggplant Parmigiana Sub$7.50 +
Ham & Cheese Sub$6.75 +
Italian Cold Cuts Sub$6.75 +
Italian Sausage Sub$7.50 +
Meatball Sub$7.25 +
Steak Mushrooms Sub$8.50 +
Pepper & Eggs Sub$6.75 +
Pepper Steak Sub$8.50 +
Tuna Sub$6.75 +
Real Veal Cutlet Sub$8.00 +
Fresh Vegetarian Sub$6.75 +
Roast Beef Sub$8.00 +
Grilled Chicken Sub$8.75
With lettuce, tomatoes.
Prosciutto Parma, Mozzarella & Tomato Sub$9.50
Steak Bomb Sub$10.00
Porchetta Sub$8.00
Oven roasted pork loin with lettuce, roasted peppers & pepperoncini served hot.
Fettuccine with Chicken Breast$13.25
Prosciutto, fresh rosemary, shallots, sherry cream sauce.
Ravioli Rose$12.95
Fresh basil, plum tomato cream sauce.
Linguine with Scallops & White Wine Sauce$18.95
Sauteed with garlic white wine sauce.
Shrimo Arrabiata with Linguini$18.95
Roasted garlic shrimp, white wine and plum tomatoes.
Lobster Ravioli$14.25
Home made served with a tomato basil cream sauce.
Fried Calamari$13.25
Gnocchi with Meatballs$12.95
Imported from Italy.
Ziti Amatriciana$13.95
Smoked pancetta, onion spicy plum tomato sauce.
Lasagna Bolognese$12.95
Meat sauce, ricotta, mozzarella cheese.
Ziti Chicken & Broccoli$14.25
Smoked pancetta, onion spicy plum tomato sauce.
Manicotti with Meatballs$12.50
Ziti Shrimp & Broccoli$18.95
Shrimo Scampi with Linguni$18.95
Ziti Meatsauce$13.50
Linguine with Calamari & Red Sauce$14.50
Sauteed with garlic, and plum tomato sauce.
Spaghetti with Garlic & Oil$11.50
Mussels Marinara with Pasta & White Wine Sauce$13.25
Pan roasted with garlic white wine sauce.
Spaghetti Puttanesca$13.50
Roasted garlic, capers, olives, anchovies, plum tomatoes.
Black Fettuccine with Calamari$14.95
Squid ink pasta pan roasted with garlic white wine and calamari.
Chicken Ravioli$12.95
Homemade roasted chicken ravioli in a shallots, sundried tomato, scallion triple sec rosemary orange sauce.
Linguine with Calamari & White Sauce$14.50
Sauteed with garlic, and white wine sauce.
Pasta with Chicken Parmigiana$14.95
Spaghetti with Meatballs$11.50
Fettuccine Alfredo$12.50
Linguine with Red Clam Sauce$14.50
Pasta with Eggplant Parmigiana$14.95
Spaghetti with Red Mushroom Sauce$12.50
Fettuccine Angelo Style$12.50
Roasted onions, ham, peas, white wine, Parmigiano cheese.
Mussels Marinara with Pasta & Plum Tomato Sauce$13.25
Pan roasted with garlic plum tomato sauce.
Tortellini Red Sauce$12.25
Pasta with Veal Parmigiana$17.95
Tagliatelle Boscaiola$14.50
Sauteed prosciutto, mushrooms, tomato cream sauce.
Linguine with White Clam Sauce$14.50
Sauteed with garlic white wine sauce.
Ziti Vesuvio$13.95
Roasted garlic, fresh basil, plum tomato with grated dry ricotta cheese.
Chicken Manicotti$12.95
Roasted chicken, spinach, ricotta, parmigiano chese.
Linguine with Scallops & Red Sauce$18.95
Sauteed with garlic red sauce.
Tortellini Alfredo$12.95
Pappardella Bella Napoli$13.50
Wide noodle pasta, plum tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella cheese.
Penne Salmone$13.95
Onions, smoked salmon, vodka and cream sauce.
Fettuccine Pizzaiola$16.95
Sliced sirloin, oregano, red wine, garlic plum, tomatoes.
Penne Arrabiata$12.25
Roasted garlic, white wine, plum tomato sauce.
Tortellini Rose$12.75
Large cheese tortellini, in a basil tomato cream sauce.
Tortellini Piemontese$14.25
Meat filled prosciutto, mushrooms, cream sauce.
Pasta Primaverra$12.50
Roasted garlic, vegetables, white wine sauce and Parmigiano.
Chicken Cacciatore with Pasta$17.50
Peppers, onions mushrooms, garlic, plum tomato sauce.
Veal Saltimbocca with Vegetables$17.95
Veal pan roasted with prosciutto sage white wine sauce.
Chicken Carciofi$15.50
Vitello Angelo with Pasta$18.95
Roasted mushrooms, shallots, brandy, tomatoes, cream sauce.
Chicken Marsala with Vegetables$15.50
Chicken Orange$15.50
Shallots, oranges, rosemary, sun dried tomatoes, triple sec.
Grilled Salmon with Salad & Vegetables$18.95
Grilled Chicken with Pasta & Vegetables$15.50
Chicken Piccata with Vegetables$15.50
Capers, lemon, white wine.
Haddock Piccata with Pasta & Vegetables$17.50
Chicken Primavera$15.50
Roasted garlic, vegetables, white wine sauce.
Haddock Marinara with Pasta$17.50
Roasted garlic, white wine sauce, and plum tomatoes.
Pollo Ripieno$15.95
Chicken stuffed with prosciutto, provolone cheese, pan roasted with mixed vegetables, sun dried tomatoes, white wine sauce.
Veal Bracciolettine$16.95
Rolled & stuffed with prosciutto mozzarella cheese. Topped with roasted garlic & wild mushrooms.
Veal Marsala with Vegetables$17.95
Veal Piccata with Vegetables$17.95
Chicken Bracciolettine$16.95
Rolled & stuffed with prosciutto mozzarella cheese. Topped with roasted garlic & wild mushrooms.
Fettuccine Pizzaiola$15.95
Fettuccine served with roasted sirloins pieces with garlic oregano wine and plum tomatoes.
Penne with Roasted Mushrooms$13.50
Extra virgin olive oil wild mushrooms garlic Parmigiano cheese.
Penne with Salmon$13.50
Shallots, Sun dried tomato, sherry cream sauce.
Penne with Broccoli Rabe & Sausage$13.95
Pan roasted whole garlic broccoli rabbi homemade.
Spaghetti Eggplant Caponata$12.95
Spaghetti served with roasted eggplant Gaeta olives, Capers, garlic, plum tomatoes, and dry ricotta cheese.
Grilled Veal with Salad$15.95
Veal Medallions marinated with garlic olive oil fresh Lemon grilled served with roasted vegetables and salad.
Chicken Milanese$14.50
Chicken cutlet pan fried topped with olive oil and lemon sliced tomatoes and Asparagus.
Baked Haddock$16.95
Fresh haddock baked in the oven served with roasted Vegetables.
Porchetta Vinegar Peppers & Potatoes$14.95
Boneless Pork roast served with homemade vinegar peppers, pan fried potatoes, and broccoli rabe.
Side Order of Broccoli Rabi$8.94
Extra virgin olive oil whole garlic Touch of hot peppers.