Pizza Mambo

710 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City, MD 21842

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Pizza Mambo a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Made with fresh dough & 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese.
Create Your Own Pizza$10.99 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Popeye Pizza$16.99 +
Fresh spinach, bacon, ricotta cheese & sliced onion.
Mojo Pizza$16.99 +
White sauce. Pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers & asiago cheese
Heavy Veggie Pizza$16.99 +
Mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, black olives, onion & extra cheese.
Pizza Bianca$13.99 +
White pizza with white sauce. Extra virgin olive oil, garlic & mozzarella cheese topped with ricotta
Hawaiian Pizza$13.99 +
Ham and pineapple.
Supreme Pizza$19.99 +
Pepperoni, ham, sausage, ground beef, mushroom, onion, green peppers, black olives & extra cheese.
Four Seasons Pizza$16.99 +
Mushrooms, black olives, ham & feta cheese.
Margarita Pizza$13.99 +
Tomato, basil & garlic.
Volcano Pizza$14.99 +
Ham, pineapple & jalapenos.
Meat Lovers Pizza$17.99 +
Pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon & beef.
Bread Sticks$4.99
6 baked-to-order sticks with mambo sauce.
Mozzarella Sticks$5.99
5, served with mambo sauce.
Onion Rings$4.99
French Fries$3.25
Cheese Fries$3.95
Chicken Tenders$5.99
4, served with honey mustard.
Garden Salad$4.99
Iceberg lettuce with onions, tomato, and peppers.
Greek Salad$7.99
Iceberg lettuce, onion, tomato, peppers, feta cheese & kalamata olives topped with our signature house dressing.
Caesar Salad$4.99
Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, grilled chicken strips & house creamy caesar dressing.
Chicken Caesar Salad$7.99
Romaine lettuce topped with grilled chicken strips & our house creamy caesar dressing.
Antipasto Salad$7.99
Ham, salami, provolone cheese, onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce & green peppers.
Wings$8.99 +
Your choice of hot, mild or bbq sauces, served with a side of ranch or blue cheese dressings.
Cheese Calzone$9.99
Mozzarella & ricotta cheese.
Spinach Calzone$10.99
Mozzarella & ricotta cheese with spinach.
Meat Calzone$11.99
Mozzarella & ricotta cheese with ham, salami & pepperoni.
Philly Cheesesteak Sub$7.99 +
Served with mushrooms, onions, green peppers & yellow American cheese.
Chicken Cheesesteak Sub$7.99 +
Served with lettuce, tomato, mayo & yellow American cheese.
Chicken Parmesan Sub$7.99 +
Chicken, red sauce, provolone & parmesan cheese.
Cheeseburger Sub$7.99 +
Served with lettuce, tomato, mayo & yellow American cheese.
Meatball Parmesan Sub$7.99 +
Meatballs, red sauce, provolone & parmesan cheese.
Italian Combo Sub$7.99 +
Salami, ham, provolone cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo, oil & vinegar.
Turkey Sub$7.99 +
Turkey & provolone cheese served with lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Club Sub 8$7.99 +
Ham, turkey, salami & provolone cheese with lettuce, tomato & mayo.
Cheesesteak Sub$7.99 +
Served with lettuce, tomato, mayo & yellow American cheese.
Soda$1.75 +
Pepsi products.