Brother's Pizza

221 N Front St, Philipsburg, PA 16866

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Brother's Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Mozzarella Pizza$4.50 +
White Pizza$5.85 +
With ricotta, mozzarella, tomatoes, & onions.
Brother's Supreme Pizza$15.25
Meat Supreme Pizza$15.25
Ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ground beef
Veggie Supreme Pizza$15.25
Onion, mushroom, tomato, green peppers, black olive
Buffalo Chicken Pizza$15.25
Chopped grilled chicken with mild wing sauce
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza$15.25
Onion, green peppers, mozzarella and steak
Regular Fries$2.00 +
Bacon & Cheddar$2.75 +
Beerf Battered Onion Rings$2.50 +
Breadsticks$3.00 +
Breadsticks with Mozzarella$3.75 +
Antipasto Salad$6.75
Chef Salad$6.75
Steak Salad$7.25
Chicken Salad$7.25
Buffalo Chicken Salad$7.40
Cajun Chicken Salad$7.40
Tuna Salad$7.40
Tossed Salad$3.25
Regular Stromboli$5.50 +
Buffalo Chicken Stromboli$5.50 +
Chicken Stromboli$5.50 +
Cheesesteak Stromboli$5.50 +
Meatball Stromboli$5.50 +
Veggie Stromboli$5.50 +
Calzone$5.50 +
Buffalo Wings$5.25
Mozzarella Stix$4.50
Meatballs with Mozzarella$3.95
Garlic Bread with Sauce$2.00
Chicken Fingers with Steak Fries$4.75
Jalapeno Poppers$4.50
Meatball Parmigiana Wedge$5.95
Meatball Parmigiana Sub$4.95
Sausage Parmigiana Wedge$5.95
Sausage Parmigiana Sub$4.95
Veal Parmigiana Wedge$6.20
Veal Parmigiana Sub$5.20
Eggplant Parmigiana Wedge$6.20
Eggplant Parmigiana Sub$5.20
Pizza Sub with Pepperoni Wedge$5.95
Pizza Sub with Pepperoni Sub$4.95
Breaded Chicken Fillet Wedge$6.50
Breaded Chicken Fillet Sub$5.50
Breaded Buffalo Chicken Filler Wedge$6.65
Breaded Buffalo Chicken Filler Sub$5.65
Breaded Chicken Parmigiana Wedge$6.50
Breaded Chicken Parmigiana Sub$5.50
Grilled Chicken Fillet Wedge$6.50
Grilled Chicken Fillet Sub$5.50
Grilled Chicken Parmigiana Wedge$6.50
Grilled Chicken Parmigiana Sub$5.50
Philly Cheesesteak Wedge$6.50
Philly Cheesesteak Sub$5.50
Cheesesteak Wedge$6.50
Cheesesteak Sub$5.50
Cheeseburger Wedge$6.50
Cheeseburger Sub$5.50
Fish Fillet Wedge$6.50
Fish Fillet Sub$5.50
Canadian Bacon with Provolone Wedge$6.50
Canadian Bacon with Provolone Sub$5.50
Super Italian Sub$5.20
Super Italian Wedges$6.20
Roast Beef Sub$5.20
Roast Beef Wedges$6.20
Turkey Sub$5.95
Turkey Wedges$5.95
Turkey & Bacon with Provolone Sub$5.20
Turkey & Bacon with Provolone Wedges$6.20
Italian Sub$4.70
Italian Wedges$5.70
Ham Sub$4.70
Ham Wedges$5.70
Salami Sub$4.70
Salami Wedges$5.70
Tuna Sub$4.70
Tuna Wedges$5.70
Provolone Sub$4.70
Provolone Wedges$5.70
Veggie Sub$4.95
Veggie Wedges$5.95
Cheddy Burger$2.75


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