Down To Earth

312 Main St, Allenhurst, NJ 07711

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Down To Earth a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

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Classic Cheese Pizza$9.99
Tomato basil sauce topped with a combination of low-fat mozzarella and muenster cheese. Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Deluxe Vegetable Pizza$11.99
Tomato basil sauce, broccoli, onions, black iolives, mushrooms, peppers topped with low fat mozzarella cheese.
Za'atar Pizza$12.99
Mozzarella cheese topped with za'atar.
Wild Mushroom Pizza$10.99
A blend of fresh sauteed shitake, oyster, crimini and portobello mushrooms.
Pizza Alla Vodka Sauce$11.99
Our famous vodka tomato sauce now available on this delicious pizza.
Whole Wheat.
Classic Egg Omelet$8.95
Broccoli Omelet$10.95
Spinach & Feta Omelet$10.95
Chili Bean Cheese Omelet$10.95
Cheese Omelet$9.95
Pizza Omelet$9.95
This omelet is made with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese just like a pizza.
Very Veggie Omelet$10.95
A hearty omelet filed with peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, onions and black olives.
Spinach Omelet$9.95
Organic Edamame$8.00
Delicious organic soybeans lightly salted with a sea salt.
Wild Mushroom Flat Bread$12.00
A delicious sauteed wild mushrooms, mozzarella & feta cheese.
Hummus Plate$8.00
Ground chickpeas & sesame blended with fresh lemon & spices with a unique middle Eastern dip served with crispy pita chips.
Whole Guacamole$8.00
Refreshing and delicious, served with wholewheat crispy pita chips.
Fresh Mozzarella Caprese Tower$12.00
Sliced fresh mozzarella, towered with fresh tomatoes & drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette.
Toasted Italian bread served with diced plum tomato, roasted pepper & fresh mozzarella, topped up with balsamic vinaigrette.
Spinach Artichoke Dip$12.00
Served with toasted pita chips & melted mozzarella.
Mozzarella Sticks$10.00
Served with tomato basil dipping sauce.
Shishito Peppers$10.00
Sauteed with olive oil & a dash of sea salt.
Zucchini Sticks$8.00
Fresh zucchini lightly battered and served with our special dipping sauce.
Down to Earth Salad$13.50
Romaine hearts, shredded carrots, beets, daikon, baby sunflower sprouts.
Cranberry Waldorf Salad$13.95
Lettuce, cashew, walnuts, dried cranberries pears and apple. Pairs nicely with lemon poppy seed dressing.
Market Salad$13.50
Romaine hearts shredded carrots, peppers, red onions, chickpeas, kidney beans, avocado scallions olives.
Spring Mix Salad with Goat Cheese & Pecans$13.95
A blend of mescaline lettuce, goat cheese, honey glazed pecans parisian and grapes tomatoes dressed with honey mustard vinaigrette.
Salad Nicoise with Grilled Tuna Steak$17.95
Lettuce, tomatoes red onions Greek olives steamed seasoned potatoes green beans, hard boiled egg anchovies & capers, topped with a fresh choice of tuna steak (available grilled or Cajun).
Quinoa Veggie Salad with Zesty Vinaigrette$12.95
Organic quinoa with cucumber, olive oil & tomatoes then gentle tossed in our zesty vinaigrette.
California Salad$13.50
Romaine hearts, shredded carrots, tomato, cucumber avocado & sprouts.
Caesar Salad$12.00 +
Romaine hearts tossed with out delicious caesar dressing & fresh toasted croutons.
Greek Salad$13.50
Lettuce & feta cheese, red onions, peppers, Greek olives, cucumber, tomato, stuffed grapes & oregano.
Grilled Portobello Salad$13.00
Romaine hearts, fresh mushrooms red onions, roasted bell peppers, and fire grilled portobello mushrooms.
Kani Kama Salad$8.95
A delicious Japanese salad made with imitation crab, cucumbers, scallion, ma-sago mixed with spicy mayo dressing.
