Energy Fuel

369 Little E Neck Rd, West Babylon, NY 11704

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Energy Fuel a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Wraps can be changed to a whole wheat pita upon request. Choice of wraps: whole wheat or low-carb. Additional charges may apply on any substitutions.
1. Muscle Wrap$9.25
Organic eggs or egg whites baked with chicken & spinach.
2. Parmigiano Wrap$9.25
Chicken or eggplant in a low sodium tomato sauce topped with L/F mozzarella.
3. Chili Chicken Wrap$8.75
Chicken and brown rice with vegetable chili.
4. Beach Club Wrap$10.25
Chicken with lettuce, tomato, L/F mozzarella, 97% F/F turkey bacon, avocado w. L/F ranch dressing.
5. The Perfect Wrap$8.50
Melted L/F mozzarella over roasted broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach & zucchini with a touch of chipotle sauce.
6. The Fuel Wrap$8.75
Chicken, mixed greens, shredded carrots, tomato, red onion & cucumber.
8. Chicken & Spinach Wrap$9.50
Chicken or turkey burger w. sauteed spinach & L/F mozzarella.
9. Mediterranean Wrap$8.75
Chicken w. hummus, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber & red onion.
10. Lean Bison or Elk Wrap$11.25
Lean ground bison or elk w. onions, peppers & brown rice.
11. Super Protein Wrap$11.25
Chicken and lean bison w. onions, peppers cooked w. mildly spicy FUEL sauce.
12. Energy Sea Wrap$10.25
6oz. wild salmon or tilapia wrapped with mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, shredded carrots & mango salsa.
13. Gyro Wrap$8.75
Chicken kabob, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions w. tzatziki sauce.
14. Energy Philly Cheese Steak$10.25
Steak or chicken, grilled peppers & onions w. lite BBQ sauce topped w. american cheese.
16. Energy BBQ Wrap$9.25
BBQ chicken or turkey w. your choice of roasted veggies or brown rice.
18. Energy Steak Wrap$10.25
Hanging tender steak w. peppers & onions topped with L/F mozzarella w. touch of marinara sauce.
19. Guacamole Crunch Wrap$8.50
Fresh guacamole, mixed greens, pieces of corn tortilla & lime juice.
20. Hawaiian Tropical Wrap$9.50
Chicken w. lettuce, tomatoes, mango and pineapple with a touch of brown rice.
21. Teriyaki Glazed Wrap$9.50
Chicken & mixed veggies grilled w. lite glazed teriyaki sauce & a touch of brown rice.
22. Energy Burrito$10.00
Chicken or bison with brown rice & beans, grilled onions & peppers, L/F mozzarella, L/F sour cream & salsa.
23. Caesar Wrap$8.25
Romaine lettuce, mixed greens & parmesan cheese & lite caesar dressing.
25. Cuban Wrap$10.00
Chicken, brown rice, beans, avocado, mixed greens & tomatoes w. lite chili sauce.
26. Pesto Wrap$9.00
Chicken grilled with lite pesto sauce, mixed greens & tomato.
27. Zesty Steak Wrap$11.25
Zesty lean steak w. onions & peppers in a light BBQ sauce, w. mixed greens & tomatoes.
28. Turkey Bacon Wrap$9.25
97% F/F turkey bacon with lettuce, tomatoes, L/F mayo.
31. Chipotle Wrap$9.50
Chicken & onions baked in a chipotle sauce w. fresh avocado & touch of brown rice.
32. Portobello Mushroom Wrap$10.00
Portobello mushrooms, veggie-burger, peppers & onions topped w. L/F mozzarella.
34. Buffalo Wrap$9.50
Chicken, mixed greens, celery, blue cheese & buffalo sauce.
Additional charges may apply on any substitutions.
36. Energy BBQ$12.25
Chicken breast served w. baked air fries over brown rice.
37. Full of Energy$11.75
Chicken served with brown rice & salad.
38. Rice & Beans$8.25
Vegetable chili or lentil beans over brown rice.
39. Bison Chipotle Plate$14.00
Ground bison cooked in chipotle sauce over brown rice w/97% FF turkey bacon, chili beans & topped w. avocado.
40. Energy Nature$12.75
Veggie burger over brown rice topped w. lentil beans or chili beans.
41. Vegetarian$11.75
Grilled mixed veggies w. melted L/F mozzarella w. choice of brown rice, baba ghanouj or hummus.
42. Energy Force$12.25
Chicken served w. mixed veggies & brown rice.
