Mama Teresa's Flying Pizza

416 21st St, Galveston, TX 77550

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We're all about supporting local pizzerias - even those who are not Slice partners.
Give Mama Teresa's Flying Pizza a call to order. We hear their food's delish.

  • Cheese Pizza$9.50 +
    Classic cheese or create your own pizza.
  • Cattleman Pizza$14.95 +
    Chicken, red onions, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce.
  • Mama Meaty Pizza$14.95 +
    Pepperoni, beef, canadian bacon, italian sausage, cheese.
  • Mama Teresa Supreme Pizza$14.95 +
    Mushroom, bell peppers, onions, pepperoni, black olives, bacon.
  • Hawaiian Style Pizza$14.95 +
    Canadian bacon, pineapple.
  • Margarita Pizza$14.95 +
    Slice tomato, cheese, basil, garlic, olive oil.
  • Greek Pizza$14.95 +
    Spinach, tomato, black olives, feta, garlic, olive oil, cheese.
  • Tuscan Chicken Pizza$14.95 +
    Grilled chicken, spinach, tomato, feta, garlic, olive oil, cheese.
  • Mama Veggie Pizza$14.95 +
    Mushroom, onions, spinach, tomato, garlic & oil, light cheese, artichoke hearts.
  • Supreme Veggie Pizza$14.95 +
    Spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, black olives, bell pepper, garlic oil sauce or homemade pizza sauce.
  • Sweet & Sour Pizza$14.95 +
    Canadian bacon, real bacon, pineapple, jalapenos.
  • The Sombrero Pizza$14.95 +
    Chorizo, red onions, roasted peppers, real bacon, jalapeno.
  • Gluten Free Pizza with Three Toppings$14.95 +
    And a 4th on Mama for free!
  • French Fries$3.95
  • Garlic Bread$3.95
  • Garlic Bread with Cheese$4.95
  • Meat Balls$6.95
    With sauce and bread.
  • Fried Cheese$7.95
  • