114 S Olive St, Media, PA 19063

We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Ariano a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

All pizzas cooked in wood fire oven.

Buona Fortuna Pizza

Roasted tomato, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella.


Michael Pizza

Thinly sliced chicken, provolone & prosciutto, topped with sage aioli.


Zio Luciano Pizza

Spicy vodka sauce, topped with thinly sliced organic chicken, fontina cheese, mushrooms & drizzled with basil pesto.


Benevento Pizza

Vodka sauce, crumbled meatball, roasted peppers, shredded mozzarella & drizzled with basil pesto.


Melazzo Pizza

Fresh mozzarella, basil, marinara.


Villa Comunale Pizza

NY strip steak, roasted long hots, smoked mozzarella, oven roasted potatoes, garlic Italian herb cream sauce.


Rocco Pizza

Marinara, fresh mozzarella, garlic & oregano.


Vinciguerra Pizza

Hot sausage, marinara, pepperoni, & fresh mozzarella.


Bellapigna Pizza

Eggplant, zucchini, roasted peppers, sautéed in our brick oven with garlic & pine nuts, finished with olive oil & asiago cheese.


Di Blasi Pizza

Marinara, baby spinach, roasted peppers, minced garlic & fontina cheese.


Vendetti Pizza

Marinara, sweet tomatoes & ricotta cheese, finished with olive oil.


Nonno Giuseppina Pizza

Hot sausage, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, drizzled with basil pesto.


Assunta Pizza

Beef short rib, smoked gouda cheese, spicy aioli topped with caramelized onions.


Zio Nicola Pizza

Garlic, fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella, spinach & ricotta cheese.


Toluca Pizza

Chipotle tomato marinara, thinly sliced new york strip steak, chorizo topped with guacamole, shredded mozzarella.


Mama Francesca Pizza

Hot sausage, marinara, broccoli rabe, parmesan cheese.


Carmela Pizza

Brick oven caramelized onions, basil & fontina cheese, drizzled olive oil.


Pompetti Pizza

Thinly sliced organic chicken, basil pesto topped with fontina cheese.


Cardinale Pizza

Sweet sausage, marinara, mushrooms & fresh mozzarella.


Arianese Pizza

Sweet sausage, marinara, artichokes, prosciutto crudo & smoked mozzarella.


Tomasino Pizza

Roasted tomato, portobello, spinach, smoked mozzarella, basil & garlic.



Signora Loretto

Veal braciole stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella, topped with braised beef tomato sauce.


Thai Shrimp Fritti

Fried shrimp, served with sweet & spicy aioli.


Zia Rosa

Fried artichoke hearts, stuffed & wrapped in prosciutto smothered in basil pesto cream.



Fried risotto croquettes coated with bread crumbs, filled with prosciutto di parma, fresh mozzarella, & tomato, finished with a spicy pizzaiola sauce.


Latte Di Campagnia

Assorted cheese plate, fig glaze, kalamata olives, dried figs.


Crocchetta Di Granchio

Fried risotto pesto croquettes, stuffed with lump crab, fontina cheese, over a bed of blush sauce, topped with cherry peppers.


Pio's Meatball

A trio of ground beef, veal & pork, covered in a vodka aurora sauce topped with long hot, crispy pancetta & parmesan cheese.


Cavatelli Mongelli

Lump crab, roasted peppers, asparagus tips tossed with creamy lemon herb sauce.


Serving organic chicken.

Valleluogo Salad

Goat cheese, kale, beets, roasted hazelnuts, dried cranberries, orange citrus vinaigrette.


Ernstina Caprese Salad

Fresh creamy burrata, tomatoes, kalamata olives, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil.


Via Ottagio Salad

Romaine hearts, diced tomatoes, croutons, gorgonzola dressing, parmesan cheese.


Rengepe Salad

Spinach, strawberries, toasted almonds, feta, red onions & port wine vinaigrette.


Romagnuolo Salad

Mixed greens, apples, pistachios, gorgonzola, red onions & raspberry vinaigrette.


Arugula Michelle Salad

Arugula, tomato, prosciutto, parmesan & lemon vinaigrette.


Bread Bowls


Littleneck clams sautéed in a garlic wine broth served in a bread bowl.


Otino Cioppino

Tilapia, shrimp, bay scallops, lump crab, mussels, littleneck clams, sausage sautéed in tomato broth served in a bread bowl.



Prince Edward Island mussels, sautéed in seafood tomato broth & served in bread bowl.


Ariano Iripino

Seasonal vegetables marinated in garlic & extra virgin olive oil, all cask ironed served in pesto bread bowl.


Serving organic chicken.


Pan seared filet mignon, served with creamy gorgonzola sauce, topped with sweet chili shallot glaze. Available rare, medium or well.


Flamini Bambini

Baby back ribs, braised & finished in our brick oven served with our signature sauce.


Ciccio Paolo

Pan seared lamb chops in garlic & rosemary cream sauce served over top of creamy risotto & topped with gorgonzola cheese.


Salmone Di Pesto

Seared salmon, over a bed of pesto cous- cous topped with bruschetta & balsamic glaze.


Branzino Pugliese

Mediterranean sea bass lump crab, artichoke, served over bed of creamy risotto, topped with roasted pepper coulis.


Tuna Di Marco

Rare. Seared ahi tuna, topped with blackened shrimp, finished in tomatillo & avocado sauce.


Tricolle Risotto

Filet tips sautéed in marsala demi glaze served over a bed of creamy risotto & topped with crispy onions.


Spezzato Di Manzo

Braised short rib, seasonal vegetable medley, red wine beef ragu served with creamy risotto.



Spinach & ricotta between a lightly breaded eggplant, topped with a vodka aurora.


Garcia Aglio

Veal or chicken. Roasted garlic, & honey basil cream, sautéed shrimp.


Bianca Caprese

Veal or chicken. Topped with mozzarella, fresh tomato & pesto drizzle.


Piccatta De Rita

Veal or chicken. Capers, tomato & white wine sauce?.


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