Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza

1260 West Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226

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  • Tomato Pie $6.30 +
    Finely chopped Sardinia imported tomatoes, finished with grated parmesan, basil & imported extra virgin olive oil.
  • Pizza Sardini $6.30 +
    Our white pizza, covered with Sardinia imported tomatoes & fresh basil.
  • Margherita $6.30 +
    Our fresh dough brushed entirely with olive oil & garlic, dusted with salt, pepper, granulated garlic & romano cheese, covered with filetto tomato marinated in olive oil, chopped garlic & fresh basil. Lightly covered with mozzarella, provolone & romano cheeses.
  • Four Cheese & Sweet Onion $6.30 +
    Mozzarella, provolone, cheddar & romano cheese combined w/ sweet onions over our fresco tomato base - a cheese & onion lover’s dream.
  • Fresh Tomato & Gorgonzola $6.45 +
    Our traditional white pizza topped with fresh plum tomato slices, gorgonzola cheese & fresh basil.
  • Piccini Special $6.45 +
    Fresh spinach & fresco tomatoes with mozzarella & provolone cheese baked in a white garlic sauce, topped with grated romano.
  • Pesto $6.95 +
    Fresh basic pesto sauce covered with mozzarella & provolone cheeses. Topped with creamy ricotta & roasted red peppers.
  • Tomato Mushroom Fresco $6.95 +
    Fresh plum tomato slices, sliced mushrooms, sauteed onions, provolone & mozzarella cheese with ricotta florets resting in our special tomato sauce.
  • Asparagus Tips Alfredo $6.95 +
    Alfredo sauce, asparagus tips, mozzarella & provolone cheeses.
  • Philly Cheesesteak $6.95 +
    A familiar combination with chopped steak, fried onions & cheddar cheese - atop our traditional pie.
  • Spinach Ricotta Dolce $6.95 +
    Sauteed spinach on a creme fraiche base, provolone & mozzarella cheeses, ricotta florets with julienne yellow peppers.
  • Buffalo Chicken $6.95 +
    Roasted boneless chicken breast, diced & marinated in our homemade spicy buffalo sauce. Covered with mozzarella cheese & topped with crisp iceberg lettuce & blue cheese dressing.
  • Margherita Italiano $6.95 +
    Our Margherita pie topped with fresh sauteed broccoli rabe & Italian sausage.
  • Clams Casino $6.95 +
    Our garlic & herb sauce topped with whole baby clams, diced tri-colored peppers, diced red & green onions. Topped with mozzarella, provolone cheeses & crumbled bacon. Served with a squeeze of fresh lemon.
  • Chicken Fajita $6.95 +
    Boneless breast of chicken, tomato salsa, tri-colored bell peppers, green onions & black olives topped with Colby jack cheddar cheeses. Served w/salsa verde & sour cream. Jalapenos peppers on request.
  • Pomadoro Romano $6.95 +
    Sliced plum tomatoes on a tomato base with caramelized sweet onions & prosciutto, mozzarella, provolone & romano.
  • Goat Cheese $6.95 +
    Mild goat cheese, fresh tomatoes, red, green & yellow peppers, red onion and bacon on a creme fraiche base.
  • Barbecued Chicken $6.95 +
    Barbecued breast of chicken, slices of red onion, smoked gouda cheese & mozzarella, topped with cilantro.
  • Sweet Chicken Pie $6.95 +
    Oven roasted chicken atop a mascarpone cheese spread, covered lightly w/mozzarella, provolone & smoked gouda cheeses finished with caramelized onions & ricotta cheese.
  • Roasted Tomato & Mascarpone $6.95 +
    Oven roasted plum tomatoes atop sweet mascarpone, mozzarella & provolone. Topped with fresh basil & finished with balsamic glaze.
  • Broccoli Rabe & Gorganzola $6.95 +
    Our traditional white pizza topped with sauteed broccoli rabe & tangy gorganzola cheese.
  • Greek Style Pizza $6.95 +
    Fresh spinach, sauteed onions & chopped tomato on a white garlic sauce base. Lightly covered with mozzarella cheese - topped with feta cheese, sliced black olives, crushed calamata olives, oregano & dill.
  • Venetian $6.95 +
    Our fresh dough brushed with extra virgin olive oil, covered with mozzarella, provolone, and feta cheeses. Topped with artichokes, roasted red peppers, and fresh basil.
  • Mexican Pie $6.95 +
    Tomato salsa, refried beans, diced tri-colored peppers & red onion topped with Colby jack cheddar cheese & fresh cilantro. Served with salsa verde & sour cream. Jalapenos on request.