42a. Energy Chicken Kabob$14.25
Two skewers of chicken, zucchini, peppers, onions served over brown rice & salad.
43. Ultimate Energy$12.75
Chicken baked w. tomatoes, onions & peppers w. choice of tomato sauce or tahini sauce over brown rice.
44. Popeye Energy$12.75
Chicken, tomatoes & onions baked w. tahini served w. spinach & brown rice.
46. Mean Energy$13.25
Chopped bison grilled w. onion, peppers & energy red sauce over brown rice.
47. Energy Teriyaki$12.75
Chicken & mixed vegetables glazed w. lite teriyaki sauce, served w. brown rice.
49. BBQ Chicken Avocado Plate$13.25
BBQ chicken over brown rice topped w. avocado.
50. Energy Protein$12.75
Chicken breast, onions & tomatoes baked w. tahini & served w. egg whites.
51. Super Protein Plate$13.25
Bison & chicken combo, cooked w. tomatoes, peppers, onions w. mildly spicy FUEL sauce.
52. Sweet Pea$10.25
Vegetable chili beans topped w. grilled chicken.
53. Energy Rip$10.25
Chicken breast served w. roasted mixed vegetables.
54. Energy Lean$12.25
Chicken, peppers, onions & tomatoes over sauteed spinach topped w. vegetable chili.
55. Popeye Junior$10.25
Chicken served w. sauteed spinach.
56. Fresh Tilapia$12.25
Tilapia served w. grilled broccoli & sweet potato.
57. Grilled Salmon$14.25
Salmon with broccoli, brown rice & mango salsa for dipping.
58. Zesty Steak$12.75
Zesty lean steak w. onions & peppers over sweet potatoes & brown rice w. BBQ sauce.
59. BBQ Chicken & Turkey$12.75
BBQ Chicken & Turkey w. broccoli grilled in a lite BBQ sauce.
60. Energy Surf & Turf$16.75
Grilled wild salmon & lean sirloin steak served over brown rice & beans w. chipotle salsa.
Create Your Own Energy Plate$11.75
Choose one protein & two sides.
Served with pita.
62. Chicken Vegetable Chili Beans$7.25
Grilled chicken topped w. tahini sauce & red onions (16oz. only).
63. Vegetable Lentil Soup$4.25 +
64. Vegetable Chili Beans Soup$4.25 +
65. Chicken-n-Rice Soup with Vegetables$4.25 +
66. Chicken-n-Noodle Soup with Vegetables$4.25 +
67. Chicken-n-Vegetables Soup$4.25 +
69. Chicken Tortilla Soup$4.25 +
70. Spinach Lentil Soup$6.25
78. Grilled Chicken Sandwich$7.25
Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions & tahini sauce in a pita.
89. Falafel$7.25
Baked falafel, hummus, lettuce, tomato & onions in a pita.
93. Portobello Sandwich$7.75
Portobello mushroom, grilled peppers, L/F mozzarella & lite mayo.
All burgers served with lettuce, tomato & cucumber on a wheat pita or bun. Combo meals include: baked air fries, choice of small bottled water or a 12 oz. can of soda.
80. Turkey Burger$6.75
Lean ground turkey, high in protein.
81. Angus Burger$7.75
Lean Angus beef burger high in protein.
82. Organic Bison Burger$8.25
100% pure heart healthy buffalo meat, high in protein.
83. Texas Turkey Burger$8.25
Turkey burger w/American cheese, 97% FF turkey bacon, w/cooked onions & BBQ sauce on whole wheat pita.
86. Elk Burger$8.25
All natural elk meat, high in protein.
91. Veggie Burger$7.75
Made w. carrots, corn, peppers, green beans, peas & onions.
95. Salmon Burger$7.25
Wild Alaskan salmon burger.
96. Chicken Burger$6.75
Lean ground chicken burger w. herbs & spices.
99. Energy Salad$7.25
Mixed greens, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots, red onions, cucumber, lemon, Italian seasoning, & olive oil & vinegar and a choice of salad dressing.
100. Goat Cheese & Avocado Salad$12.25
Goat cheese and avocado, mixed greens, romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon, olive oil & home made seasoning and a choice of salad dressing.
101. Chicken Chipotle Salad$11.25
Chicken, mixed greens, broccoli, shredded carrots, turkey bacon w. parmesan cheese topped w. lite caesar dressing, and your choice of salad dressing.
