D'Tutanelli's Pizza

36962 Detroit Rd, Avon, OH 44011

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Create Your Own Pizza$8.29 +
Our Create Your Own Pizza is topped with House Blend Provolone.
3 Cheese Spinaci Pizza$13.99 +
Our 3 cheese spinaci pizza is topped with bacon, chicken, spinach.
Backyard BBQ Pizza$13.99 +
Our backyard bbq is topped with bacon, bbq chicken, ranch, red onions.
Blazin Buff Mac & Cheese Pizza$13.99 +
Our blazin buff mac & cheese is topped with, buffalo chicken, cheddar, shredded parmesan.
Mac & Cheese Pizza$13.99 +
Our mac & cheese pizza is topped with bacon, cheddar, shredded parmesan.
Chicken Pesto Pizza$13.99 +
Our chicken pesto pizza is topped with chicken, pesto, tomatoes.
Chicken Wing Ding Pizza$13.99 +
Fiery Chipotle Chicken Pizza$13.99 +
Our fiery chipotle chicken is topped with banana peppers, chicken, chipotle sauce, onions, tomatoes.
Flaming Kramer Pizza$13.99 +
Our flaming Kramer is topped with banana peppers, buffalo chicken.
Hawaiian Pizza$13.99 +
Our hawaiian is topped with bacon, ham, pineapple.
Jalapeno Popper Pizza$13.99 +
Our jalapeno popper is topped with bacon, cream cheese, jalapenos, sweet crunch.
Omnivorous Pizza$13.99 +
Our omnivorous is topped with banana peppers, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, red onions.
Fresco Pizza$13.99 +
Our pizza fresco is topped with chicken, roasted garlic, spinach, tomatoes.
Supremo Pizza$13.99 +
Our pizza supremo is topped with green peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, red onions, sausage.
Pizzapocalypse$14.99 +
Topped with cheddar, shredded parmesan.
RCBC Pizza$13.99 +
Our RCBC is topped with bacon, cheddar, chicken, ranch.
Spinach Artichoke Pizza$13.99 +
Our spinach artichoke pizza is topped with bacon, spinach artichoke dip.
Uptown Omni Pizza$13.99 +
Our Uptown Omni is topped with artichokes, feta, red onions, roasted red peppers, spinach, tomatoes.
Ten Topping Deluxe Pizza$15.99 +
Our ten topping deluxe is topped with bacon, banana peppers, black olives, extra cheese, green peppers, ham, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, sausage.
TRex Pizza$14.99 +
Our TRex is topped with bacon, ham, meatballs, pepperoni, sausage.
Margherita Pizza$11.99 +
Jack & Joy Pizza$12.99 +
Topped with buffalo chicken, cheddar, ranch.
Hand-rolled Breadsticks made out of our fresh dough, garlic-infused, baked to deliciousness. Comes with a 2 oz cup of sauce.
Our homemade dough, garlic-infused, covered with cheese, baked to deliciousness.
Baked Garlic Bread$3.99 +
Fresh, hot, garlic bread.
Pepperoni Sticks$5.99
Cheesesticks with pepperoni pieces and seasonings.
Cheddar Bacon Sticks$6.79
Cheesesticks covered with cheddar cheese and bacon.
Blazin Buff Cheesesticks$6.99
Cheesesticks with blazin’ buffalo chicken and seasonings served with a side of ranch.
Carnoso Meatballs$4.79
Hearty Italian meatballs covered with sauce and cheese.
French Bread Pizza$4.99
With one topping.
Garlic Knots$3.99
Cheese Bombs$4.49
Pepperoni Bombs$4.99
Medium Cheese Sticks$8.49
Bread Sticks$3.29
Caesar Salad$5.49
Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese and croutons.
Chef Salad$6.49 +
With lettuce, tomato, red onions, pepperoni, ham, egg and 2 kinds of cheeses.
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$10.99
Grilled chicken atop romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese, and croutons.
Chicken Club Salad$9.99
House lettuce mix, cheddar, bacon, tomato and grilled chicken.
Classic Salad$6.49 +
Romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese and croutons.
Grazin Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.99
Breaded buffalo chicken pieces, grape tomatoes, banana peppers and parmesan cheese on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce.
Greek Salad$8.49
Romaine with tomato, red onions, black olives, pepperoncini, cucumber, hard-boiled egg and feta cheese.
House Salad$4.79 +
With lettuce, tomato, provolone & pepperoni.
Italian Cobb Salad$8.99
House lettuce mix, grape tomatoes, red onions, black olives, pepperoncini, bacon, cheddar, salami and hard-boiled egg.
Italian Salad$5.79
With lettuce, tomato, black olives, red onions, pepperoncini, pepperoni & cheese.
Bone In Wings$6.49 +
Boneless Wings$6.49 +
Calzone$8.99 +
Calzone is served with house blend provolone, pizza sauce red, sauce cup.
Build Your Own Stromboli$6.25
Cheddar Stromboli$9.99
Melted cheddar cheese, with bacon, grilled chicken, and ranch.
Italian Stromboli$8.99
Salami, pepperoni, ham & provolone.
Meatball Stromboli$8.49
Comes with a side of sauce.
Sausage & Pepperoni Stromboli$8.99
Sicilian Stromboli$8.99
Ham, pepperoni, red onion, pepperoncini & provolone.
Build Your Own Flatbread$8.99
Carne Italia Flatbread$12.99
Bianco Flatbread$12.99
Pesto Pollo Flatbread$12.99
Chicken Primo Flatbread$12.99
Pizza Pomodoro Flatbread$12.99
Pielle$8.99 +
Pielle is served with house blend provolone, sauce cup.
All subs come with a side of Italian pasta salad.
BLT Sub$7.49 +
Crispy bacon, piled with lettuce, tomato, mayo.
Blazin Buffalo Chicken Sub$7.49 +
Italian breaded chicken smothered with our special buffalo sauce, provolone, lettuce and tomato with a blue cheese dressing.
Chicken Club Sub$7.49 +
Grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheese, mayo.
Cheesy Chicken Parmesan Sub$7.49 +
Italian breaded chicken, topped with red sauce and melted cheese.
Chipotle Chicken Ranch Sub$7.49 +
Fiery chipotle flavored chicken with banana peppers, tomato, onion, and provolone cheese.
Citro Classic Italian Sub$7.49 +
All the stuff we love: pepperoni, salami, ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and Italian dressing.
Hot Ham & Cheese Sub$7.49 +
Hot with garlic mayo.
Hot & Spicy Sub$7.49 +
Hot & spicy sub is served with banana peppers, ham, house blend provolone, pepperoni, salami, spicy cheese.
Meaty Meatball Sub$7.49 +
Cardoso meatballs, Italian red sauce, smothered in gooey cheese.
Spinach Artichoke Chicken Sub$7.49 +
Our house-made creamy spinach artichoke dip, with fresh provolone cheese and grilled chicken.
2 Liter Pepsi Products$2.69


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