La Porta Ristorante

1192 N Middletown Rd, Media, PA 19063

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  • Americano Pizza $12.00
    No basil, more cheese, less plum tomato sauce.
  • Margherita Pizza $15.00
    House made fresh mozzarella, plum tomato, fresh basil.
  • Pepperoni Pizza $15.00
    Calabrese pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, basil, plum tomato.
  • Sporco Pizza $16.00
    Spicy white pie, bacon, spinach, sharp provolone, mozzarella.
  • Breakfast Pizza $17.00
    Roasted brussles sprouts, bacon, taleggio cheese, fried egg, red onion.
  • Gluten Free Americano Pizza $15.00
  • Gluten Free Margherita Pizza $18.00
  • Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza $18.00
  • Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza $20.00
  • Gluten Free Sporco Pizza $19.00
  • Casa Salad $9.00
  • Cesare Salad $10.00
    Romaine, house-made croutons, lemon Parmigiano dressing, black pepper.
  • Tritare Salad $11.00
    Romaine, olives, hard-boiled egg, roasted red pepper, raisin, almond, parmigiano reggiano, citrus vinaigrette.
  • Salmone Salad $24.00
    Market greens, cherry tomato, apple, toasted hazelnut, crispy garlic bacon, crumbled goat cheese, fig vinaigrette.
  • Assagio $7.00
    Assorted meats, cheeses, olives, peppers & relishes.
  • Breakfast Bruschetta $10.00
  • Zuppe $8.00
  • Polpetto $8.00
    Classic homemade meatball, pistachio pesto, fonduta.
  • Cozze $11.00
    Mussels, red or white, spicy or mild.
  • Calamari $12.00
    Crispy fried squid, italian long-hots, tomato agrodolce.
  • Sweet Pete's Hummus $13.00
    Daily prepared hummus, roasted red pepper, olives, pine nut, toast points.
  • Tuscan Fries $10.00
    House cut fries, eggplant, red bell pepper, onion, garlic aioli, balsamic reduction.
  • Portafoglio $14.00
    Crispy portabella, lump crab, roasted red pepper, crumbled goat cheese, fried egg, saba.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich $14.00
    Fontina cheese, smoked prosciutto & a cup of creamed tomato soup.
  • Italian Tuna Melt Sandwich $11.00
    Wood roasted, open-faced, olives, sun-dried tomato, sharp provolone, bruschetta.
  • Tuscan Chicken Sandwich $10.00
    Red grape, apple, spiced walnut, american cheese, garlic aioli, lettuce.
  • La Porta Burger $11.00
    Your choice of cheese- mozzarella, gorgonzola, goat cheese, american or sharp provolone.
  • Frittata $14.00
    Crust-less italian quiche, artichoke hearts, mushroom, sun-dried tomato, fontina.
  • Gnocchi $18.00
    House-made ricotta gnocchi, lump crab, pistachio, lemon basil crema.
  • Eggplant Stufato $17.00
    Wood-fire roasted eggplant,ricotta, mozzarella, raisin & pine nut gremolata, plum tomato sauce.
  • Italian Toast $13.00
    Egg battered & pan fried brioche, bananas, honey maple walnut crumble, mascarpone, bourbon syrup.
  • Farfalle $17.00
    Smoked salmon, hot pepper, roasted brussels sprouts, sun-dried pepper grappa cream.
  • Lunch Gnocchi $18.00
    House-made rocotta gnocchi, lump crab, toasted pistachio, lemon-basil cream.
  • Pollo di Buffala $12.00
    Spicy chicken wings, gorgonzola dolce, apricot & pickled celery & carrot.
  • Salmone $19.00
    Wood-fired herb-roasted atlantic salmon filet, market mixed greens, cherry tomato, apple, toasted hazelnut, crispy garlic bacon, crumbled goat cheese, mustard vinaigrette.
  • Western Italian Omelet $14.00
  • Granchio Omelet $15.00
    Classic 3 egg omelet, lump crab, asparagus, sun-dried tomato, goat cheese.
  • Italian SOS $14.00
    Creamed Italian dried beef (bresaola), bruschetta, over-easy eggs,
  • Eggs Basil Dict $14.00
    Poached eggs, bruschetta, sausage, sharp provolone, tomato basil cream.


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