  • Primavera $6.95 +
    Plum tomatoes, broccoli florets, yellow peppers, sliced mushrooms, red onion, baby zucchini, green pepper, calamata olives on a creme frache base with mozzarella & provolone cheeses.
  • Taco Pizza $6.95 +
    Taco seasoned extra lean ground beef, spicy taco sauce, Colby jack cheddar cheese & fresh cilantro. Served with lettuce, tomato, sour cream & salsa verde. Jalapenos on request.
  • Four Mushrooms Pizza $6.95 +
    Sauteed portobello, shitake, oyster & table mushrooms piled on a roasted red pepper pesto base with mozzarella, provolone & romano cheeses.
  • Hawaiian Pizza $6.95 +
    Fresh pineapple & Virginia baked ham, on a light cream cheese base. Covered with smoked gouda & mozzarella cheese. Topped with flaked coconut, green onions & chives decorated with maraschino cherries.
  • Potato Skin Pie $6.95 +
    Colby jack cheese, sliced idaho potato on a sour cream base, topped with bacon & scallions. Served with a side of sour cream.
  • Roasted Veggie Pie $6.95 +
    A medley of fresh garden vegetable oven roasted, tossed in olive oil, garlic, and balsamic vinegar. Piled on our roasted red pepper pesto. Covered lightly with mozzarella and provolone cheese.
  • Sharp Provolone & Broccoli Rabe $6.95 +
    Roasted garlic base, covered with broccoli rabe and roasted red peppers, topped with aged sharp provolone.
  • Fresh Mozzarella Margherita $6.95 +
    Filetto tomato marinated in olive oil, chopped garlic, and fresh basil. Covered with fresh buffalo mozzarella. Topped with more fresh basil.
  • Margherita Giordano $6.95 +
    Our Margherita pie topped with fresh spinach, artichokes, zucchini, and red onion.
  • California Chicken $6.95 +
    Fresh roasted boneless breast of chicken, artichokes, sundried tomatoes & roasted red peppers on top of our own homemade red pepper pesto. Lightly covered with fresh mozzarella cheese.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger $6.95 +
    A classic! Ketchup and mustard base, topped with Colby jack cheese, ground beef & bacon, garnished with pickle chips.
  • Old Bay Crab $8.95 +
    Our fresh dough brushed entirely with olive oil & garlic, generously dusted with old bay spice, covered lightly with mozzarella & provolone cheese then covered with 100% lump crabmeat.
  • Crab Pomodora $8.95 +
    Our fresh dough, lightly covered with our homemade red sauce, filetto tomato, and fresh basil. Lightly covered with mozzarella and romano cheese & topped with 100% lump crabmeat.
  • Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Margherita $8.95 +
    Our Margherita pie topped with 100% lump crabmeat.
  • Crab Portofino $8.95 +
    Our fresh dough brushed lightly with olive oil & garlic, covered lightly with mozzarella and provolone cheeses, topped with diced tri-color bell peppers, red onion, artichokes & 100% lump crabmeat.
  • Traditional Cheese Pizza $4.95 +
    Mozzarella, provolone, fresco tomato sauce
  • Traditional White Pizza $4.95 +
    Mozzarella, provolone, garlic & herbs.
  • Bread Sticks $4.95
    Freshly baked with herbs & spices, lightly covered with mozzarella cheese. Served with fresh marinara.
  • Chicken Tenders $7.95
    Fresh chicken tenderloins, dredged in our own flour coating & fried golden brown. Tossed with our own bbq sauce or buffalo style.
  • Garlic Bread $2.25 +
  • French Fries $2.95
  • Seasoned Curly Fries $3.50
  • Old Bay Fries $4.50
  • Garden Salad $2.50 +
    Fresh iceberg & romaine lettuce, cucumbers, red onion, carrots, celery, green peppers, tomato, red cabbage, your choice of dressing.
  • Caesar Salad $2.50 +
    Romaine lettuce served with our freshly made caesar dressing topped with croutons & parmesan cheese. Anchovies upon request.
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $7.75 +
    Grilled fresh chicken tenderloins marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar & spices atop our caesar salad.
  • Fresh Mozzarella Salad $6.50 +
    Chopped romaine lettuce, thinly sliced fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts & calamata olives. Served with our own sweet chianti vinaigrette dressing.
