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Fultano's Pizza

Fultano's Pizza

715 SE 1st Ave, Canby, OR 97013

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Fultano's Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.


Cheese Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.


Our Favorites Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza


Hawaiian Pizza

Canadian-style bacon & pineapple.


Fultano's Special Pizza

Canadian-style bacon & tomatoes.


Mona Lisa Pizza

Canadian-style bacon, pepperoni & beef.


Michaelangelo Pizza

Canadian-style bacon, beef & tomatoes.


Papa Special Pizza

Canadian-style bacon, pepperoni, pineapple & sausage.


Spice of Life Pizza

Pepperoni, pineapple, real bacon, & jalapenos.


Danio's Pizza

Mushrooms, green peppers, beef, onions & tomatoes.


Vegetarian Pizza

Mushrooms, olives, green and red peppers, onions & tomatoes.


Veggie Deluxe Pizza

Garlic sauce, mushrooms, red peppers, artichokes, onions & tomatoes.


Combination Pizza

Salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives & beef.


Porgy Pig Pizza

Bbq sauce, Canadian bacon, pineapple, real bacon, sausage & cheddar cheese.


Supreme Pizza

Salami, pepperoni, olives, green peppers, onions & sausage.


Taco Pizza

Beef and onions. After cooking, we add lettuce, cheddar cheese, olives & tomatoes. Sour cream & taco sauce on the side.


Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

1000 island dressing, cheddar cheese, real bacon, beef & onions. After cooking we add lettuce & tomatoes.


Feta Pizza

Creamy garlic sauce, spinach, baked Roma tomatoes, chicken & feta cheese.


Garlic Pizza

Creamy garlic sauce, mushrooms, red peppers, green onions, chicken & tomatoes.


Barbecue Pizza

Chicken with barbecue sauce and lots of cheddar cheese.


Pesto Pizza

Delicious pesto sauce, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, chicken & tomatoes.


Sweet & Spicy Pizza

Sweet chili sauce, pineapple, real bacon, red & green onions, chicken.


Meatza Pizza

Canadian-style bacon, salami, pepperoni, linguica, real bacon, sausage & beef.


Pizza with Everything

Canadian bacon, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, pineapple, onions green & red peppers, sausage, beef & tomatoes.



Hot Wings




Cinna Sticks

Butter, cinnamon & sugar with icing on the side.


Cheese Bread

Toasted with lots of melted mozzarella.



Taco Salad

Tortilla chips covered with lettuce, seasoned beef, cheddar, olives & tomatoes. Sour cream and salsa included!


Caesar Salad

Chopped greens with caesar dressing and croutons.


Served with chips.

French Dip Sandwich

Hot roast beef with swiss cheese served with steaming au jus.


Combo Sandwich

Our own red sauce, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives & covered with mozzarella.


Meatball Sandwich

This sub is stuffed with meatballs, marinara and lots of mozzarella cheese. A real favorite!


BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Chicken with barbeque sauce, & cheddar cheese.


Chicken Ranch Sandwich

Ranch sauce, Canadian style bacon, fajita chicken, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes & mozzarella cheese.


Served with garlic bread.


A generous portion of pasta with marinara



Delicious lasagna with a lot of mozzarella cheese.





Diet Pepsi


Mountain Dew






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