Yordan's Pizza & Pasta

5900 Bristol Emilie Rd, Levittown, PA 19057

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Yordan's Pizza & Pasta a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Cheese Pizza$5.00 +
Works Pizza$6.95 +
Pepperoni, green peppers, onions, sausage, mushroom.
Grilled Chicken Pizza$6.95 +
With red onions, mozzarella, parmigiana cheese, black olives and pest sauce.
Sliced Plum Tomatoes Pizza$6.95 +
Ricotta, mozzarella, parmigiana cheese, creme fraiche, spinach and broccoli.
Cheesesteak Pizza$6.95 +
Mozzarella, American cheese and steak.
Chicken Parmigiana Pizza$6.95 +
Margherita Pizza$6.95 +
Fresh while milk mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and olive oil.
Chicken Caesar Pizza$6.95 +
Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, caesar dressing and mozzarella.
Four Cheese Pizza$6.95 +
White mozzarella, provolone cheese, ricotta, parmigiana cheese.
Veggie Pizza$6.95 +
Broccoli, spinach, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, black olives.
Hawaiian Pizza$6.95 +
Mozzarella, ham, pineapple, bacon (red or white)
Roasted Peppers Pizza$6.95 +
Sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, parmigiana cheese and tomato sauce.
Spinach Pizza$6.95 +
Roasted garlic, olive oil, ricotta, mozzarella cheese and parmigiana cheese.
Plum Tomatoes Pizza$6.95 +
Roasted garlic, olive oil, parmigiana cheese.
Taco Pizza$6.95 +
Cheddar, mozzarella cheese, beef steak, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.
New York Style Tomato Pie$5.95 +
Plum tomato, fresh garlic, mozzarella cheese and Italian spices.
Regular Slice$1.60
Curly Fries$2.50
French Fries$2.25
Pizza Fries$3.25
Chicken Tenders$4.95
Garlic Bread$2.95 +
Onion Rings$2.75
Wing Zings$7.50
Fritto Di Calamari$7.95
Mussels Alla Contadina$7.95
Sauteed Broccoli$3.95
Cheese Curly Fries$3.75
Cheese Fries$2.95
Jalapeno Poppers$4.50
Vongole in Brodo$7.95
Scallops Angelica$9.50
Eggplant Rollantini$7.95
All salads served with bread and butter.
Chef Salad$4.95 +
Tuna Salad$4.95 +
Chopped Antipasto Salad$4.95 +
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$4.95 +
Greek Salad$4.95 +
Caprese Salad$4.95 +
Tossed Salad$3.50 +
Caesar Salad$4.25 +
Antipasto Salad$4.95 +
Grilled Chicken Salad$4.95 +
Mediterranean Salad$4.95 +
Champ Salad$4.95 +
Pollo Portobello Salad$7.95 +
Italian Stomboli$6.95 +
Mozzarella, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, sausage and ham.
Steak Stomboli$6.95 +
Mozzarella and steak.
Vegetable Stromboli$6.95 +
Mozzarella, green peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, black olives and onions.
Yordana's Style Grilled Chicken Stromboli$6.95 +
Roasted peppers, mozzarella cheese and garlic.
Italian Calzone$6.95
Prosciutto Calzone$6.95
Mozzarella, ricotta, prosciutto.
Cheese Calzone$5.75
Mozzarella, ricotta, prosciutto.
Vegetable Calzone$6.95
Broccoli, spinach, tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, roasted garlic.
Yordana's Style Grilled Chicken Calzone$6.95
Roastd peppers, mozzarella, garlic and ricotta cheese.
All hoagies are topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, olive oil, vinegar, Italian spices.
Mix Cheese Hoagie$4.95
Turkey and Cheese Hoagie$4.95
Tuna Melt Hoagie$4.95
Tuna and Cheese Hoagie$4.95
Ameican Hoagie$4.95
Italian Hoagie$4.95
Italian Grinder Hoagie$4.95
Ham and Cheese Hoagie$4.95
Plain Burger$3.25
California Burger$3.95
Pizza Burger$3.95
Bacon Cheeseburger$3.95
Texas Burger$3.95
Served with French fries.
Cheesesteak Wrap$6.50
Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo or oil and vinegar.
Grilled Chicken and Ham Wrap$6.50
Lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.
Italian Wrap$6.50
Italian meats, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar.
Veggie Wrap$6.50
Broccoli, spinach, mushroom, black olives, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar.
Breakfast Wrap$6.50
Green peppers, egg and cheese.
Chicken Cheesesteak Wrap$6.50
Lettuce, tomatoes, mayo or oil and vinegar.
Grilled Chicken and Spinach Wrap$6.50
Lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing.
