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TAT Ristorante Di Famiglia

TAT Ristorante Di Famiglia

1210 S James Rd, Columbus, OH 43227

Open until 7:00 PM

Full Hours
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Homemade Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Bubbly hot from the hearth, the old-fashioned way. Made to order with homemade tomato sauce and provolone cheese.


Cheese Pizza

White Pizza

4 cheese.


Specialty Pizza

Jimmy's Way Pizza

Meatball, tomato, and red onion.


The "All Meaty One" Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and meatballs.


Veggie Pizza

Tomato, mushroom, onion, green pepper, black olive.


The Big Kahuna Pizza

Ham, pineapple, and sliced red onions.


Justin's Pic Pizza

Pepperoni, sausage, red onion, hot peppers.


The Godfather's Pizza

Pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, onion, green pepper, hot pepper, black olive.


TAT Special Pizza

Pepperoni, mushroom, Italian sausage, white onion, banana peppers.


Specialty White Pizzas

White Spinach Special Pizza

Spinach, artichokes, red onion, and fresh garlic.


White Very Veggie Pizza

Artichoke, tomato, broccoli, mushroom, red onion.


White Artichoke Special Pizza

Artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes & red onions.



Chef's Salad

Tossed lettuce with a wedge of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, Italian ham, breast of turkey, American and provolone cheese. Served with choice of dressing.


Chicken Salad

Choice of grilled or deep-fried strips of chicken on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes, onion, shredded cheddar, and provolone cheese. Served with choice of dressing.


Antipasto Salad

A crispy tossed salad seasoned with our own special dressing, topped with crumbled blue cheese, salami, olives, oranges, pepperoncini, and a whisper of oregano.


Antipasto Salad

Greek Salad

Crisp lettuce topped with feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, onion, pepperoncini, and anchovies.


Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach topped with diced egg, mushrooms, bacon, and croutons. Served with bacon dressing.


A La Carte Italian Salad

Garden fresh salad with pepperoncini, tomatoes, black olives, and dressing of choice.


Famous Sandwiches
All sandwiches are served with soup & potato chips.

Poor Boy Sandwich

Prepared on a miniature loaf of Italian bread with lettuce, tomatoes, capicola ham, salami, provolone cheese, Italian seasoning, and hot peppers.


Poor Boy Sandwich

Monster Sandwich

Poor boy sandwich with Italian sausage, and a hint of tomato sauce.


Big Pete Sandwich

Homemade Italian sausage & tomato sauce, prepared on a miniature loaf of Italian bread.


Meatball Sandwich

With melted provolone cheese.


Club Sandwich & Salad

Lettuce, tomatoes, ham, turkey, bacon, American cheese, and provolone cheese.


Fish Sandwich on a Kaiser Bun

Choice of perch or white fish.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Creamy grilled cheese sandwich.


Hamburger with French Fries



Coffee Superior


Decaf Superior


Hot Tea


Iced Tea


Country Time Lemonade




Chocolate Milk


Soft Drinks




Perrier Water


Non-Alcoholic Beer



O'Doul's Amber


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