102. Mediterranean Salad$11.25
Mixed greens, bed of romaine lettuce, a scoop of hummus, baba ghanouj & two baked falafels, touch of cumin, olive oil, served w. tahini sauce and a choice of salad dressing.
103. Mediterranean Appetizer Platter$11.75
Wheat spinach pie w. hummus & baba ghanouj over mixed greens and a choice of salad dressing
104. Greek Salad$9.75
Mixed greens, romaine lettuce, black olives, feta cheese, lemon, homemade seasoning, olive oil & vinegar and a choice of salad dressing.
105. Fresh Spinach Salad$8.75
Baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, Italian seasoning, lemon, olive oil & vinegar.
106. Energy Caesar Salad$9.25
Romaine lettuce, mixed greens 97% F/F turkey bacon, parmesan cheese, multi-grain croutons, topped w. lite caesar dressing and your choice of salad dressing.
107. Guacamole Crunch Chicken Salad$11.25
Grilled chicken, tortilla chips, guacamole over mixed greens and a choice of salad dressing.
All omelets & sandwiches are made w. egg whites or organic whole eggs. All dishes are reduced calories & are baked w. no oil. Breakfast Served All Day.
115. Four Egg Whites$5.75
4 egg whites w. sauteed spinach on a wheat pita.
116. Bacon, Eggs & Cheese$7.25
Egg whites w. 97% F/F turkey bacon, American cheese in a low-carb wrap.
117. The Spa Breakfast$7.25
Egg whites w. lightly grilled mix vegetables in wheat wrap or plate.
118. Energy Steak & Eggs$9.25
Egg whites w. lean steak topped w. L/F mozzarella served in wheat wrap or a plate.
120. The Energy Veggie Omelette$9.25
Baked egg whites w. any two choices: spinach, broccoli, peppers, onions, tomato, mushrooms or L/F mozzarella. Also served w. sweet potato.
121. Energy Egg-n-Meat Omelette$8.75
Baked egg whites baked w. your choice of grilled chicken or turkey.
122. Protein Pancake Combo$8.75
Egg whites w. multi grain protein pancakes.
123. Pancake Heaven$7.25
Multi grain protein pancakes topped w. berries or banana.
124. Fresh Baked Protein Muffins$3.25
125. Champion Breakfast$10.50
2 organic eggs, 2 multi grain pancakes w. bananas & strawberries, 2 pieces turkey bacon 97% F/F and 7 grain toast.
142. Fresh Baked Protein Brownies$3.00
All pizzas are made w. low-fat mozzarella, low-sodium tomato sauce & low-carb crust.
128. Original Pita-Pizza Pie$7.25
Low-carb crust w. low sodium tomato sauce & L/F mozzarella.
130. Meat Pita-Pizza Pie$8.25
Served w. grilled chicken breast or turkey.
132. Thin Crust Pizza$8.75
Served w. grilled chicken breast or turkey.
133. Thin Crust Pizza with Onions & Chicken$10.75
All quesadillas served in a wheat tortilla.
Energy BBQ Quesadilla$9.75
BBQ chicken, grilled peppers & onions, cheddar, sour cream.
Chicken Parmigiano Quesadilla$9.75
Chicken, low sodium tomato sauce, L/F mozzarella.
Chicken & Spinach Quesadilla$9.75
Chicken, spinach, L/F mozzarella.
Veggie Quesadilla$9.25
Mixed veggies, cheddar, chipotle sauce, sour cream.
Chicken Guacamole Quesadilla$10.25
Chicken & guacamole w. L/F mozzarella cheese.
Super Protein Quesadilla$10.75
Bison & chicken, cheddar cheese w. chipotle sauce.
Zesty Steak Quesadilla$11.25
Zesty lean steak grilled w. onions & peppers in chipotle salsa topped w. cheddar cheese.
143. Lentils or Beans$3.75
144. Guacamole & Chips$4.00
145. Avocado$3.75
146. Baked Spicy Air Fries$4.75
147. Baked Sweet Potato Fries$4.75
148. Baked Air Fries$3.75
149. Organic Brown Rice$3.75
150. Quinoa$4.75
151. Sweet Potato$4.25
152. Steamed Broccoli$4.75
153. Sauteed Spinach$4.75
154. Steamed Mixed Veggies$4.75
Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini.
155. Hummus with Pita$4.25
Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini.
156. Baba Ghanouj with Pita$4.75
A. Cold Buster$5.75 +
Beets, cucumber, spinach & carrot.
