Lost Pizza Co

144 Friendly And Fresh Dr, Flowood, MS 39232

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Lost Pizza Co a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

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Sauce & Cheese Pizza$4.99 +
All custom built pizzas come with our housemade sauce & house cheese blend your choice of lost pizza co. Housemade pizza sauce, alfredo, ranch or salsa base.
Hector’s Taco Pie$8.35 +
Seasoned ground beef, onions & cheddar with a salsa base, cooked & topped with fresh tomatoes & lettuce.
The Hot Chick Pizza$8.35 +
Housemade ranch base, grilled chicken breast, onions, buffalo wing sauce drizzle.
The Pitt Boss Pizza$9.35 +
Pulled pork, red onions, Cheddar & bacon with a BBQ sauce drizzle.
The Happy Hippie Pizza$8.35 +
Fresh baby spinach, fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts, green peppers, onions & black olives.
The Islander Pizza$8.35 +
Bacon, pineapple & roasted red peppers.
The Kujo Pizza$10.35 +
Bacon, hickory ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, onions, green peppers, black olives & mushrooms.
The Lucille Pizza$8.35 +
Grilled chicken, bacon, roasted garlic, fresh tomatoes with a ranch drizzle.
The Otis Pizza$10.35 +
The daddy of all meat lovers! Bacon, hickory ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, pork sausage, ground beef & grilled chicken breast.
The Popeye Pizza$8.35 +
Grilled chicken, spinach, onions with a garlic alfredo base.
Fatboy’s Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza$8.35 +
Seasoned ground beef, bacon, red onions, ketchup, mustard & cheddar, cooked & topped with lettuce, fresh tomatoes & pickles.
El Diablo Pizza$9.35 +
Grilled chicken, bacon, roasted red peppers, banana peppers & jalapen?os with a BBQ sauce drizzle.
Cheese Sticks$6.00
Topped with our house cheese and served with marinara on the side.
Mississippi Delta Hot Tamales$8.25
Served with crackers & hot sauce.
Garlic Bread Sticks$4.75
Served with marinara.
Garlic Bread Sticks with Cheese$5.75
Served with marinara.
Fried Ravioli$5.99
Stuffed with beef & cheese, served with marinara or garlic ranch.
Queso Dip$5.99
Served with tortilla chips.
Wings$7.99 +
Lost pizza co.'s award-winning wings in mild, hot, stupid hot, BBQ, sweet teriyaki, Jamaican jerk, golden honey BBQ, general tso's.
Boneless Wings$8.99 +
Wings sauces: mild, hot, stupid hot, BBQ, sweet teriyaki, Jamaican jerk, general tso’s or golden honey BBQ.
BBQ Nachos$9.99
Tortilla chips covered with pulled pork, cheese, BBQ sauce drizzle, jalapenos (on the side).
Aunt Vickie’s Spinach & Artichoke Dip$7.99
Made fresh daily, served with tortilla chips.
House Salad$3.50 +
Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, croutons & our house cheese.
Chef Salad$5.99 +
Ham, turkey, & pepperoni atop our house salad.
Caesar Salad$3.49 +
Romaine, parmesan & croutons, served with caesar dressing on the side.
Greek Salad$9.99
Lettuce, roasted tomato, grilled artichoke, red onion, olive salad, banana peppers, and goat cheese served with our house Italian dressing.
Lost Pizza Sub$8.99
Pepperoni, italian sausage, lost pizza sauce, and our house cheese (served with a cup of marinara).
Meemaw 2.0 Sandwich$8.99
Open faced sandwich with meatballs, house made marinara & provolone.
Holly Ridge Mafia Sandwich$8.99
Hickory ham, salami, pepperoni, herb mayo, olive salad, & provolone cheese.
Delta Melt Sandwich$8.99
Turkey, bacon, Cheddar, wine & cheese sauce.
Mr. G Sandwich$8.99
Hickory smoked ham, turkey breast, pepperoni, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, house dressing, olive salad (optional) & provolone.
Court Street Panini$8.99
Hickory ham, turkey breast, sauteed mushrooms, wine and cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, & swiss cheese.
Yardbird Sandwich$8.99
Sliced pieces of smoked chicken breast, herb mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, tomatoes & provolone.
Grilled Chicken Alfredo$11.99
Angel hair pasta served with our creamy alfredo sauce & grilled chicken.
Chicken Spaghetti$10.99
Angel hair pasta topped with chicken and queso then baked to perfection.
Spaghetti & Meatballs$10.99
With our housemade marinara over angel hair pasta.
Baked Cheese Spaghetti$10.99
Angel hair pasta, our housemade sauce & our house cheese blend, baked to perfection!
Kid's Mini Corn Dogs$5.25
Fun-sized, battered, mini corndogs.
Kid’s Chicken Alfredo$5.99
Chicken alfredo pasta, just the right size for kids.
Kid’s Pizza$5.99
One topping pizza.
Kid’s Spaghetti & Meatballs$5.99
Meatballs & our homemade sauce.
Boneless Wings$5.99
A kids sized portion of boneless wings, sauce optional.
Chocolate Cheesecake Dessert Pizza$6.99 +
Drizzled with chocolate & cheesecake icing.
Pineapple Express Dessert Pizza$6.99 +
Topped with pineapples & drizzled with cheesecake icing.
Strawberry Fields Dessert Pizza$7.25 +
Topped with strawberries & drizzled with cheesecake icing.
Cinnamon Sticks$4.99
Served with our sweet housemade dipping sauce.


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