Organic Brown Rice$8.00
Roasted String Beans$8.00
Steamed Vegetables$8.00
Roasted Potatoes$8.00
Avocado Corn Salsa$8.00
Sauteed Broccoli$8.00
Tuna Salad Sandwiches$9.95
Low fat.
Fresh Mozzarella with Tomato & Basil Sandwiches$9.95
Blackened Tuna Sandwich$14.95
Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich$9.95
Avocado & Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich$9.95
Warm Grilled Portobello with Roasted Bell Peppers & Mozzarella Sandwich$10.95
Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna$12.95
The contrast in the crispy grains of rice and the soft rice inside make this dish so exciting. Topped with spicy tuna.
Explosion Roll$14.95
Fluke, spicy tuna, walnuts, avocado, lightly fried in a tempura and topped with spicy sauce, sweet sauce and crunch.
Guacamole Crispy Rice$12.95
Crispy rice topped with fresh guacamole.
Godzilla Roll$14.95
Spicy fried salmon, imitation crab, carrot, lightly fried in tempura and topped with sweet sauce.
Dynamite Roll$14.95
Smoked salmon, imitation crab, avocado & asparagus lightly fried in tempura.
Avocado Sushi Roll$5.95
Avocado Cucumber Sushi Roll$5.95
Avocado Lemon Sushi Roll$6.45
Salmon Tempura Sushi Roll$8.50
Tuna Tempura Sushi Roll$8.50
Spicy Yellow Tail Sushi Roll$7.95
Pacific Sushi Roll$7.95
Tuna, avocado, cucumber.
Tuna Katsu Sushi Roll$8.95
Tuna, imitation crab, crunch.
Sweet Potato Tempura Sushi Roll$4.95
California Sushi Roll$5.95
Salmon Teriyaki Sushi Roll$7.95
Cooked salmon with sweet sauce.
Tuna Teriyaki Sushi Roll$8.95
Cooked tuna with sweet sauce.
Alaskan Sushi Roll$6.95
Salmon, avocado, cucumber.
Magic Sushi Roll$8.95
Salmon, fluke, tuna, caviar & vegetables.
Cucumber Sushi Roll$3.95
Asparagus Sushi Roll$4.95
Avocado Cucumber Lemon Sushi Roll$6.45
Tuna Sushi Roll$7.95
Tuna Avocado Sushi Roll$8.95
Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll$6.95
Salmon Katsu Sushi Roll$8.95
Salmon, imitation crab, crunch.
Dragon Sushi Roll$10.95
Salmon, tuna, cucumber, topped with avocado.
Vegetable Sushi Roll$4.95
Salmon Sushi Roll$6.95
Salmon Skin Sushi Roll$6.95
Salmon skin and cucumber.
Yellow Tail Scallion Sushi Roll$8.95
Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll$6.50
Philadelphia Sushi Roll$7.95
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber.
Acapulco Sushi Roll$7.95
Spicy tuna, with crunch & jalapeno.
Down to Earth Vegan Roll$8.95
Cucumber, carrot, avocado, baby sunflower sprouts & daikon with brown rice.
Kiwango Roll$9.95
Kiwi, mango, avocado, wrapped in kiwi.
Spar Grass Roll$11.95
Cooked salmon, asparagus, cucumber and topped with mango.
Valentine Roll$14.95
Spicy tuna, crunch, cucumber, topped with tuna sashimi.
Sweetheart Roll$13.95
California roll topped with salmon.
Fantasy Roll$14.95
Spicy tuna, scallion, avocado, topped with seared tuna and tuna sashimi.
Poseidon's Roll$15.95
Tuna, salmon, yellow tail, caviar & avocado wrapped in cucumber & seaweed with sweet sauce.
Fancy Veggie Roll$8.95
Portobello mushroom, avocado, cucumber, crunch, wrapped in avocado.
Narudo Roll$11.95
Cooked salmon, Portobello mushroom, avocado, crunch, wrapped in cucumber and topped with sweet sauce.
