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Poppa Chips Pizza

Poppa Chips Pizza

125 S Lansing Rd, Potterville, MI 48876

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Poppa Chips Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Poppa's Original Round Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Cheese Pizza Gluten Free

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Specialty Pizza

Deluxe Pizza

Premium pepperoni, ham, green pepper, mushrooms red onions & Italian sausage.


All American Pizza

Premium pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, ground beef.


Garden Harvest Pizza

Mushrooms red onions, green pepper, black & green olives, tomatoes, & banana peppers.


Hawaiian Pizza

Double ham, double pineapple & bacon.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Sweet Baby Ray's barbeque sauce, chicken breast, red onions, bacon, & drizzled with BBQ.


Double Deluxe

Double Deluxe Pizza

Pepperoni, ham, green peppers, red onions, mushrooms, black & green olives, bacon, ground beef, sausage, tomatoes & banana peppers.


Ranch Taco Pizza

Seasoned ground beef, red onions, tomatoes, black olives, shredded cheddar cheese & drizzled with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing.


Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

Beef, bacon, red onions, tomatoes, & shredded cheddar cheese.


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