Arnieri's Pizzeria

Arnieri's Pizzeria

201 Middleton St, Riverside, NJ 08075

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Arnieri's Pizzeria a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Gourmet Pizza

Meat Lovers Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, meatball.


Cheese Steak Pizza

Steak, mozzarella, American cheese.


The Works Pizza

Pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, meatball, green peppers, onions, olives anchovies, garlic.


Mama Marie's Special Pizza

Olive oil, chunked garlic, mushrooms, onions & eggplant topped with parmigiana cheese.


Chicken Cordon Blue Pizza

Ham & chicken.


BLT Pizza

Bacon, lettuce, tomato.


Three Cheese Pizza

Mozzarella, provolone, parmigiana.


Buffalo Pizza

Hot & mild buffalo sauce & your choice of grilled chicken, crispy chicken & chicken steak.


The Original Tomato Pie Pizza

Sauce, oregano & parmigiana cheese.


Hawaiian Pizza

Pineapple, ham.


Calabria Pizza

White pizza, grilled chicken, roasted peppers.


Breakfest Pizza

Egg, bacon, ham, American cheese.


White Pizza
Made with 100% extra virgin oil.

White Pie Pizza

Olive oil, fresh garlic & herbs.


Traditional square thick pizza.

Sicilian Pizza

A Thick 8 Sliced Pizza.


Fresh Hand Tossed Pizza Pie

Plain Pie

Hand made with our fresh dough that make every day.


Plain Slice Pizza

Plain slice.


Plain Pie Pizza

Hand made with our fresh dough that make every day.


Appetizers & Side Orders

Onion Rings


Chicken Tenders

Your choice of side sauce: BBQ & honey mustard.


Jalapeno Poppers


Garlic Bread


Mozzarella Sticks

With a side of marinara sauce.


Buffalo Chicken Fingers

Hot & mild.


Appetizer Sampler

2 Mozzarella sticks, 2 poppers, 2 chicken fingers, 6onion rings.


Fried Ravioli



Tossed Salad

Iceberg lettuce, onion, tomato, croutons & dressing.


Crispy Chicken Salad

Your choice of either crispy & grilled chicken.


Pepperoni, Provolone & Black Olives


Chef Salad


Turkey & Cheese Salad


Fresh -hot & mild, BBQ & garlic sauce.

Buffalo WIngs



Ham & Cheese Stromboli


Pepperoni & Cheese Stromboli


Steak & Cheese Stromboli


Sausage & Cheese Stromboli


Spinach & Cheese Stromboli


Hot Sandwiches

Homemade Meatball Sandwich


Sausage Sandwich


Sausage, Peppers & Onions Sandwich


Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich


Chicken Cutlet Hoagie


Garlic Bread Homemade Meatball Parmigiana


Sausage & Homemade Meatball Sandwich


Homemade Meatball Parmigiana Sandwich


Sausage Parmigiana Sandwich

With melted mozzarella cheese.


Veal Parmigiana Sandwich


Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich


Buffalo Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

Hot & mild sauce, American & bleu cheese.


Garlic Bread Sausage Parmigiana


Steak Sandwiches

Plain Steak Sandwich


Plain Steak Hoagie

Plain steak topped with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, salt, pepper & oregano.


Pepper Steak Sandwich


Pizza Steak Sandwich

Topped with marinara sauce & mozzarella cheese & toasted in the oven.


Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwich

American cheese.


Chicken Steak Hoagie

Plain chicken steak topped with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, salt pepper & oregano.


Buffalo Chicken Steak Sandwich

Plain chicken steak marinated in buffalo sauce hot & mild.


Pizza Chicken Steak Sandwich

Plain chicken steak marinated in buffalo sauce hot & mild.


Pepperoni Cheese Steak Sandwich

American cheese, pepperoni.


Chicken Cheese Steak Cordon Blue

Chicken steak, ham, American cheese.


Cheese Steak Sandwich

American cheese.


Cheese Steak Hoagie

Cheesesteak topped with lettuce, onion, tomatoes, salt, pepper & oregano.


Mushroom Steak Sandwich


Chicken Steak Sandwich



Arnieri's Steak

American cheese, fried onions, mushrooms, green peppers.


Chicken Cheese Steak Hoagie Sandwich

Chicken cheese steak marinated in Buffalo sauce hot & mild.


Bacon Cheese Steak Sandwich

American cheese, bacon.


Garlic Bread Cheese Steak Sandwich

A toasted garlic bread roll with our delicious steak & cheese.


BBQ Chicken Cheese Steak Sandwich

A toasted garlic bread roll with our delicious steak & cheese.


Homemade Burgers
100% ground meat, hand made fresh.



Bacon Cheeseburger

American cheese, bacon.


Cheese Burger Deluxe

With lettuce, onion & tomato.


Cowboy Burger

A savoury burger topped with provolone cheese, bacon, onion rings & BBQ Sauce.


Cheese Burger

Topped with melted American cheese.


Double Cheese Burger

American cheese & double the meat.


Pizza Burger

On a toasted bun, topped with marinara sauce & melted mozzarella cheese.


Breakfest Burger

Egg, bacon, American cheese.



Regular Hoagie

American hoagie.


Ham Hoagie

American hoagie.


Ham & Cheese Hoagie


Turkey Hoagie


Tuna Hoagie


Capicola Hoagie


Pepperoni & Provolone Hoagie


Italian Hoagie


Cheese Hoagie


Bologna & Cheese Hoagie


Turkey & Cheese Hoagie


Salami Hoagie


Provolone Hoagie


Other Hot Specialties

Pizza Turnover

Comes with sauce & mozzarella.



Comes with sauce, mozzarella & ricotta cheese.



Italian meats & cheeses that will have you craving for more, all rolled up in the dough.


Dinner Entreed
All Dinners include salad & toasted bread.

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce


Baked Ziti


Baked Cheese Ravioli


Chicken Parmigiana


Eggplant Parmigiana


Spaghetti with Garlic & Oil

Made with 100 % virgin olive oil.


Stuffed Shells




Veal Parmigiana



French Fries


Pizza Fries


Buffalo Fries

Hot & mild sauce.


Old Bay Fries


Loaded Fries

Large only, fries with mozzarella & cheddar cheese with bacon and ranch dressing on top.


Cheese Fries

Cheddar & melted mozzarella cheese.


Bacon Cheese Fries


Buffalo Cheese Fries


Cheese Steak Fries


Gravy Fries


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