B. Diabetes Helper$5.75 +
Spinach, kale, cucumber & strawberry.
C. Hypertension$5.75 +
Spinach, pineapple, banana & carrot.
D. Headache$5.75 +
Beets, cucumber & carrot.
E. Acne Solver$5.75 +
Beets, cucumber & carrot.
F. Asthma$5.75 +
Celery & grapefruit & carrot.
G. Skin Problems$5.75 +
Cabbage, apple & carrot.
H. Eczema$5.75 +
Parsley, spinach & carrot.
I. Anemia$5.75 +
Spinach & carrot.
J. Popeye's Arms$5.75 +
Broccoli, celery, spinach & carrot.
K. Muscle Fuel$5.75 +
Spinach & carrot.
L. Fresh Cucumber$5.75 +
Cucumber, tomato & celery.
M. Iron Horse$5.75 +
Broccoli, beets, apple & carrot.
N. Liver Cleansing$5.75 +
Celery & carrot.
O. Calcium for Bones$5.75 +
Cabbage, broccoli, parsley, celery & carrot.
Q. Hangover Killer$5.75 +
Apple, lemon, beets, ginger & carrot.
P. Cholesterol Buster$5.75 +
Ginger, garlic, spinach & carrot.
R. Energy Boost$5.75 +
Orange, apple, celery & carrot.
S. Fat Burner$5.75 +
Spinach, grapefruit & apple.
Peach & Tango Smoothie$6.25 +
Peaches, mangos & mango juice.
Citrus Sunrise Smoothie$6.25 +
Oranges, banana & apple juice.
Passionate Peach Smoothie$6.25 +
Peach, banana, orange & apple juice.
Banana-Strawberry Smoothie$6.25 +
Bananas & strawberries & straw/ban nectar.
Strawberry Banana Blast Smoothie$6.25 +
Banana, strawberry & orange or apple juice.
Banana Latte Smoothie$6.25 +
Coffee, banana, chocolate, cinnamon & soy milk.
Cafe Mocha Smoothie$6.25 +
Coffee, fat-free chocolate & skim milk.
Tropical Tango Smoothie$6.25 +
Pineapple, banana & orange juice.
Totally Tropical Smoothie$6.25 +
Orange, strawberry, banana & fruit cocktail juice.
Very Berry Smoothie$6.25 +
Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries & apple juice.
Mango Berry Freeze Smoothie$6.25 +
Raspberries, banana & mango juice.
Pitaya Dragon Fruit Smoothie$7.75
Organic dragon fruit, strawberries, banana & apple juice.
Apple Avocado Smoothie$7.75
Apple, avocado, mint & lemonade.
Banana Nutter Smoothie$6.25 +
Banana, peanut butter & skim milk or soy milk.
Pina Colada Smoothie$6.25 +
Pineapple, banana, coconut & pineapple juice.
Banana Colada Smoothie$6.25 +
Banana, coconut & pineapple juice.
The Lemon Blues Smoothie$6.25 +
Blueberries, banana & lemonade.
Cool Breeze Smoothie$6.25 +
Mango, banana, pineapple, strawberries & OJ.
Banana Peach Smoothie$6.25 +
Banana, peach & orange juice.
Orange Ana Smoothie$6.25 +
Frozen banana & fresh orange juice.
Kale Smoothie Smoothie$6.25 +
Kale, pineapple, banana & apple juice.
Rainforest Acai Smoothie$8.75
Rainforest acai, banana, strawberries & apple juice.
Super Protein Wake Up Smoothie$9.25
Rainforest acai, banana, strawberries, your choice of protein powder & soy milk.
Protein Shake Smoothie$8.25
Banana, Strawberry with a scoop of protein & organic milk.
Meal Replacement Shake Smoothie$9.25
Banana, Strawberry & organic milk.
Morning Energy Shake$8.25
42 grams of fat burning protein w. banana, pineapple, apple juice & caffeine.
Energy Recovery Shake$8.25
Vanilla whey protein, glutamine, strawberry, banana & blueberry-n-oats.
Energy Muscle Up Shake$8.25
Chocolate protein, banana, peanut butter, coconut & flax seed.
Youth Shake$8.25
Vanilla whey protein, non-fat Greek yogurt, peaches, pineapple, aloe vera, wheat bran & OJ.
Ultimate Breakfast Shake$8.25
Oats-n-honey, whey protein & soy milk.
Poland Springs Water$1.25 +
Vitamin Water$2.50
Vita Coco Coconut Water$3.00
Red Bull$2.75