Main Street Roll$12.95
Imitation crab and cucumber topped with avocado, sweet sauce and crunch inside and out.
Jersey Roll$14.95
Salmon, avocado, crunch topped with spicy tuna.
Volcano Roll$14.95
Flakes, salmon, avocado, topped with caviar.
Crazy Roll$14.95
Spicy salmon, cucumber, topped with spicy imitation crab.
Smoked Salmon$3.95
Penne Arrabbiata$17.95
Spicy plum tomatoes, fresh basil sauce.
Ravioli de Carcoffi$17.95
Stuffed artichoke tossed in a roasted garlic cream sauce with baby spinach.
Penne Puttanesca$17.95
Fillet de Pomodoro tomatoes, olives, capers, fresh basil, roasted garlic extra virgin olive oil.
Portobello Mushroom Ravioli$17.95
Sauteed with portobella & porcini mushrooms, butter, roasted garlic & a touch of cream tossed with parmigiano cheese.
Penne Fresca$17.95
Cherry tomatoes, yellow squash, green zucchini, olives, roasted garlic extra virgin olive oil.
Fettuccine Alfredo$17.95
Roasted garlic, cream, tossed with parmigiano cheese.
Ziti al Forno$17.95
Filleto de pomodoro topped off with fresh mozzarella and baked to perfection.
Penne Alla Vodka$17.95
Pomodoro sauce, roasted garlic, fresh basil, touch of cream.
Ginger Crusted Salmon$26.00
Pan seared with a ginger crust over sauteed spinach finished with citrus miso reduction.
Pan Seared St. Peters$26.00
A Mediterranean white fish over sauteed cherry tomatoes, artichoke hears, asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash & roasted garlic.
Blackened Salmon$26.00
Pan seared over sauteed spinach & herb roasted potato.
Sole Oreganata$28.00
Topped with oreganata crumbs over grilled summer vegetables, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon.
Fire Grilled Tuna$28.00
Our grilled romaine tossed with extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon topped with avocado mango salad.
Roasted Sea Bass$32.00
Caramelized center cut over porcini, portabella and shitake mushrooms with baby spinach, soy & fresh lemon.
Blackened Tuna$28.00
Pan seared over sauteed spinach & red bliss potato.
Pan Seared Branzino$30.00
Over sauteed cherry tomatoes, black olives, capers, roasted garlic, fresh basil and roasted potatoes.
Spaghetti Squash Medley$14.95
Baked spaghetti squash served with a colorful combo of vegetables & topped with feta cheese.
Veggie Burger Deluxe$11.95
Our famous home-made whole grain burger served on a whole wheat bun & your choice of brown rice & black beans, roasted potatoes, steamed vegetables or yukon gold potato fries.
Zucchini Pasta$14.95
Shredded zucchini with pesto, roasted grape tomatoes, Portobello mushrooms & crumbled parmesan.
Jumbo Baked Potato$9.95
Your choice of broccoli, spinach or mushrooms & topped with mozzarella cheese.
Soba Stir Fry$18.95
Organic noodle with fresh vegetables & a stir fry Japanese sauce.
Vegetable Stir Fry with Crisp Tempeh$16.95
Using a home-made stir fry sauce, this mouth-watering vegetable dish is served over organic brown rice (tofu may be substituted for tempeh).
Macro Bowl$17.95
Organic brown rice, black beans, tofu, steamed vegetables and a garnish of sea vegetables.
Fish 'N' Chips$16.95
Available with panko Japanese coating or butterbeer.
Fresh Brewed Coffee$2.50
Herbal Teas$2.50
Hot Cocoa$2.75
Caramel Coffee$3.25
Hazelnut Coffee$3.25
Vanilla Coffee$3.25
Espresso$2.50 +
Diet Coke$3.00
Pellegrino Natural Mineral Water$5.95
Spring Water$3.00
Chocolate Milk$2.75