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Truss Brewing Company

Truss Brewing Company

42 Old Clairton Rd, Pleasant Hills, PA 15236

Closed until Wed at 11:00 AM

Full Hours
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Opens Wed at 11:00 AM

Wood Fired Pizza

Truss Ricotta Pizza

Lemon ricotta, tomato, shallot, fresh mozzarella, arugula, mushrooms.


Salame Picante Pizza

Pepperoni, castelvetrano olives, basil, banana peppers, chili crisp (contains nuts)


Pierogi Pizza

Potato, sharp cheddar, kielbasa, bacon, sour cream, charred onions, scallions.


Pierogi Pizza

Make Your Own Margherita Pizza

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.



Avilene's Spring Beet Hummus

House hummus, assorted vegetables, wood-fried bread.


Soft Pretzels

Bavarian-style with house beer cheese.


Wood Fries

Parm crusted.


Loaded Wood Fries

Parmesan, house beer cheese, slab bacon, wood-fired pork butt, sour cream drizzle, fresh banana peppers, scallions.


Big Fat Wings

2 pounds of chicken drumsticks, wood-fired , prepared like buffalo or bbq wings, with celery and ranch, no substitute.



Wood Fired Asparagus


Mac 'N Cheese


Garlic Redskins




Herbed Rice


Cucumber Salad




Beer Cheese





Filet Mignon





Wood Fired Chicken

Marinated chicken, herbed rice, cuke salad, la la sauce.


Wood Fired Chicken

Truss House Salad

Baby spinach, wood fried asparagus, smoked provolone, English cuke, marinated grape tomatoes, croutons, castelvetrano olive, sonny rose ranch honey vinaigrette.


Wood Fired Shrimp

Jumbo shrimp, herb rice, wood-fried asparagus.


Taco Mas

Three wood fired pork butt tacos, slaw, avocado cream, fresno aioli, fresh cilantro springs, chips & beer cheese.


The Bustty Sandwich

Wood fired pulled pork butt, fresh slaw, house beer cheese, BBQ sauce, crispy onions.


Filet Cheesesteak

Filet tips, wood-fried peppers, onions, mushrooms, house beer cheese.


Steak Dinner

Filet tips, garlic redskins, wood-fried herbed mushrooms.


Rosemary Garlic Salmon

Lightly glazed Alaskan salmon, herbed rice, wood fired asparagus.


Sweet Endings

Warm Cookies

Three large cookies, warmed in the oven, choice of lemon white chocolate or dark chocolate chunk.


Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Bavarian style with cream cheese icing dip.


Strawberry Cobbler

Sonny rose ranch honey, streusel top.


Catering Trays
Serves 12-15 people.

Wood Fired Chicken Catering

Herbed rice, cuke salad, la la sauce.


Pulled Pork Catering

Sweet bell peppers, fresh rolls, BBQ or herb sauce.


Filet Tips Catering

Wood fired herbed mushrooms, garlic redskins.


Salad Catering

Mixed greens & assorted vegetables, ranch or sonny rose ranch honey vinaigrette.


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