Davinci's Restaurant

1616 E Chicago Rd, Sturgis, MI 49091

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Davinci's Restaurant a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

One Item Pizza$5.75 +
Two Items Pizza$7.00 +
Three Items Pizza$7.75 +
Four Items Pizza$8.50 +
Five Items Pizza$9.00 +
Six Items Pizza$10.00 +
Nick's Special Pizza$13.50 +
Da Vinci's Pride Pizza$15.50 +
Vegetarian Pizza$13.50 +
BBQ Chicken Pizza$14.50 +
Alfredo Chicken Florentine Pizza$15.50 +
California Pizza$14.50 +
Napies Pizza$12.75 +
Davinci's Meat Eater Pizza$13.50 +
Taco Pizza$13.00 +
Cheese Pizza$13.50 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Pepperoni Pizza$15.00 +
Nick's Special Pizza$16.50 +
Shrimp Cocktail$8.00
Fried Calamari$8.00
Potato Skins$7.00
Cheese Sticks$7.00
Jalapeno Poppers$7.00
Homemade Garlic Bread$8.00
Chicken Wings$8.00
Crab Cakes$9.00
Nacho Platter$9.00
Deep Fried Ravioli$7.00
Chicken Salad$8.00
Greek Salad$8.00
Balsamic & Blue Cheese Marinated Sirolin Steak Salad$12.00
Cobb Salad$10.00
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.00
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad$8.00
Shrimp Salad$10.00
Salmon Spinach Salad$12.00
Southern Style Chicken Salad$8.00
Balsamic & Blue Cheese Marinated Sirloin Steak Salad$12.00
Cobb Salad$10.00
Julienne Salad$8.00
Chef's salad.
Chicken Caesar Salad$9.00
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad$8.00
Shrimp Salad$10.00
Salmon Spinach Salad$12.00
Served with french fries.
Italian Combo Sub$5.95 +
Ham & Cheese Sub$5.95 +
Ham, Cheese & Salami Sub$5.95 +
Vegetarian Sub$5.95 +
Meatball Sub$5.95 +
Davinci Club Sub$5.95 +
Italian Sausage Sub$5.95 +
Italian Beef Sub$5.95 +
Grinder Sub$5.95 +
Served with French fries.
Grilled Italian Steak Sandwich$10.00
With onion, pepper rings, mozzarella cheese.
Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich$8.00
With lettuce, tomato, and bacon.
Gyro Sandwich$8.00
Lamb, onion, special sauce, tomato, banana peppers, and black olives.
Croissant Tuna Grilled Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Cheese, lettuce, tomato.
Croissant Tuna Ham Sandwich$8.00
Cheese, lettuce, tomato.
Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich$8.00
Bacon, Monterey Jack, ranch dressing.
Deep Fried Fish Sandwich$8.00
Classic Reuben Sandwich$8.00
Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese.
American Burger$9.00
American cheese, pickles, lettuce, red onion & tomato, with a big kosher dill pickle on the side.
Bacon Cheddar Burger$8.00
Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles & mayo.
Black & Blue Burger$9.00
Blackened with blue cheese crumbles & onion tanglers.
Avocado Bacon Burger$9.00
Pepper jack cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & topped with avocado.
T-Bone Steak$17.00
NY Strip Steak$17.00
Ribeye Steak$18.00
Sirolin Steak$13.00 +
Bacon Wrapped Filet Steak$18.00
Served with vegetables of the day.
Baked Ravioli$8.99
Meat or cheese.
Fetuccini Alfredo$8.99
Spinach Cannelloni$8.99
Meat Manicotti$8.99
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce$7.25
Spaghetti with Meat Balls$8.99
Chicken Alfredo Pasta$9.95
Linguini with Shrimp$11.95
Linguini with Clams$11.95
Crab & Chicken Florentine$17.00
Shrimp Alfredo Pasta$15.00
Spaghetti Ala Nick$12.00
Linguini with Shrimp$15.00
Linguini with Clams$15.00
Fettuccini Carbonara$13.00
Meat Ravioli Pasta$13.00
Cheese Ravioli Pasta$13.00
Lasagna Al Forno$13.00
Fettuccini Alfredo Pasta$13.00
Al Capone Pasta$15.00
Mostaciolli Ala Siciliana$13.00
All come with salad.
Classic Italian Veal Dishes$18.00
Veal marsala, veal parmesan, veal scallopini & veal cutlet, scaloppini & marsala on angel hair pasta.
Chicken Parmesan$15.00
Tender chicken breast baked with imported cheeses in special tomato sauce.
Cotoletta Parmesan$16.00
Quality sirloin steak breaded & baked in house tomato sauce & imported cheeses.
Linguine Pescatore$17.00
Shrimp, clams & mussels tossed with linguine in a spicy marinara sauce.
Chicken Alfredo$15.00
Both with sauteed mushrooms, chicken alfredo served on fettuccine, scaloppini on angel hair pasta.
Both with sauteed mushrooms, chicken alfredo served on fettuccine, scaloppini on angel hair pasta.
Shrimp Ala Vinci$16.00
Fresh atlantic shrimp sauteed in homemade garlic butter, served on angel hair pasta.
Chicken Cacciatore$15.00
Steak Pizzaiola$15.00
Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner$15.00
Slow Roasted Baby Back Ribs$13.00 +
Shish Kabobs$14.00
Center Cut Grilled Pork Chips$15.00
Parmesan Crusted Beef Tips$15.00
Chop Sirolin$9.00
Grilled Salmon$17.00
Lightly seasoned.
Baked Garlic Herb Tilapia$14.00
Pan Fried Blugill$17.00
Herb Grilled Shrimp Skewers$15.00
Tuscan Grilled Salmon$18.00
Honey Chipotle Glazed Walleye$17.00
Tender Baby Back Ribs$15.00 +
Dusted with our signature dry rub & smothered in one of our homemade bbq sauces.
Snoked Prime Rib$20.00
Choice cut prime with a blend of herbs & seasonings.
Smoked Pulled Pork$14.00
Coated in our southern style dry rub & smoked for 14 hours.
A texas classic wit ha mesquite smoke for 14 hours.
Smoked Chicken$15.00
1/2 chicken dusted in our signature rub & slow smoked.
Club House$7.99
Texas Grilled Ham & Cheese$7.99
Soup & Sandwich$7.99
Soup & Salad$7.99
Shrimp Basket$7.99
Fish & Chips$7.99
Buffalo Wing Basket$7.99


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