  • Antipasto $10.95
    Cubes of genoa salami, provolone & pepperoni mixed with a potpourri of vegetables, including roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, calamata olives, Spanish olives, onions, & pepperoncinni - over fresh romaine lettuce topped with tuna & anchovies. Served with Italian dressing.
May not be available during extremely busy times.
  • Spinach Calzones $8.95
    Fresh spinach, black olive slices, mozzarella, provolone cheeses, roasted red peppers.
  • Sausage Calzones $8.95
    Roasted sweet sausage, mozzarella, provolone cheeses, onions, green peppers.
  • Italian Calzone $8.95
    A variety of Italian meats - sausage, pepperoni, genoa salami, capicola ham with mozzarella, provolone, onions & peppers.
  • Vegetable Calzone $8.95
    Plum tomatoes, broccoli florets, mushrooms, green pepper, red onions, olives, baby zucchini, provolone & mozzarella cheeses.
  • Ham & Cheese Calzone $8.95
    Virginia baked ham with mozzarella & provolone cheeses.
  • Cheese Calzone $8.95
    Mozzarella, provolone, ricotta & romano cheeses.
  • Steak Calzone $8.95
    Chopped steak, onion, bell peppers, mozzarella & provolone cheese.
Lunchtime only - served at 11:30 am - 3:30 pm.
  • Grilled Chicken $7.95
    Romaine, tomato, and mayonnaise.
  • Pesto Chicken $7.95
    Pesto mayonnaise, roasted red peppers.
  • Blackened Chicken $7.95
    Cajun spices, romaine, tomato, side of blue cheese dressing.
  • Grilled Caesar Chicken $7.95
    Fresh romaine, caesar dressing shredded parmesan cheese.
  • Grinder Italiano $7.95
    Sliced genoa salami & proscuitto, grilled with roasted red peppers, melted provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato & onions on ciabatta roll.
Our own specialty sandwich combinations served on an italian style roll.
  • Sauteed Veggie Sandwich $6.95
    Oven roasted eggplant, fresh spinach, mushrooms, green pepper, marinated red pepper, sweet onion sauteed in virgin olive oil, garlic & balsamic vinegar.
  • Sauteed Chicken & Spinach Sandwich $7.95
    Fresh spinach & chicken pan sauteed & covered in our own warm balsamic honey mustard dressing topped with sliced red
  • Sweet Sausage Sandwich $6.95
    Mild sausage grilled with sweet onions & green bell peppers.
Lunchtime only - served 11:30 am - 3:30 pm.
  • Proscuitto & Fresh Mozzarella $8.95
    Thinly sliced prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers & fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic glaze.
  • Grilled Chicken with Sharp Provolone $8.95
    Grilled chicken breast, topped with broccoli rabe, sharp provolone & red peppers. Drizzled with balsamic glaze.
  • Chicken Cutlet $8.95
    Aged provolone, roasted red peppers, pesto, marinara sauce.
  • Steak with Gorgonzola $8.95
    Grilled chopped steak, caramelized onions, fried mushrooms & gorgonzola cheese.
Hoagies topped with lettuce, tomato & onion
  • Ham & Cheese Hoagie $7.25
  • Traditional Italian Hoagie $7.25
  • Tuna Hoagie $7.00
Our chef finishes all pasta dishes with a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese. May be omitted upon request. No other substitutions, please. Your choice of Caesar or garden salad with any dinner entree
  • Pasta Garlic & Oil $10.95
    A generous serving of fresh minced garlic sauteed in virgin olive oil & tossed with fresh spaghettini.
  • Pasta Pomodora $10.95
    Fresh Roma tomatoes marinated in light virgin olive oil, fresh basil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Sauteed in a light wine sauce. Tossed with spaghettini pasta.
  • Spaghetti with Meatballs $11.95
    Featuring Piccini's homemade traditional sauce, & meatballs made fresh with 100% sirloin ground beef.
  • Spaghetti with Sausage $11.95
    Featuring Piccini's homemade traditional sauce, & meatballs made fresh with 100% sirloin ground beef.
  • Sweet Corn Pasta $12.95
    A puree of whole kernel sweet yellow corn, touch of organic honey, tossed with green onions and penne. Finished with basil and parmesan.
  • Ceci Bean Chick Pea Pasta $13.95
    A puree of chickpeas, sweet white onion & Italian long hot peppers. Tossed with organic kale, parmesan cheese & brown rice casarecce.
  • Fresh Spinach & Pasta $11.95
    Fresh leaf spinach sauteed in a virgin olive oil & garlic sauce, tossed with angel hair pasta.
  • Cheese Ravioli with Meatballs $12.95
    Served with our homemade sauce.
