Elizabeth Pizza

8460 NC-87, Reidsville, NC 27320

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Elizabeth Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

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Cheese Pizza$4.50 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
One Topping Pizza$5.00 +
Two Toppings Pizza$5.50 +
Three Toppings Pizza$6.00 +
Four Toppings Pizza$6.50 +
Specialty Pizza$7.00 +
Sicilian Thick Square Cheese Pizza$11.50
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Sicilian Thick Square Specialty Pizza$19.00
Cheese Pizza Slice$1.50
Baked cheese turnover filled with ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese & slices of ham. Served with a side of tomato sauce.
Calzone$7.85 +
A combination of italina meats & cheese wrapped in a pizza dough & then baked so the interior in piping hot. The dough bakes around the meat forming the bread to create what may consider the superlative submarine sandwich!
Pepperoni & Mozzarella Stromboli$7.85 +
Ham & Mozzarella Stromboli$7.85 +
Sausage & Mozzarella Stromboli$7.85 +
Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham & Mozzarella Stromboli$8.85 +
Vegetarian Mushrooms & Peppers Stromboli$8.85 +
Steak & Mozzarella Stromboli$9.95 +
Chicken & Mozzarella Stromboli$9.95 +
Mozzarella Sticks$4.99
Breaded and served with homemade marinara sauce.
Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers$4.99
Sliced jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese, freshly fried. Served with ranch dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Wings$4.99 +
Fresh Chicken coated in your choice of hot, BBQ or plain. Served with ranch dressing.
Chicken Tenders$5.50
Tossed in your choice of hot, mild, BBQ or plain. Served with ranch dressing.
Cheese Fries$3.99 +
Straight cut fries baked, topped with mozzarella cheese & served with ranch.
Fresh diced tomatoes, marinated in olive oil, garlic & oregano. Served on homemade bread with mozzarella cheese.
Buttered Mushrooms$4.99
Breaded and fried. Served with ranch.
Squid, lightly battered & deep fried. Servd with homemade marinara sauce.
French Fries$1.99
Onion Rings$2.99
Garlic Bread$1.99 +
Fresh homemade breadsticks with garlic & oregano. Served with tomato sauce.
Chips$3.50 +
Soup, Salad & Bread$6.99
Garden Salad$2.99
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions & mozzarella cheese.
Chef's Salad$6.50
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ham, black olives, and mozzarella cheese.
Grilled Chicken Salad$6.99
Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese.
Steak Salad$6.99
A healthier version of our steak & cheese sub. Grilled steak & mozzarella cheese. Served over a bed of lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Antipasto Salad$6.99
Salami, ham, turkey, cheese, giardiniera, pepperoni, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, oil & vinegar dressing.
Tuna Salad$6.10
Tuna, lettuce, tomatoes, onions & cheese.
Greek Salad$6.99
Lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, onions, olives.
Served with a traditional house salad & homemade breadsticks.
2 large shells stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese baked in our homemade marinara sauce.
Fresh layered pasta with seasoned ground beef, ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses.
Baked Ziti$8.45
Pasta mixed with blended sauce, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese & topped with melted mozzarella cheese.
Linguine with Clams$9.45
Fresh clams sauteed with cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil & parsley.
Linguine with Mussels$9.45
Fresh mussels sauteed with cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and parsley.
Spaghetti$8.45 +
Choose one of our faboulous homemade sauces. Served with your chocie of meat sauce, tomato sauce or meatballs.
Ravioli$8.45 +
Shells with seasoned ground beef & cheese. Topped with our juicy homemade meat sauce.
Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta$8.45
Freshly sliced eggplant breaded with egg & flour, lightly fries, topped with our homemade tomato sauce & mozzarelle cheese, baked & served on a bed of spaghetti.
Chicken Parmigiana Pasta$8.45
Breaded & fried chicken topped with homemade tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese. Served on a bed of spaghetti.
Chicken Alfredo Pasta$8.45
Grilled chicken breast covered with a creamy white sauce & parmesan cheese. Served on a bed of fettuccine.
Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Broccoli$9.45
Meat Tortellini$8.45
Tortellini stuffed with ground beef, topped with our homemade meat sauce.
Cheese Tortellini$8.45
Tortellini stuffed with blended cheeses. Topped with mozzarella chese & baked to perfection.
Rigatoni noodles topped with our homemade juicy meat sauce.
Gnocchi Bella Napoli$8.45
Classic Italian dish. Potato dumplings & meat sauce topped with melted cheeses.
Gnocchi with Pink Sauce$8.45
Potato dumplings & creamy pink sauce topped with melted cheeses.
Linguine al Pesto$8.45
Linguine topped with homemade pesto sauce, olive oil & parmesan cheese.
Spinach Ravioli$8.45
Shells stuffed with spinach & ricotta cheese. Topped with alfredo sauce.
Lobster Ravioli$8.45
Pasta filled with crab meat and topped with a pink cream sauce.
Chicken Filet Sandwich$5.25
Breaded & fried. Served with lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Grilled Chicken Filet Sandwich$5.25
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Angus Beef Burger$4.99
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Angus Beef Burger with Cheese$5.99
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Cheesesteak Sub$5.45
Cheesesteak Hoagie$5.85
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Cheesesteak Special Sub$6.05
Onions, green peppers & mushrooms.
Cheesesteak Super Sub$6.45
Lettuce, onions, mushrooms, green peppers & tomatoes.
Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie$5.85
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Chicken Cheesesteak Super Sub$6.45
Lettuce, onions, mushroosm, green peppers & tomatoes.
Pizza Steak Sub$5.65
Grilled steak, provolone cheese & pizza sauce.
Vegetarian Sub$5.65
Onions, green pepeprs, mushrooms, black olives, lettuce & tomatoes.
Roast Beef Sub$5.85
Lettuce, tomatoes & cheese.
Italian Sub$5.95
Ham, salami, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Pizza Sub$5.65
Mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce & peppers toasted on bread.
Salami & Cheese Sub$5.85
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Turkey & Cheese Sub$5.85
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Turkey, Ham & Cheese Sub$6.25
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Ham & Cheese Sub$5.85
Lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Country Sub$6.45
Ham, turkey, salami, pepperoni, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Tuna Salad Sub$5.85
Tuna, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes & onions.
Meatball Sub$5.85
Meatballs, marinara sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.
Chicken Parmigiana Sub$5.85
Breaded chicekln, marinara sauce, parmesan & mozzarella cheese.
Eggplant Parmigiana Sub$5.85
Eggplant, marinara sauce, parmesan & mozzarella cheese.
Cheesecake$3.50 +
Limoncello Mascarpone Cake$4.25
Drink$1.49 +