King of Pizza

3633 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give King of Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Extra Cheese Pizza$12.50
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Onions Pizza$14.25
Sausage Pizza$14.25
Green Peppers Pizza$14.25
Pepperoni Pizza$14.25
Anchovy Pizza$14.25
Black Olives Pizza$14.25
King Special Pizza$20.25
With the works.
Cheese Pizza$12.50
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
MushroomCheese Pizza$14.25
Sicilian Cheese Pizza$14.25 +
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
King Special Pizza$25.00
With the works.
Sicilian Black Olives Pizza$16.25
Sicilian Anchovy Pizza$16.25
Sicilian Pepperoni Pizza$16.25
Green Peppers Pizza$16.25
Sicilian Sausage Pizza$16.25
Sicilian Onions Pizza$16.25
White Pizza$12.50
White Broccoli Pizza$14.25
White Spinach Pizza$14.25
White Vegetarian Pizza$16.00
Sicilian White Pizza$14.25
Sicilian Broccoli White Pizza$16.25
Sicilian Spinach White Pizza$16.25
Sicilian Vegetarian White Pizza$18.00
We make one size pizza only. Add your own toppings to make your own gourmet pizza.
Grilled Chicken Pizza$16.50 +
Steak Pizza$16.50 +
Chicken Steak Pizza$16.50 +
Chicken Broccoli$17.25 +
Chicken Rustica Pizza$18.25 +
Sliced tomatoes, sauteed onions, mozzarella cheese, red sauce, grilled chicken.
Tuscan Pizza$18.25 +
Grilled chicken, olives, spinach, provolone cheese, sundried tomatoes.
Bacon Pizza$16.50 +
Ham Pizza$16.50 +
Pineapple Pizza$16.50 +
Meatball Pizza$16.50 +
Eggplant Pizza$16.50 +
Hawaiian Pizza$18.25 +
Margarita Pizza$18.25 +
Primavera Pizza$18.25 +
Mamma Anna Old World Pizza$18.25 +
San Marzano plum tomatoes, salted garlic, basil & onions.
Shrimp Pizza$17.50 +
Clams Pizza$17.50 +
Cheese Pizza$2.25
Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
Sausage Pizza$2.60
Mushroom Pizza$2.60
Spinach Pizza$2.60
Broccoli Pizza$2.60
White Pizza$2.25
Pepperoni Pizza$2.60
Margarita Pizza$2.95
Mamma Anna Old World Pizza$2.60
Sicilian Pizza$2.95
Bacon Pizza$2.95
Steak Pizza$2.95
Cheeseburger Pizza$2.95
BBQ Chicken Pizza$2.95
Chicken, Steak or Veggie Fajita Pizza$2.95
Vegetarian Pizza$2.85
Primavera Pizza$2.95
Mamma Anna Old World Sicilian Pizza$2.95
Garden Salad$6.50
Fresh garden greens.
Caesar Salad$6.50
Antipasto Salad$7.95
Cappicola, genoa salami, provolone, pepperoni, olives, fresh garden greens.
Chef Salad$7.95
Turkey, ham, cheese, cooked salami, fresh garden greens.
Grilled Chicken Salad$8.25
Marinated breast of chicken over lettuce, tomato, cucumbers.
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$8.25
Marinated breast of chicken over romaine, croutons and caesar dressing.
Tuna Salad$8.25
Homemade tuna salad served over fresh garden greens.
Chicken Wings$8.50 +
Cheese Stromboli$6.75 +
Baked or fried.
Plain Steak$6.75
Cheese Steak$7.25
Mushroom Steak$7.25
Mushroom Cheese Steak$7.50
Cheese Steak Hoagie$7.75
Pizza Steak$7.75
King Steak$8.25
Pepperoni Cheese Steak$8.00
Bacon Cheese Steak$8.00
Served on white bread with Fries.
Tuna Sandwich$7.75
Ham & Cheese Sandwich$7.75
BLT Sandwich$7.75
Plain Steak$6.75
Cheese Steak$7.25
Cheese Steak Hoagie$7.75
Bacon Chicken Cheese Steak$8.00
Eggplant Parmesan$7.75
Sausage Parmesan$7.75
Meatball Parmesan$7.75
Sausage, Peppers & Onions$7.75
Hot Roast Pork$7.75
Hot Roast Beef$7.75
Grilled Chicken with Spinach & Provolone$8.00
Grilled Chicken Hoagie$8.00
Pepper & Eggs$6.25
Cheeseburger Sub with Fries$7.25
Bacon Cheeseburger Sub with Fries$7.75
Pizzaburger Sub withFries$7.75
American Hoagie$7.00
American cheese, salami, imported ham.
Italian Hoagie$7.00
Provolone cheese, cappicola, genoa salami, imported ham.
Turkey Hoagie$7.00
Turkey & cheese.
Cheese Hoagie$7.00
American, provolone & mozzarella
Ham and Cheese Tuna$7.00
Imported ham & American cheese.
Steak Wrap$7.25
Cheese Steak Wrap$7.50
Chicken Steak Wrap$7.25
Chicken Cheese Steak Wrap$7.50
Grilled Chicken Wrap$7.50
Chicken Caesar$7.50
Italian Wrap$7.50
American Wrap$7.50
Salami Wrap$7.50
Ham & Cheese Wrap$7.50
Tuna Wrap$7.50
Served on your choice of rosemary focaccia or ciabatta bread. Dress your panini with your choice of pesto spread, garlic spread, basil spread or roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette.
Grilled Chicken Panini$8.00
Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, tomato, onion, and a basil spread.
Italian Vegetable Panini$8.00
Roasted peppers, eggplant, romaine lettuce, grilled tomato, fresh mozzarella, and a basil spread.
Honey Roasted Turkey Panini$8.00
Honey roasted turkey, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, and a basil spread.
Eggplant Panini$8.00
Eggplant, caramelized onion, fresh mozzarella, and a basil spread.
All American Panini$8.00
Cappicola, salami, ham, provolone cheese, banana peppers, sun-dried tomato, romaine lettuce, vinaigrette on side.
All Italian Panini$8.00
Sopresta, proscuitoo, cappicola, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, fresh basil, and a vinaigrette.
Caprese Panini$8.00
Fresh Mozzarella, roasted peppers, tomato, and a basil spread.
Tuscan Chicken Panini$8.00
Grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, and a basil spread.
Original Gyro withFries$8.50
Steak Gyro with Fries$7.75
Chicken Steak Gyro with Fries$7.75
Grilled Chicken Gyro with Fries$8.50
French Fries$3.25
Cheddar Poppers$5.75
Italian Wedding Soup$2.50
Garlic Knots$2.50
Potato Skins$6.25
Fried Flounder Basket withFries$8.50
Buffalo Chicken Fingers with Fries$7.75
Cheese Fries$5.50
Pizza Fries$5.25
Chicken Fingers with Fries$7.50
Onion Rings$4.95
Broccoli Bites$5.75
Buterfly Shrimp Basket with Fries$9.95
The King Sampler$8.95
Three chicken fingers three mozzarella sticks three cheddar poppers with fries.
Ribs BBQ or Garlic Basil$6.00
Three ribs.
Coke$1.85 +
Diet Coke$1.85 +
Cherry Coke$1.85 +
Sprite$1.85 +
Root Beer$1.85 +
Raspberry Iced Tea$1.85 +
Orange Soda$1.85 +
Lemonade$1.85 +
Fruit Punch$1.85 +
Bottled Water$1.50