  • Cheese Ravioli with Sausage $14.95
    Served with our homemade sauce.
  • Eggplant Parm $13.95
    Fresh eggplant thinly sliced & lightly coated with seasoned bread crumbs, covered in marinara & mozzarella cheese & oven baked. Served with side of pasta.
  • Escarole & White Bean Pasta $13.95
    Fresh escarole leaf sauteed with cannellini beans in virgin olive oil & roasted garlic herb broth. Tossed with angel hair pasta.
  • Spicy Eggplant $14.95
    Cubed eggplant, white onions, Sardinia fresh packed tomatoes, accented with crushed red pepper, sauteed with sherry wine & fresh basil. Tossed with brown rice casarecce & parmesan cheese.
  • Sardinia Tomato Aurora $14.95
    Imported fresh packed Sardinia plum tomatoes, touch of cream, fresh basil, tossed with penne, topped with ricotta cheese.
  • Spinach & Cheese Manicotti $14.95
    Manicotti filled with ricotta cheese & spinach covered with our own marinara topped with mozzarella and baked to perfection.
  • Pasta Primavera $14.95
    Plum tomato, zucchini, broccoli, red, yellow & green peppers, black olives, scallions & red onions. Tossed with penne pasta in a light wine & garlic sauce or light wine marinara sauce.
  • Broccoli Rabe Saute $15.95
    Fresh broccoli rabe pan flashed & sauteed in a virgin olive oil & roasted garlic herbed broth. Tossed w/ penne pasta & fresh pecorino romano.
  • Fresh Baked Lasagna $16.95
    Our own recipe with layers of five cheeses, homemade sauce, ground beef & sausage & thin imported pasta. Baked to perfection.
  • Sausage Diavolo $16.95
    Sweet Italian sausage pan seared & sauteed with tri-colored bell peppers, red onions & Roma tomatoes in spicy roasted garlic wine sauce.
  • Pasta Melanzane $16.95
    Fresh eggplant cubes sauteed with red onions, roasted garlic and Roma tomatoes in a light creamy rose sauce. Tossed w/penne pasta.
  • Shrimp Pomodore E Zucca $17.95
    Zucchini, carrots & butternut squash noodles sauteed with gulf shrimp & pepperoncini in a light tomato paste broth.
  • Sausage & Broccoli Rabe with White Beans $17.95
    Sweet Italian sausage pan seared with fresh broccoli rabe and cannellini beans. Sauteed w/ roasted garlic & Roma tomatoes in a Chablis wine sauce. Tossed w/penne pasta.
  • Veggie Noodles with Scallops & Pineapple $18.95
    Our fresh cut blend of squash, carrots & zucchini, sauteed with scallops, pineapple & bacon in a light cilantro broth.
  • Tortellini Al Pesto $19.95
    Homemade cheese tortellini sauteed in a creamy pesto wine sauce with Roma tomatoes, roasted peppers, and sundried tomatoes.
  • Tortellini Carbonara $19.95
    Homemade cheese tortellini sauteed with bacon, prosciutto & cappicola tossed in our own creamy alfredo sauce garnished w/ sweet peas.
  • Spaghetti with Baby Clams $12.95
    Prepared fresh in our own light wine & garlic sauce.
  • Spaghetti with 12 Fresh Little Necks $17.95
    Prepared fresh in our own light wine & garlic sauce.
  • Fresh Mussels $15.95
    Your choice of Fra Diavolo, marinara or white sauce. Served over pasta.
  • Mussels Gorgonzola $19.95
    Fresh mussels sauteed with roasted garlic, onion, bacon & tomatoes, finished with white wine & gorgonzola cheese.
  • Fresh Scallops $21.95
    Your choice of Pomodora or scampi. Served over spaghettini pasta.
  • Fresh Jumbo Gulf Shrimp $21.95
    Choice of Pomodora, scampi or Fra Diavolo. Served over spaghetttini pasta.
  • Jump Lump Crabmeat Saute $22.95
    In our own Marinara, White or Pomodora Sauce. Served over spaghettini pasta.
  • Scallops DiMare $23.95
    Fresh sea scallops pan seared & sauteed w/ bacon, prosciutto, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes & roasted red peppers in a sherry cream reduction. Tossed w/fresh cherry tomatoes & served on a bed of angel hair pasta.
  • Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Romano $24.95
    Jumbo lump crabmeat sauteed with sweet onions, sundried tomatoes, fire roasted red peppers and Roma tomatoes in a spicy roasted garlic sherry wine sauce. Served of spaghettini pasta.
