5301 Grove Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Frisch's a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

Cheese Pizza$7.99 +
Classic cheese or create your own.
Homemade soups made fresh daily.
Homemade Soup$3.69 +
Quart Homemade Soup$9.49
To go only.
Salad by the Pound$7.99
Fresh Grilled Chicken Garden Salad$9.49
Fresh Grilled Steak Salad$9.99
Small Tossed Salad$3.99
Large Garden Salad$5.49
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$9.49
Buffalo Chicken Salad$9.49
Greek Feta Salad with Grilled Chicken & Pita Bread$9.49
Chef Salad$8.49
The salad comes with a garlic breadstick.
Side of French Fries$3.49
Side of French Fries with Cheese$3.99
Fresh Cut Fries$3.49
Fresh Cut Fries with Cheese$3.99
Broasted Potatoes$3.49
Broasted Potatoes with Cheese$3.99
Potato Pancakes$4.99
Potato Skins with Cheese & Bacon$4.99
Homemade Mashed Potatoes with Butter$3.69
Homemade Mashed Potatoes with Greavy$3.69
Baked Potato with Butter$3.49
Baked Potato with Sour Cream$3.49
Baked Potato with Cheese & Bacon$3.79
Curly Fries$4.49
Curly Fries with Cheese$7.49
Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese & Celery Sticks$7.49
Chicken Fingers$6.49
Garlic Bread$2.49
Mozzarella Sticks$4.99
Beer Battered Mushrooms$4.99
Side of Onion Rings$4.99
Breaded Cauliflower$4.99
Breaded Zucchini$4.99
Individual Orders$0.99
Slaw, Potato, Mac, Ling.
Hot Sauce$0.99
Bleu Cheese$0.99
Cheese Sauce$0.99
Chicken Fingers by the Pound$8.99
Jumbo Buffalo Wings$7.49 +
With a choice of sauce & side of bleu cheese or ranch dressing choice of 1 sauce.
Italian Hoagie$6.19 +
Steak Hoagie$6.99 +
Chicken Sandwich$7.19
Chicken Sandwich with Cheese$7.69
Chicken Sandwich Buffalo Style With Hot Sauce and Bleu Cheese$7.69
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$7.69
Chicken Salad Sandwich$7.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$6.49
8 oz.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Cheese$7.29
8 oz.
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Cheese & Bacon$6.99
8 oz.
Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich$8.29
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$7.99
Grilled Buffalo Sandwich With Hot Sauce & Bleu Cheese$7.99
Turkey Sandwich$7.99
Ham, Bacon, Turkey Club Sandwich$7.29
Baked Ham & Cheese Sandwich$6.99
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich$6.99
Corned Beef Sandwich$6.99
Reuben Sandwich$7.49
Turkey Reuben Sandwich$7.49
Roast Beef Sandwich$6.49
Fish Sandwich$9.29
(10-12 oz. filet of haddock) on a Mancini roll.
Tuna Melt$6.99
Meatball Sandwich With Cheese$6.49
Hot Sausage Sandwich With Cheese$6.99
2 uncle charlie’s sausage links.
8 oz.
Hamburger with Cheese$6.49
8 oz.
Hamburger with Cheese & Bacon$6.99
8 oz.
Natural Casing Frank$2.49
Pizza Bagel$5.29
Pizza Bagel with Pepperoni, Sausage$5.79
Pizza Bagel with Pepperoni, Mushroom$5.79
French Bread Pizza with Pepperoni, Sausage$5.29
French Bread Pizza with Pepperoni, Mushroom$5.79
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$5.29
Grilled Swiss on Rye$4.99
Ham BBQ Sandwich$5.49
Ham Salad Sandwich$4.99
Gyro Wedgie$10.49
Italian Wedgie$10.49
Steak Wedgie$10.49
Made with 10 secrets herbs & spices.
Bucket of Chicken$19.49
All dark 8 drums & 8 thighs.
Breast Bucket$22.49
All white.
Chicken Dinner$8.99
Breast Dinner$8.99
Leg Snack$6.29
Breast Snack$6.79
Half Chicken$6.99
Buffalo Wings With Sauce & Bleu Cheese$7.49
No substitutions, please.
1. Meal$27.49
14 piece bucket of broasted chicken with 2 orders broasted potatoes or 2 orders of French fries & 1 pint of cole slaw.
2. Meal$39.99
20 piece barrel of broasted chicken with 3 orders broasted potatoes or 3 orders of French fries & 1 quart of cole slaw.
3. Meal$18.99
1 whole Italian hoagie or steak hoagie with 1 medium one-topping pizza with a 2 liter Pepsi.
Dinner served with choice of potato and cole slaw.
Fish Dinner$9.99
Fish Sandwich$9.29
10-12 oz. Haddock filet.
Fish by the Pound.$11.99
Baked Fish Dinner$9.99
Baked Fish by the Pound$11.99
Shrimp Dinner$10.49
5 jumbo shrimp.
Shrimp Snack$8.99
3 jumbo shrimp.
Shrimp by the Pound$19.99
10 jumbo shrimp.
Fried Seafood Platter$10.99
Shrimp, scallops, fish, crabcake.
Scallop Dinner$10.49
Scallop & Shrimp Dinner$10.49
Scallop by the Pound$19.99
Tuna Melt$6.99
Fruit Pie$3.19
Meringue Pie$3.49


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