Ott's Pizza

3112 Bridgeboro Rd, Delran, NJ 08075

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Ott's Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Ott's pizzas are made fresh daily with only the finest ingredients.
  • Pizza & Tomato Pie$8.99 +
  • Flat Bread Pizza$5.99
  • White Californian Pizza$10.99 +
    A delicate thin crust topped with grilled chicken artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella.
  • Breakfast Pie$10.99 +
    Pork roll, bacon, sausage, and eggs. Served on a thin crust with mozzarella and cheddar.
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza$10.99 +
    Grilled chicken tossed in hot sauce on a thin crust with mozzarella and topped with bleu cheese.
  • Western Pie$10.99 +
    Thin crust topped with Cajun BBQ chicken, sweet peppers, onions, mozzarella cheddar.
  • The Red New Yorker$10.99 +
    Olives, pepperoni, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and mozzarella.
Ott's pizzas are made fresh daily with only the finest ingredients.
  • Pizza Slice$1.99
No trans fat.
  • Mozzarella Sticks$6.99
  • Parmesan Shrimp & Crab Dip$8.99
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip$9.50
  • Buffalo Shrimp$7.99
  • Buffalo Wings$9.99
    Hot, medium, mild, honey, garlic, BBQ, general tso's.
  • Breaded Wing Dings$9.99
  • Cheese Fries$4.99
  • Cheddar Cheese Balls$6.99
  • Fried Mac & Cheese$6.99
  • Chicken Fingers$7.49
  • Popcorn Chicken$6.99
  • Tortilla Chips$6.99
    With guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.
  • Fried Mushrooms$6.99
    With guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.
  • Potato Skins$7.49
    With guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.
  • Broccoli & Cheese Bites$6.99
  • 12 U-Peel Shrimp$13.99
  • French Fries$4.49 +
  • Kielbasa$7.49
  • Shrimp Poppers$7.99
  • Curly Fries$4.49
  • Boneless Wings$9.99
  • Sweet Potato Fries$4.49
  • Old Bay Fries$5.99
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings$6.99
  • Cheesesteak Sliders$7.99
  • Chicken Parmesan Appetizer$8.99
  • Nachos$7.99
  • Quesadillas$5.99
  • Jalapeno Chili Poppers with Cream Cheese$6.99
  • Clams$9.99
  • Mussels$10.99
    Red or white.
  • Soup$3.49
  • Garden Salad$6.99
  • Side Caesar Salad$4.49
  • Italian Chef Salad$8.99
  • Chili$4.99
  • Side Garden Salad$4.49
  • Chef Salad$8.99
  • Caesar Salad$7.99
  • Steak Caesar Salad$9.99
    Filet tips and sautéed onions over a Caesar salad with croutons. Served with a side of caesar dressing.
  • Grilled Tuna & Spinach Salad$9.99
    Grilled tuna steak over a spinach salad with egg, bacon, cherry tomatoes, and croutons. Served with a side of balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Teriyaki Chicken Salad$9.99
    Grilled chicken teriyaki breast over a garden salad with mandarin oranges, crispy egg noodles, and crushed pecans. Served with a side of Asian ginger dressing.
  • Greek Salad$9.99
    Greek grilled chicken over Greek salad with feta cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes, pepperoncini peppers, and croutons. Served with a side of feta vinaigrette.
  • Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.99
    Breaded buffalo chicken strips over a garden salad with cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and croutons. Served with a side of bleu cheese.
  • Pizza Turnovers$8.99
  • Stromboli$9.99
    Build your own (any 3 ingredients).
  • Calzone$8.99
    Mozzarella, ricotta, side of sauce.
  • Panzarotti$6.25
    The original fried cheese- filled crescents.
  • Tortilla Chips$6.99
    With guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.
  • Grilled Chicken Fajitas & Basil Rice$9.99
  • Grilled Chicken Fajita Wrap$9.99
  • Nachos$7.99
    Loaded with lettuce, tomatoes, and jalapenos.
  • Beef Taco$9.99
  • Chicken Taco$9.99
  • Quesadillas$5.99
Includes chips and pickle.
  • Cheese Hoagie$6.99
  • Italian Hoagie$8.49
  • Turkey & Cheese Hoagie$8.49
  • Tuna Hoagie$8.49
  • Liverwurst Sandwich$5.99
  • Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad Sandwich$8.49
  • Regular Hoagie$8.49
  • Ham & Cheese Hoagie$8.49
  • Turkey Club Sandwich$8.49
  • Roast Beef Hoagie$8.49
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich$8.49
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich$8.49
Includes chips and pickle.
  • Hamburger$7.99
    Certified Angus beef.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger$8.99
  • Steak Sandwich$8.49
  • Cheesesteak Sandwich$8.99
  • Pizza Burger$9.99
  • Steak Hoagie$8.49
  • Cheesesteak Hoagie$8.99
  • Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich$8.99
  • Hot Roast Pork Sandwich$8.49
  • Open Face Hot Roast Beef Sandwich$8.49
  • Meatball Sandwich$7.49
  • Mesquite Ribeye Sandwich$10.99
    With sautéed onions.
  • Pork Roll$5.99
  • Flounder Sandwich$8.49
  • Chicken Filet Sandwich$8.49
  • Veal Parmesan Sandwich$8.99
  • Tuna Melt Sandwich$8.49
  • Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich$5.99
Includes curly fries.
  • Tuna Hoagie Wrap$9.99
  • Italian Hoagie Wrap$9.99
  • Shrimp Caesar Wrap$9.99
  • Soft Shell Tacos$9.99
    Beef or chicken.
  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap$9.99
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap$9.99
  • Grilled Chicken Fajita Wrap$9.99
  • Veal Parmesan Platter$9.99
  • Chicken Parmesan Platter$9.99
  • Side of Spaghetti$3.99
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs$8.99
  • Spaghetti & Clams$11.99
French fries, baked potato or salad.
  • Fried Scallop Platter$10.99
  • Grilled Tuna Platter$14.99
  • Crab Cake Platter$14.99
  • Apricot Glazed Salmon Platter$13.99
  • Flounder Platter$9.99
  • Fish & Chips Platter$11.99
  • Fried Shrimp Platter$12.99
French fries, baked potato or salad.
  • Honey Dipped Fried Chicken & Fries Platter$9.99
  • Open Face Hot Roast Pork Platter$10.99
  • Delmonico Steak Platter$10.99
  • NY Strip Steak Platter$19.99
  • Baby Back Ribs Platter$10.99 +
  • Grilled Chicken Fajitas & Basil Rice Platter$9.99
  • Open Face Hot Roast Beef Platters$10.99
  • Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops Platter$11.99
  • Filet Mignon Platter$19.99
  • Kid's Peanut Butter & Jelly$2.99
  • Kid's Spaghetti & Meatballs$5.99
  • Kid's Chicken Fingers & Fries$8.99
  • Apple Flavored Crumb Cake Sundae$4.99
  • Chocolate Chip Brownie Sundae$4.99


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