Burrata Wood Fired Pizza

425 White Plains Rd, Eastchester, NY 10709

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Naturally leavened, stone ground, organic flour.
  • Margherita Pizza $14.00
    Tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil.
  • Burrata Pizza $18.00
    Wild mushrooms, garlic, chilli flakes, Parmigiano, basil, porcini oil.
  • Calzone $15.00
    Wild boar salumi, ricotta, basil, black pepper, mozzarella, tomato, parmigiano.
  • Cockle Pizza $15.00
    Baby clams, mozzarella, garlic, chilli flakes, parsley, lemon, olive oil.
  • Parigi Pizza $16.00
    Gruyere, cognac onions, fontina besciamella, smoked pancetta, thyme.
  • Goat Cheese Pizza $15.00
    Walnuts, balsamic red onions, baby arugula, truffle honey.
  • Prosciutto Pizza $17.00
    Smoked mozzarella, balsamic red onions, arugula, pecorino.
  • J. Sexton No.2 Pizza $17.00
    Tomato, garlic, chilled burrata, raw basil, olive oil, black pepper, parmigiano.
  • Soppressata Pizza $16.00
    Tomato, garlic, mozzarella, hot soppressata, basil.
  • Tartufo Pizza $17.00
    Black truffles, mozzarella, smoked pancetta, chilli flakes, Parmigiano.
  • Shrooms & Jalapeno Pizza $17.00
    Wild mushrooms, tomato, mozzarella, jalapeno, red onion, thyme, Parmigiano.
  • Arancini Alla Piemontese $7.00
    White truffle and mushroom risotto balls.
  • Calamari Modo Nostro $12.00
    Crispy point Judith calamari marinated in buttermilk, spicy aioli.
  • Crema di Burrata $12.00
    Sea salt, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, toasted pane pugliese.
  • Costolette $16.00
    Porcini rubbed Berkshire pork ribs, balsamic glaze.
  • Polpettine $13.00
    Veal meatballs, tomato sauce, robiolina cheese, basil, toasted pane Pugliese.
  • Escarole & Bean Soup $8.00
    Baby cannelloni beans, escarole, pancetta, aged Parmigiano, fresh parsley, sourdough croutons, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Burrata Salad $14.00
    Creamy burrata, wood roasted sweet peppers, red onions, parsley.
  • Capra Salad $13.00
    Goat cheese, frisee, crispy pancetta, candied pecans, apple.
  • Local Mixed Greens Salad $8.00
    Red onions, parsley, chives, aged vinaigrette, shaved Parmigiano.
  • Romana Salad $12.00
    Little red & green gem lettuce, warm pancetta, cacio e pepe dressing, pecorino.
  • Beets $8.00
    Wood roasted beets, pickled red onion, pistachio crumble, ricotta salata.
  • Carrots $12.00
    Charred baby carrots, whipped ricotta, thyme, honey.
  • Eggplant $10.00
    Roasted eggplant, tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, basil, parmigiano.
  • Kale $8.00
    Sauteed lacinato kale, garlic confit, chili flake, ricotta salata.
  • Brussel Sprouts $9.00
    Maple glazed sprouts, smoked pancetta, shallots.
  • Asparagus $9.00
    Oven-roasted asparagus, green goddess pesto.
Fresh pasta made in house.
  • Spaghetti $15.00
    Tomato, basil, garlic and Parmigiano.
  • Ravioli $17.00
    Sheep milk ricotta, tomato sauce, basil, ricotta salata.
  • Pappardelle $16.00
    Wild mushrooms, parsley and Parmigiano.
  • Agnolotti $18.00
    Short rib, brown butter, aged balsamic, Piave, toasted bread crumbs.
  • Gnocchetti $18.00
    Lamb bolognese, ricotta, oregano, pistachios.
  • Rigatoni $18.00
    Hudson Valley duck ragu, porcini, parmigiano, orange zest.
  • Cappelletti $17.00
    Bufala ricotta, butter, thyme, black pepper, ‘nduja bread crumbs.


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