Vito's In The Valley

138 Chesterfield Towne Ctr, Chesterfield, MO 63005

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Vito's In The Valley a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Classic Cheese Pizza$12.00 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
10" hand tossed white crust topped with fresh mozzarella, parmigiano, and oregano.
Capricciosa Pizza$15.00
Prosciutto, basil, tomato, Portobello mushroom, fresh mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil.
Chicken Pesto Pizza$14.00
Basil pesto sauce, tomato, grilled chicken.
Hawaiian Pizza$12.00
Prosciutto ham, pineapple.
La Diavola Pizza$11.00
Salami picante, roasted red peppers, crushed red pepper.
La Spinach Pizza$12.00
Spinach, tomato, mushrooms, feta cheese.
Margherita Pizza$11.00
Tomato, basil, mozzarella.
Meat Lovers Pizza$14.00
Italian sausage, bacon, ham, pepperoni.
BBQ Chicken Pizza$14.00
Grilled chicken, mozzarella, red onion, bbq sauce.
Quattro Formaggio Pizza$11.00
Mozzarella, fontinella, provolone, parmigiano.
Quattro Stagioni Pizza$15.00
1/4 Portobello, 1/4 shrimp, 1/4 prosciutto, 1/4 artichoke, Sicilian olives, capers, roasted red pepper.
Shroom Pizza$12.00
Marinated Portobello mushroom, sun-dried tomato.
Tre Color Pizza$15.00
Basil pesto, red peppers, shrimp, pine nuts, fresh mozzarella.
Vegetariana Pizza$13.00
Basil pesto, red peppers, shrimp, pine nuts, fresh mozzarella.
Vito's Super Pizza$14.00
Italian sausage, pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, onion, tomato, mushroom, ham.
10" thick crust baked in olive oil, topped with our signature sauce, mozzarella, Parmigiana, and oregano. Please allow 45 minutes to bake.
IL Paesano Pizza$15.00
Prosciutto, portobello mushroom, ricotta cheese.
IL Vaccaro Pizza$15.00
Italian sausage, sautéed spinach, fresh ricotta cheese.
La Cinisara Pizza$15.00
Fontinella, eggplant, kalamata olives, mushroom.
Original Sicilian Pizza$12.00
Signature sauce, mozzarella, Parmigiana, and oregano.
Di Don Vito Pizza$13.00
Kalamata olives, anchovy, fresh mozzarella.
Di Palermo Pizza$14.00
Ricotta cheese, Sicilian green olives.
Charcuterie Board$14.00
3 oz. meat, 3 oz. cheese, variety of nuts, dried fruit, compote, olives.
Vito's Bean Dip$12.00
Seasonal white bean puree, fried garbanzo beans, roasted garlic feta, kalamata olives.
Whiskey Shrimp$16.00
Grilled shrimp, whiskey, garlic, horseradish, whole grain mustard, cream sauce, toast points.
Fritto Misto Di Mare$14.00
Fried shrimp, scallops, calamari, zucchini sticks, marinara, and garlic aioli.
Three homemade meatballs, marinara, mozzarella, fresh basil.
Signature deep fried saffron risotto balls, filled with meat, mozzarella, peas.
Tomato relish, garlic, basil, fresh crostini bread.
Eggplant Parmigiana$14.00
Fresh eggplant, bread crumbs, marinara, mozzarella, Parmesan, basil.
Frittura di Calamari$12.00
Fried calamari, homemade calabrese garlic aioli, marinara sauce.
Pepata Di Cozze$11.00
Mussels, red peppers, green peppers, onion, basil, garlic, white wine tomato broth.
Toasted Ravioli$10.00
St. Louis style meat ravioli, house marinara sauce.
Zuppa Del Giorno$5.00 +
Eggplant Parmigiana$14.00
Grilled and topped with marinara and basil.
Pepata di Cozze$11.00
Fresh mussels, red peppers, green peppers, onion, basil, garlic, white wine tomato broth.
Romaine Apple Wedge Salad$12.00
Diced apple, red onion, pork belly, walnuts, gorgonzola, creamy Italian.