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$6.50
Grilled chicken, hot sauce, bleu cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
Sausage Parmigiana Sandwich$5.50
Mozzarella cheese and sauce.
Meatball Parmigiana Sandwich$5.50
Mozzarella cheese and sauce.
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana Sandwich$6.50
Sausage and Egg Sandwich$5.00
Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich$5.50
Mozzarella cheese and sauce.
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana Sandwich$5.50
Mozzarella cheese and sauce.
Served with French fries white or wheat bread.
Turkey Club$6.50
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.
BLT Club$6.50
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.
Tuna and American Cheese Club$6.50
Lettuce, tomato and mayo.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.95
Lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar.
Grilled Veggie Sandwich$5.95
Broccoli, spinach, green peppers, mushrooms, onion, black olives and provolone.
Skinny Cat Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.95
French fries, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and ketchup.
Chubby Cat Steak Sandwich$5.95
American cheese, French fried, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and ketchup.
Chicken Cutlet Sandwich$5.95
Lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo.
Grilled Turkey and Spinach Sandwich$5.95
Honey mustard and melted provolone.
Cheesesteak Sandwich$5.25
Pizza Steak Sandwich$5.50
BBQ Cheesesteak Sandwich$5.95
Plain Steak Sandwich$4.75
Cheesesteak Hoagie$5.95
Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak$5.95
Special Steak$5.95
Served with house salad or soup and homemade bread.
Pasta Boscaiola$7.95 +
Pasta with mushrooms, peas, meat sauce and a touch of cream.
Pasta with Marinara Sauce$6.95 +
Pasta with mushrooms, peas, meat sauce and a touch of cream.
Fettuccini Alfredo$7.95 +
Pasta with Garlic & Oil$6.95 +
Linguini With Clams$7.95 +
Pasta with Chicken$9.95 +
Pasta with Sausage$8.95 +
Pasta with Broccoli$8.95 +
Pasta with Garlic$9.95 +
Vodka Rigatoni$6.95 +
Pasta Angelica$10.95 +
Pasta with Shrimp Marinara$10.95 +
Served with house salad or soup and homemade bread.
Stuffed Shells$6.95 +
Baked Ziti$6.95 +
Baked Cheese Ravioli$7.95 +
Eggplant Parmigiana$7.95 +
Manicotti$6.95 +
Gnocchi$7.95 +
Lasagna Al Forno$7.95 +
Ravioli Bellini$8.95 +
Chicekn Florentine$11.95
Pollo San Martino$13.95
Lightly sauteed chicken breast with asparagus and jumbo lump crab meat in a delicious champagne cream sauce with house vegetables or pasta
Pollo Cacciatore$11.95
Grilled chicken breast with sauteed onions and mushrooms in a white wine light marniara sauce served over pasta
Pollo Frances$11.95
Chicken breast sauteed in a light egg batter with a lemon butter sauce served with pasta
Borsellini Con Pesto$11.95
Grilled chicken strips and mushrooms, in a creamy pest sauce tossed with a specialty pasta stuffed with prosciutto and cheese
Chicken and Shrimp Granata$13.95
Chicken breast sautee d with baby shrimp and fresh tomatoes, tossed with penne pasta and seasonings tossed with mozzarella
Pollo Parmigiana$11.95
Breaded chicken, topped with tomato sauce and metled mozzarella cheese
Pollo Siciliano$11.95
Grilled chicken breast with artichoke hearts, olives and mushrooms in a garlic white wine sauce served with pasta
Chicken Marsala$11.95
Sauteed with mushrooms in a marsala wine.
Chicken Malanese$11.95
Sauteed chicken topped with spinach, ham and melted provolone cheese in white wine sauce over pasta.
Veal Saporito$10.95 +
Lightly sauteed veal medallions with asparagus and jumbo lump crab meat in a delicious champagne cream sauce with house vegetables or pasta.
Veal Parmigiana$9.95 +
Veal Mimosa$9.95 +
Veal Marsala$9.95 +
Crab Cake$9.95 +
Linguini Con Vongole$9.95 +
Fettuccine Flor Di Luna$10.95 +
Ravioli Valentino$8.95 +
Fettuccine Al Scampi$10.95 +
Fettuccini pasta with jumbo shrimp served in a scampi sauce.
Cappellini Maradona$9.95 +
Jumbo lump crab meat tossed in a pink cream sauce with chopped fresh tomatoes served with cappellini.
Shrimp and Asparagus Paradigia$8.95 +
Shrimp skewered with asparagus spears, boiled served over a bed of thinly vegetables resembling pasta.
Linguini Carnevale$9.95 +