Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza

512 Robert St N, St Paul, MN 55102

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Cheese & Sauce Pizza$10.25 +
Tomato & Oregano Pizza$9.25 +
Hot Salami & Dried Chili Pepper Pizza$12.50 +
Meatball, Ricotta & Garlic Pizza$15.75 +
Fennel Sausage, Hot Salami, Onion & Cracked Green Olives Pizza$15.75 +
Oyster Mushroom, Smoked Mozzarella, Rosemary & Garlic Pizza$17.50 +
Chicken & Pickled Peppers Pizza$14.75 +
Fresh Tomato, Green Pepper & Kalamata Olives Pizza$15.75 +
Cheese & Garlic Pizza$10.25 +
Persian Beef, Tomato, Feta & Harissa Pizza$15.75 +
Bacon & Golden Pineapple Pizza$14.75 +
The Sicilian Pie$11.50 +
The Sicilian is a 16" square pie topped with mozzarella, sauce and EVOO. We bake them all first thing in the morning before the oven is too hot. So no substitutions or added ingredients are possible. Let us heat it up to order here, or it can be warmed up at home.
Marinara Sauce$4.50
Crackers & Ricotta$9.00
Eggplant Dip$10.00
Antipasto & Crackers$15.50
Spinach Blue Cheese$9.25
House Salad$9.25
Oven Roasted Vegetables$11.00
Chop Salad$10.50
Roasted Olives & Garlic$10.00
Half orders available, mix & match! Each plate garnished with bread and pickled vegetables.
Fennel Sausage Link$8.75
Lemon Thyme Chicken Skewer$10.00
Beef Steak Skewer$11.00
Mixed Vegetable Skewer$8.50
Spicy Lamb Sausages$11.50
Cilantro Shrimp$11.00
Spicy Eggplant$8.75
Ice Cream Sandwich$8.00
Fountain Soda$3.00
Draft Root Beer$3.50
Bottled Soda$3.75
1/2 Liter Spring Water$3.75
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade$4.00
Ice Tea$3.50
Organic Plain$3.25
Chocolate Milk$3.25


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