  • Seafood Pesto $24.95
    Jumbo gulf shrimp, fresh sea scallops & little neck clams sauteed with roasted red peppers in our light pesto broth. Served over spaghettini pasta.
  • Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Ravioli $24.95
    Handmade crab ravioli sauteed in roast garlic, tomato and basil cream reduction. Topped w/ jumbo lump crabmeat.
  • Seafood Cioppino $27.95
    Fisherman's stew fresh mussels, clams, scallops, jumbo gulf shrimp & jumbo lump crabmeat steamed & sauteed in a choice of white wine sauce or marinara wine sauce. Served over a bed of spaghettini.
  • Seafood Alfredo $27.95
    An abundance of fresh clams, scallops, jumbo gulf shrimp and jumbo lump crabmeat sauteed in a light chablis-alfredo cream sauce with sweet onions and scallions. Tossed with spaghettini.
  • Chicken Parmesan $15.95
    Fresh breast of chicken thinly sliced and lightly coated with seasoned bread crumbs. Covered with our homemade sauce & mozzarella cheese and oven baked. Served with a side of pasta.
  • Chicken Florentine $15.95
    Boneless breast of chicken egg battered & sauteed in a fresh lemon chablis wine sauce. Served over a bed of sauteed fresh spinach.
  • Chicken Paisano $16.95
    Boneless chicken breast pan seared and sauteed with sweet Italian sausage, fresh broccoli rabe in a roasted garlic Roma tomato wine sauce. Topped with aged sharp provolone cheese.
  • Chicken & Mushroom Sautee $16.95
    Boneless breast of chicken egg battered and sauteed with fresh mushrooms & sweet onions in a sherry herb cream sauce.
  • Tuscan Chicken $16.95
    Boneless breast of chicken pan seared & sauteed with pepperoncini & Roma tomatoes in a mildly spicy marinara-wine sauce. Served with spaghettini.
  • Chicken Cacciatore $17.95
    Boneless chicken tenderloins pan-seared and sauteed with fresh mushrooms, red onions, & tri-colored bell peppers and Roma tomatoes in a fresh rosemary garlic wine sauce. Served over a bed of spaghettini.
  • Chicken Pizzaiola $17.95
    Boneless breast of chicken pan seared & sauteed with fresh mushrooms, tri-colored bell peppers & red onions in a Roma tomato wine sauce. Topped with provolone & mozzarella cheeses. Served with spaghettini pasta.
  • Pesto Chicken $16.95
    Boneless chicken tenderloin pan seared with fire roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and thinly sliced prosciutto in a light creamy pesto sauce, tossed with penne pasta.
  • Chicken & Farfalle with Vodka Sauce $18.95
    Pan seared boneless chicken tenderloins sauteed with prosciutto, sundried tomatoes & red peppers in a roasted garlic & fresh basil vodka rose sauce. Tossed with farfalle pasta.
  • Chicken Alfredo $19.95
    Fresh boneless breast of chicken, pan seared & sauteed with fresh asparagus tips in a light alfredo sauce. Served over farfalle pasta.
  • Chicken Sorrentino $20.95
    Fresh boneless breast of chicken pan seared & sauteed in a light marinara wine sauce topped with eggplant, prosciutto & provolone cheese.
  • Chicken Picatta $23.95
    Boneless breast of chicken pan seared & sauteed with fresh mushrooms & lemon zest in a Chablis wine sauce. Topped with jumbo lump crabmeat and asparagus spears.
Onions, lettuce, tomato, hot & sweet peppers.
  • Plain Steak $7.50
  • Cheese Steak $7.95
  • Grilled Chicken Steak $7.50
  • Barbecue Chicken Steak $8.95
    With our own spicy barbecue sauce, sliced red onion & smoked gouda cheese.
  • Chicken Cheese Steak $7.95
    With our own spicy barbecue sauce, sliced red onion & smoked gouda cheese.
  • Kid's Spaghetti with Meatballs $7.95
  • Kid's Spaghetti with Sausage $7.95
  • Kid's Penne with Sausage $7.95
  • Kid's Penne with Meatball $7.95
  • Kid's Penne $5.95
  • Kid's Spaghetti $5.95
  • Kid's Cheese Ravioli with Meatball $9.95
  • Kid's Chicken Tenders with Fries $7.95
  • Kid's Chicken Parmesan $9.95
  • Kid's Cheese Ravioli with Sausage $9.95
  • Kid's Cheese Ravioli $7.95


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