Famulari's Pizzeria Azalea

205 Berkeley Cir, Summerville, SC 29483

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Famulari's Pizzeria Azalea a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • New York Hand Tossed Pizza $7.29 +
  • Chicago Stuffed Pizza $18.99
  • Margherita Pizza $10.49 +
    Chunky sauce, fresh-ball mozzarella, basil.
  • Mediterranean Pizza $10.49 +
    Pesto sauce, mozzarella, black olive, tomato, feta.
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza $10.49 +
    Bbq sauce, mozzarella, chicken, roasted red pepper, red onion.
  • White Pizza $10.49 +
    Ricotta sauce, mozzarella, garlic, basil, tomato.
  • Buffalo Blue Pizza $11.19 +
    Ranch sauce, chicken, red onion, jalapeño, blue cheese, hot sauce swirl.
  • Deluxe Pizza $11.19 +
    Classic sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, white onion.
  • Meats Pizza $11.19 +
    Classic sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon.
  • Fam’s Feta Pizza $11.19 +
    Classic sauce, mozzarella, spinach, mushroom, red onion, tomato, feta.
  • Chicken Ranch Pizza $11.19 +
    Ranch sauce, mozzarella, chicken, bacon, red onion, tomato.
  • Chokes & Chicken Pizza $11.19 +
    Pesto sauce, mozzarella, artichoke, garlic, chicken, roasted red pepper.
  • Molten Beast Pizza $11.19 +
    Hot-bbq sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, beef, bacon, cheddar.
  • Muffaletta Pizza $11.19 +
    Olive oil, salami, green olive, black olive, red onion, banana pepper, provolone.
  • Italian Pizza $11.19 +
    Olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, green pepper, red pepper, white onion, sausage.
  • Veggie Pizza $11.19 +
    Classic sauce, mozzarella, broccoli, mushroom, red onion, black olive, tomato.
  • Angry Hawaiian Pizza $11.19 +
    Hot marinara, mozzarella, canadian bacon, pineapple, tomato, jalapeño.
  • Philly Cheese Steak Pizza $11.19 +
    Nacho cheese sauce, mozzarella, Philly steak, green pepper, white onion, mushroom, provolone.
  • Chicken Alfredo Pizza $11.19 +
    Alfredo sauce, mozzarella, broccoli, chicken, mushroom.
  • Carolina Blue Pizza $11.19 +
    Classic sauce, mozzarella, salami, canadian bacon, tomato, white onion, blue cheese.
  • Greek Pizza $25.99
    Mozzarella, spinach, black olive, artichoke, feta, chunky sauce.
  • Chi Town Classic Pizza $25.99
    Mozzarella, double pepperoni, double sausage, chunky sauce.
  • Chicago Cheese Steak Pizza $25.99
    Mozzarella, Philly steak, jalapeño, provolone, white onion, chunky sauce.
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza $25.99
    Mozzarella, beef, bacon, white onion, cheddar, pickle, chunky sauce.
  • Cheese Bread $6.29
    Pan-baked dough loaded with mozzarella, cheddar, and topped with a shake.
  • Spinach Cheese Bread $6.99
    Pan-baked dough loaded with fresh spinach, mozzarella, cheddar, and topped with a shake.
  • Bread Sticks $4.59
    Pan-baked dough buttered and topped with a shake.
  • Meatball & Marinara $5.99
    Three house-made meatballs stuffed with fresh mozzarella, topped with marinara, fancy Parmesan, and basil, over pesto.
  • Chicken Wings $9.99
    Oven-baked. Served with celery and ranch or blue cheese. Mild, hot, BBQ, garlic butter, teriyaki or hot BBQ.
  • House Salad $3.79 +
  • Chef Salad $5.29 +
    Lettuce, ham, bacon, cheddar, carrot, egg, tomato/
  • Greek Salad $4.49 +
    Lettuce, feta, black olive, roasted red pepper, red onion, tomato.
  • Caesar Salad $3.99 +
    Lettuce, parmesan, croutons.
  • Popeye Salad $4.49 +
    Spinach, egg, mushroom, red onion, sunflower seeds.
  • Garden Salad $4.49 +
    Lettuce, carrot, cucumber, green pepper, red cabbage, red onion, tomato.
  • Bread Sticks $4.49
    12 pan-baked breadsticks lightly buttered and specially seasoned.
  • Cheese Brea $5.99
    Pan-baked dough loaded with mozzarella, cheddar, and special seasoning.
  • Spinach Cheese Bread $6.49
    Pan-baked dough topped with fresh spinach, mozzarella, cheddar, and special seasoning.
  • Garlic Bread $3.19
    Hand-cut bread buttered and seasoned to perfection.
  • Chicken Wings $8.49
    Oven-baked wings: mild, hot, bbq, garlic butter, teriyaki or hot bbq sauce; with celery and ranch or blue cheese dressing.
  • Caprese Salad $5.49
    Fresh-ball mozzarella sliced, then layered with tomato and basil, served with olive oil.
  • Calzone $7.99
    Mozzarella and ricotta cheese folded into a golden crust served with a side of homemade marinara.
  • Stromboli $7.99
    Mozzarella and classic sauce folded into a golden crust served with a side of homemade marinara.
  • Loaded BLT Sandwich $7.99
    Bacon, lettuce, tomato, pepperoni, banana peppers,mayo.
  • Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich $7.29
    Homemade pesto, fresh-ball mozzarella, tomato, toasted.
  • Italian Sandwich $7.99
    Salami, ham, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, italian dressing.
  • Meatball Sandwich $7.29
    Homemade marinara, meatball, mozzarella, parmesan.
  • Chicken Parmesan Sandwich $7.29
    Chicken, homemade marinara, mozzarella, parmesan.
  • Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich $8.29
    Philly steak, mushroom, green pepper, white onion, nacho cheese, provolone.
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich $8.29
    Chicken, ranch, bacon, red onion, provolone.
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich $7.29
    Chicken mixed with mayo, celery, red onion, banana pepper, lettuce, tomato.
  • Ham & Cheese Sandwich $7.29
    Ham, lettuce, tomato, and choice of mozzarella, cheddar or provolone cheese.
All pasta meals are oven-baked, served with garlic bread and a house salad.
  • Spicy Sausage Pasta $9.99
    Spaghetti topped with spicy Italian sausage, marinara, and mozzarella.
  • Artichoke Penne $9.99
    Penne mixed with pesto and artichokes, topped with mozzarella.
  • Fettuccine Alfredo Bake $9.99
    Fettuccine baked with alfredo sauce and seasoned bread crumbs.
  • Baked Penne $9.99
    Penne topped with marinara and mozzarella.
  • Meat Lasagna $10.79
    Layers of lasagna noodles, ricotta, mozzarella, marinara, beef.
  • Spinach Manicotti $9.99
    Manicotti stuffed with ricotta and spinach, baked with marinara and mozzarella.
  • Chicken Parmesan Pasta $9.99
    Fettuccine topped with marinara, breaded chicken, mozzarella and parmesan.
  • Spaghetti & Marinara $8.49
    Spaghetti topped with marinara and parmesan.
  • Three Layer Chocolate Cake $4.79
  • Tiramisu $4.29
  • Canoli $3.49
  • Cheesecake $3.99
  • Big Cookie $1.99
  • Soda $1.69 +


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