Trovato's Due

4 Barbara Ln, Oakland, NJ 07436

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Trovato's Due a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Traditional Pizza$10.99
Italian plum tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.
Cheese Steak Pizza$13.99
With caramelized onions on white pie.
Roasted Cauliflower & Fresh Mozzarella Pizza$13.99
On white pie.
Margherita Pizza$13.99
With roasted tomatoes fresh basil on traditional pie.
Broccoli Rabe & Hot Italian Sausage Pizza$13.99
On white pie.
Long Hot Peppers & Sausage Pizza$13.99
On traditional pie.
Arugula & Prosciutto Pizza$13.99
On traditional pie.
Extreme Mushroom Pizza$13.99
On white pie.
Old School Eggplant Pizza$13.99
With ricotta on traditional pie.
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana Pizza$13.99
On traditional pie.
Italian Meatball & Ricotta Pizza$13.99
On traditional pie.
Baby Octopus Fra Diavolo$9.99
Baby Octopus Salad$9.99
Sicilian Antipasto$8.99
Fried Zucchini$7.99
Roasted Chicken Wings$8.99
Buffalo Wings$9.99
Sicilian Meatballs with Ricotta$6.99
Fried Hot Peppers & Potatoes$7.99
Shrimp Beeps$9.99
Escarole Sicilian$8.99
Stuffed Mushrooms$7.99
Sliced Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella$7.99
Broccoli Rabe$7.99
Caesar Salad$5.99 +
Garden Salad$4.99 +
Arugula Salad$5.99 +
Cranberry, Walnut, Gorgonzola Salad$5.99 +
Small plates.
Grilled Hot Sausage Broccoli Rabe$7.99
Stuffed Artichokes$7.99
Grilled Imported Long Stem Artichokes$6.99
Sauteed Escarole & Bean$6.99
Zucchini Carpaccio$5.99
Smoked Mozzarella Crostini$6.99
Baked Eggplant$5.99
Spiedini Alla Romana$5.99
Gnocchi Pesto$6.99
Baked Gnocchi$6.99
Due's Special Crab Cakes$7.99
Imported Baby Octopus Arrabbiata$7.99
Escargot, Butter Garlic Sauce$6.99
Escargot, Fra Diavolo$6.99
Calamari Marinara$6.99
Calamari Fra Diavolo$6.99
Scungilli Beeps$7.99
Shrimp Arrabbiata$7.99
Shrimp Oreganata$7.99
Pasta e Fagioli$5.99
Black Ink Linguini with Shrimp Beeps$8.99
Grilled Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto$6.99
Cutlet Chicken Sandwich$7.99
With fresh mozzarella and sauce.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$7.99
With fresh mozzarella and sauce.
Italian Meatball Sandwich$7.99
With fresh mozzarella and sauce.
Grilled Sausage, Broccoli Rabe & Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich$8.99
Shrimp with Fresh Mozzarella & Sauce Sandwich$8.99
Italian Tuna Sandwich$8.99
With arugula, fresh tomato, red onions, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon.
Old School Eggplant Sandwich$7.99
With fresh mozzarella and sauce.
Cheese Steak Sandwich$7.99
With caramelized onions.
Imported meats and cheeses.
Prosciutto di Parma$5.99
Geno Salami$4.99
Imported Sopressata$4.99
Fresh Mozzarella$4.99
Auricchio Provolone$4.99
Parmigiano Reggiano$5.99
Fresh Smoked Mozzarella$4.99
Italian Mixed Olives$4.99
All meat entrees are served with salad or pasta.
Veal Rossini$20.99
Veal Piccata$20.99
Veal Saltimbocca$20.99
Veal Marsala$20.99
Veal Luciano$25.99
Veal Sorrentino$20.99
Veal Francese$20.99
Veal Parmigiana$20.99
Veal & Shrimp Francese$25.99
Chicken Arrabiata$17.99
Chicken Rossini$18.99
Chicken Caprese$18.99
Chicken Francese$17.99
Chicken Campagnola$18.99
Chicken Marsala$17.99
Chicken Parmigiana$17.99
Chicken Abruzzese$17.99
Eggplant Parmigiana$17.99
Eggplant Rollatini$18.99
Filet of Salmon Oreganata$28.99
Filet of Salmon Grilled Pesto$29.99
Shrimp Francese$24.99
Shrimp Scampi Over Linguine$24.99
New York Fried Shrimp$24.99
Calamari Marinara$21.99
Calamari Fra Diavolo$21.99
Marechiare de Pesce Over Linguine$28.99
Family style serves three to four.
Penne Vodka$13.99 +
Penne Broccoli$13.99 +
Baked Penne$13.99 +
Linguine Marinara$13.99 +
Baked Lasagna$13.99 +
Cheese Ravioli$13.99 +
Rigatoni Pesto$14.99 +
Linguine Alfredo$14.99 +
Linguine Puttanesca$14.99 +
Linguine, Broccoli Rabe & Grilled Italian Sausage$15.99 +
Linguini in Garlic & Olive Oil$13.99 +
Mussels Marinara Over Linguine$14.99 +
Mussels Fra Diavolo Over Linguine$14.99 +
Shrimp Beeps Over Linguine$15.99 +
Linguine with Red Clam Sauce$15.99 +
Linguine with White Clam Sauce$15.99 +
Calamari Marinara Over Linguine$15.99 +
Calamari Fra Diavolo Over Linguine$15.99 +
Shrimp Over Linguine$15.99 +
Chicken Over Linguine$14.99 +
Old School Eggplant Over Linguine$14.99 +
Chicken on the Bone$14.99 +
Veal Scallopini$15.99 +
Kid's Cheese Ravioli$8.99
Kid's Chicken Fingers$7.99
Kid's Mozzarella Sticks$7.99
Kid's French Fries$4.99
Kid's Linguine$8.99
Kid's Penne$8.99
Italian Plum Tomatoes Pizza Lunch$9.99
Fresh Mozzarella Pizza Lunch$9.99
Cranberry, Gorgonzola & Walnut with Grilled Chicken Salad Lunch$9.99
Chicken Caesar Salad Lunch$9.99
Arugula Salad with Grilled Chicken Salad Lunch$9.99
Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken Salad Lunch$9.99
Pasta Fagioli Soup Lunch$5.99
White or red.
Tortellini en Brodo Soup Lunch$5.99
White or red.
Stracciatella Soup Lunch$5.99
Spinach, egg, and ditalini.
Fresh Mozzarella with Prosciutto Sandwich Lunch$9.99
Grilled Chicken with Arugula Lunch$9.99
Italian Tuna with Arugula Sandwich Lunch$9.99
Chicken Sandwich Lunch$8.99
Meatball Parmigiana Sandwich Lunch$8.99
Cheesesteak with Caramelized Onions Sandwich Lunch$8.99
Pasta with Vodka Sauce Lunch$8.99
Pasta with Alfredo Lunch$8.99
Pasta with Marinara Lunch$8.99
Pasta with Bolognese Lunch$8.99
Chicken Parmigiana Lunch$9.99
Chicken Francese Lunch$9.99
Chicken Marsala Lunch$9.99
Chicken Primavera Lunch$9.99
Veal Parmigiana Lunch$11.99
Veal Francese Lunch$11.99
Veal Marsala Lunch$11.99
Veal Primavera Lunch$11.99
Shrimp Scampi Fra Diabolo Lunch$11.99
Shrimp Scampi Marinara Lunch$11.99
Shrimp Scampi Beeps Lunch$11.99
Shrimp Scampi Francese Lunch$11.99
Shrimp Scampi Parmigiana Lunch$11.99