Cafe Testarossa

499 Jericho Tpke, Syosset, NY 11791

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Cafe Testarossa a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Thin Crust Pizza$13.00
    With Roma tomatoes, basil & fresh mozzarella.
  • Broccoli Rabe Pizza$14.00
    With fresh mozzarella.
  • Pesto, Gorgonzola Cheese & Olive Oil Pizza$14.00
    With fresh mozzarella.
  • Grilled Marinated Octopus$14.00
    With escarole, ceci beans & crushed tomatoes.
  • In House Made Potato Gnocchi$12.00
    With crumbled hot and sweet sausage, San Marzano tomatoes & fresh basil.
  • Prince Edward Island Mussels$13.00
    With garlic, pesto, with wine & a grilled crostini.
  • Romano Crusted Stuffed Artichoke$14.00
    Upon availability.
  • Crab Meat & Shrimp Cakes$15.00
    Served with organic lettuce and sweet corn salsa with a caper tarragon dressing.
  • Fried Calamari$13.00
    With spicy marinara.
  • Veal Meatball Sliders$12.00
  • Little Neck Clams$12.00
    Baked with a garlic oregano breadcrumb crust.
  • Grilled Fresh Vegetable Platter$15.00
    Eggplant, broccoli, tomato, asparagus, zucchini and shiitake mushrooms drizzled with garlic vinaigrette, served with a horseradish puree. Upon availability.
  • Warm Fresh Mozzarella$13.00
    With roasted peppers and beefsteak tomatoes drizzled with a basil infused olive oil.
  • Farro Rice Salad$13.00
    With marinated stemmed artichoke hearts, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cranberries, arugula, parmesan cheese and sherry vinaigrette.
  • Poached Pear & Red Beet Salad$13.00
    Mixed greens, tossed with mandarin orange, dried cherries, candied pistachio nuts and feta cheese in an apple cider vinaigrette.
  • Caesar Salad$10.00
    With homemade garlic sourdough croutons.
Gluten-free pasta always available.
  • Paccheri Pasta$23.00
    With a pork Osso Bucco meat, cannellini bean and tomato ragu.
  • Linguini with Manila Clams$23.00
    With basil, Calabrian peppers and white clam sauce.
  • Fettuccini with Lobster, Shrimp & Arugula$24.00
    In a yellow tomato Pomodoro.
  • Mezzi Rigatoni$22.00
    Served with veal meat and sausage bolognese, peas and warm ricotta.
  • In House Made Ricotta Cheese & Spinach Ravioli$20.00
    In a fresh marinara.
  • Spaghetti with Veal Meatballs$22.00
    In a traditional marinara sauce.
  • Orecchiette$22.00
    With sliced hot & sweet sausage and broccoli rabe in garlic & oil.
  • Rigatoni with Vodka$20.00
    Tomato & creme.
  • Branzino Filet$29.00
    Pan seared with sweet corn, haricot vert, roasted carrots, mango and parsley gremolata.
  • Almond Crusted Chicken Breast$24.00
    Stuffed with artichoke hearts, spinach & asiago cheese served with sweet potato puree in a wild berry brandy.
  • Roasted Pasture Raised Chicken$26.00
    Served with spinach, cannellini beans & chicken au jus.
  • Salmon in a Pinot Grigio, Capers Wine Sauce$24.00
    Served with julienne vegetables and a potato ravioli.
  • Colossal Shrimp$30.00
    Served with cracked spinach, in a sun-dried tomato, garlic wine sauce & frizzled onions.
  • Lamb Chops$35.00
    Herb crusted served with grilled asparagus.
  • Grilled Black Angus Sirloin$36.00
    With caramelized red onions, and mashed new potatoes.
  • Grilled Veal Chop$41.00
    Served with a Tuscan bean, broccoli rabe & mushroom medley.
  • Frozen Nutella Cake$8.00
    Served with chopped hazelnuts & cherry vanilla ice cream.
  • Caramelized Banana Custard Napoleon$8.00
    With strawberry vanilla ice cream.
  • Baked Apple Turnover$8.00
    With a warm caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Pear, Strawberry & Raisin Almond Cobbler$8.00
    Served with vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Fresh Coconut Creme Brulee$8.00
  • Flourless Chocolate, Hazelnut Cake$8.00
    Served with nocciola gelato and an egg cream shooter.
  • New York Style Cheese Cake$8.00
    Served with fresh strawberry sauce.
  • Tiramisu, Cannoli, Tartufo & Sorbet$8.00
  • Esse Cafe Espresso$2.50
  • Esse Cafe Double Espresso$5.00
  • Cappuccino$4.00
  • Organic Tea Selection$2.00
  • New England Columbian Coffee$2.00
  • Margarita Pizza Lunch$10.00
  • Pizza with Pepperoni & Crumbled Sausage Lunch$12.00
    With mozzarella and homemade tomato sauce.
  • White Pizza Lunch$12.00
    With sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, roasted garlic and three cheese.
  • Broccoli Rabe Pizza Lunch$12.00
    With fresh mozzarella.
  • Tuna Tartar Lunch$10.00
    Served with a sesame crisp in a cucumber & ginger lime vinaigrette.
  • Crab meat & Shrimp Cake Lunch$9.00
    Served with organic lettuce and a caper tarragon dressing.
  • Veal Meatball Sliders Lunch$11.00
  • Roasted Peppers, Beefsteak Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzarella Lunch$8.00
    Drizzled with a basil infused olive oil.
  • Little Neck Clams Lunch$9.00
    Baked with a garlic oregano breadcrumb crust.
  • Fried Calamari Lunch$9.00
    With a spicy marinara.
  • Caesar Salad Lunch$8.00
    With homemade garlic sourdough croutons.
  • Cheese Arancini’s Lunch$8.00
    With a spicy marinara.
  • Poached Pear & Red Beet Salad Lunch$9.00
    Mixed greens tossed with mandarin oranges, dried cherries, candied pistachio nuts and feta cheese in an apple cider vinaigrette.
  • Mezzi Rigatoni Lunch$16.00
    With veal meat and sausage bolognese topped with peas & warm ricotta.
  • In House Made Cheese & Spinach Ravioli Lunch$16.00
    In a fresh marinara sauce.
  • Rigatoni with Vodka Marinara & Cream Lunch$15.00
  • Fresh Cajun Rigatoni Lunch$15.00
    With grilled chicken, snow peas, diced yellow tomatoes & white wine.
  • Linguini with Little Neck Clams Lunch$16.00
    In a garlic wine sauce.
  • Fettuccini Lunch$16.00
    With shrimp and arugula, roasted garlic & vine ripened tomatoes.
  • Orecchiette Lunch$15.00
    With hot & sweet sausage and broccoli rabe in garlic & oil.
  • Grilled Black Angus Sirloin Lunch$22.00
    Served with sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes.
  • Chicken Breast Lunch$18.00
    Sauteed with sweet sausage, roasted peppers and red potatoes in rosemary and lemon infused wine sauce.
  • Fresh Salmon Lunch$18.00
    In a pinot grigio, caper white wine served with spinach ravioli and julienne vegetables.
  • Macadamia Nut Crusted Tilapia Lunch$18.00
    Served with julienne vegetables in a ginger mirin wine sauce.


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