Vick's Gourmet Pizzeria

7345 E Main St, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

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Classic Cheese Pizza$8.25 +
Classic cheese or create your own
One Topping Pizza$8.65 +
Extreme Pep Pizza$11.95 +
So much regular and spicy pepperoni that there is no better word than “extreme.”
Extreme Cheese Pizza$11.95 +
Mozz-provolone, asiago, cheddar and parmesan combined into perfect cheesy goodness.
Meat Pizza$11.95 +
The classic meat-lover’s pepperoni, ham, bacon, and spicy and sweet sausages.
All the Way Pizza$11.95 +
Something for everyone with loads of cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and sausage.
White Margherita Pizza$11.95 +
Asiago cheese, mozz-provolone, tomato and basil.
Veggie Pizza$11.95 +
Mushroom, onion, green pepper, roma tomato and extra cheese.
BLT Pizza$11.95 +
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch sauce.
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$11.95 +
Hot sauce, cheddar cheese, mozz-provolone, and grilled chicken. Sorry, no actual Buffalo.
Lasagna Pizza$11.95 +
Spaghetti sauce, sausage, beef, mozz-provolone cheese, ricotta cheese, light minced garlic and a sprinkle of Parmesan.
Taco Pizza$11.95 +
Salsa, cheddar, mozz-provolone, lettuce, tomato, Mexican beef or chicken with sour cream and jalapeños on the side.
Gut-Buster Pizza$11.95 +
Get ready for this one! Pepperoni ham, mushroom, sausage and hot pepper.
Ranch Pizza$11.95 +
Chicken and bacon. Just like that.
BBQ Grilled Chicken Pizza$11.95 +
Red sauce, BBQ marinated chicken, cheddar cheese, mozz-provolone, onion and grilled chicken.
Hawalian Pizza$11.95 +
Your favorite when you’re longing for that island retreat. Featuring yummy ham, bacon, pineapple and cinnamon.
Bacon Cheeseburger$11.95 +
Cheddar cheese, mozz-provolone, hamburger, and bacon, for the best of both worlds.
Philly Steak Pizza$12.70 +
Enjoy some baked perfection with this white pizza, which features sliced ribeye meat, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.
Chicken Alfredo Pizza$12.70 +
Alfredo sauce, Parmesan and mozz-provolone cheese with chicken and option of broccoli.
Chicken Pizza$12.70 +
Chicken, mushroom, onion, asiago, and mozz-provolone.
Steak POrtabella Pizza$12.70 +
Sliced ribeye, portabella mushrooms, mozz-provolone and basil.
Greek Pizza$12.70 +
All the right ingredients to send you floating to Mediterranean paradise: artichoke hearts, black olives, sun-dried tomato,feta and asiago cheeses.
Jo-Jo Fries$5.95
These thick seasoned potato wedges will be sure to please your taste
Vick’s Sampler$11.50
An unstoppable line up featuring our wings tossed in your favorite sauce, fried cheese sticks, jalapeño poppers and our delicious Jo-Jo Fries.
Vick’s Garlic Toast Bites$2.50
Garlic Bread with Cheese$4.50 +
An open-face Italian sub bun with our homemade garlic butter and provolone cheese toasted to perfection.
Bread Sticks$3.95
Four buttered Italian bread sticks with a side of our homemade Vick’s red sauce.
Stuffed Mozzarella Bread Sticks$5.95 +
Four buttered Italian bread sticks with a side of our homemade Vick’s red sauce.
Breaded Mozzarella Sticks$6.50
Fried mozzarella sticks served with our signature Vick’s red sauce for dipping.
Jalapeno Poppers$6.50
Fried jalapeño poppers filled with spicy cream cheese.
CHeese Nachos$4.95
Dine in Only
Side Salad$4.50
Lettuce, tomato, pepperoni, cheese and pepperoncini
Quart Salad$9.95
Lettuce, tomato, pepperoni, capicola ham, salami, cheese and pepperoncini
Party Salad$17.50
Same as Quart Salad but big enough for the whole gang!
Our wings are served with your choice of sauce on the wings or on the side.
Jumbo Breaded$5.95 +
Naked Bone In$5.95 +
Boneless Wings$5.95 +
An Italian turnover flled with ham, salami, pepperoni, onion, green pepper, mozz-provolone and ricotta cheeses.
Veggie Calzone$8.50
Same as veggie stromboli with ricotta cheese
An Italian burrito with pepperoni, ham, salami, onion, green pepper and mozz-provolone.
Veggie Stromboli$8.50
The vegetarian cousin with mushrooms, green pepper, black olives, tomato, hot peppers and mozz-provolone
Italian Sub$6.25 +
Capicola ham, salami, provolone, lettuce and hot peppers.
Meatball Sub$6.25 +
One-of-a-kind homemade sauce and meatballs with provolone cheese.
Philly Steak$8.95 +
Sliced ribeye, onion, green pepper, mushroom, provolone, lettuce and tomato.
Chicken Parmesan$6.95 +
Breaded chicken, our homemade sauce and provolone cheese.
Chicken Sub$6.95 +
Breaded chicken, our homemade sauce and provolone cheese.
Chicken Sandwich$5.95
Breaded chicken, our homemade sauce and provolone cheese.
Pizza Sub$6.25 +
Open-face sandwich with pizza sauce mozz-provolone and pepperoni.
Ham & Cheese Sub$5.95 +
Ham, provolone, lettuce and tomato.
Sausage Sub$6.25 +
Homemade sausage, provolone, lettuce and tomato.
Veggie Sub$5.95 +
Mushroom, onion, green pepper, lettuce, tomato and hot pepper.
BLT Sub$6.25 +
The classic bacon, lettuce and tomato with provolone cheese.
Byo Burger with Fries$8.95
Byo Burger with Salad$8.95
Served with breadsticks and salad
Spaghetti$8.75 +
Served with one large meatball and our homemade spaghetti sauce.
Baked Spaghetti$9.25
Served with one large meatball and our homemade spaghetti sauce.
Chicken Alfredo$10.75
Fettuccine noodles covered in alfredo sauce.
Homemade Lasagna$9.50
Trust us, it’s good
Chicken Parmesan$9.50
White breaded chicken breast served over spaghetti noodles and our homemade spaghetti sauce.
Kid's Pizza$5.95
A 6” circle of fun with a drink and Mott’s applesauce.
Kid's Spaghetti$5.95
A small portion of spaghetti in our homemade spaghetti sauce, a drink and Mott’s applesauce.
Wings & Things$5.95
Four breaded boneless wings without sauce, a drink and Mott’s applesauce or Jo-Jo fries.
3 Scoops of vanilla bean or chocolate.
Carrot Cake$3.95
Raisins, nuts and cream cheese icing
Root Beer Float$2.95
IBC Root beer with a scoop of gelato
Vick’s Cookie Drops$4.95
5 Deep-fried chocolate chip cookie drops served with chocolate syrup on the side
The only way to follow dinner in style.


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