Quinoa Butternut Salad$16.00
Roasted sweet potatoes, butternut squash, corn, kale, cranberries, almonds, quinoa, honey vinaigrette.
Antipasto Salad$6.00
Mixed greens, cherry tomato, onion, cucumber, kalamata olives, croutons, mozzarella, salami, house dressing.
Caesar Salad$6.00
Romaine, Parmesan, homemade croutons, Asiago Parmesan chip, caesar dressing.
Mediterranean Salad$12.00
Grilled asparagus, cucumber, cherry tomato, sweet pepper, red onion, garbanzo beans, artichokes, arugula, feta, lemon zest, balsamic vinaigrette.
Caprese Salad$13.00
Heirloom tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, basil infused olive oil, sweet balsamic glaze.
Fresh Berry Salad$12.00
Mixed greens, candied pecan, goat cheese, red onion, seasonal berries, mixed berry vinaigrette.
Steak Salad$18.00
Prime angus tenderloin medallion, mixed greens, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, almonds, red onion, dried cranberries, white balsamic vinaigrette, fried onion straws.
Antipasto Salad$6.00 +
Mixed greens, cherry tomato, onion, cucumber, kalamata olives, house dressing.
Caesar Salad$6.00 +
Romaine, Parmesan, caesar dressing.
Fresh Berry Salad$8.00 +
Spring mix, strawberries, oranges, gorgonzola, artichokes, pecans, berry vinaigrette.
Wild Mushroom Pappardelle$14.00
Shiitake, porcini, portabella, and crimini mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil sherry sauce.
Baked Lobster Mac 'n Cheese$25.00
Butternut cream, lobster meat, roasted butternut squash, fresh herbs, topped with breadcrumbs, bacon, and fontina.
Garden Risotto$16.00
Sun-dried tomato, pea risotto, grilled asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, and mushroom.
Fusilli Gamberetto$18.00
Shrimp, asparagus, garlic, parsley, crushed red pepper, olive oil white wine sauce.
Rigatoni Norma$18.00
Eggplant, onion, tomato, chili flake, mozzarella, oregano, ricotta salata, basil, house marinara.
Pappardelle Bolognese$19.00
Beef and vegetable ragu, shaved Parmesan, basil.
Pancetta, peas, porcini mushroom, crimini mushroom, white truffle oil cream sauce.
Layered with meat sauce, mozzarella, parmigiano, house marinara.
Linguine Tutto Mare$26.00
Clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp, scallops, tomato, crushed red pepper, garlic, white wine sauce.
Classic Meatball Spaghetti$16.00
Vito's signature meatballs, house marinara.
Penne Alla Vodka$17.00
Vodka cream tomato sauce, apple wood smoked bacon.
Balsamic glazed scallops, served with spinach risotto topped with fried leeks.
Grilled Ribeye$35.00
14 oz. ribeye topped with red wine herb butter served with fried sweet potato wedges, sautéed kale.
Braised Pork Rib Chop$25.00
Served with brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, and apple berry compote.
Roasted Airline Chicken$20.00
Served with wild mushroom risotto and grilled asparagus.
Veal Saltimbocca$22.00
Three 2 oz. cutlets, lightly breaded, flash seared, topped with prosciutto, fontina, fresh sage, butter, and white wine sauce, served with potatoes and vegetable.
Grigliata di Pesce$30.00
Salmon, calamari, scallops, breaded prawns, lemon olive sauce, served with lemon risotto and daily vegetable.
Medaglioni a la Bordelaise$32.00
Two 4 oz. beef tenderloin medallions, bordelaise sauce, served with potatoes and daily vegetable.
Salmone Scottato$25.00
Honey glazed salmon filet, served with brussel sprouts and quinoa.
Spiedini Di Pollo$22.00
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, pancetta, pine nuts, shallots, mozzarella, and mushrooms, served with saffron risotto and daily vegetable. St. Louis magazine award-winner.
Kid's Housemade Macaroni & Cheese$5.00
Kid's Hand Breaded Chicken Strips with French Fries$5.00
Kid's Spaghetti$5.00
Kid's Toasted Ravioli$5.00
Kid's Fettuccini Alfredo$5.00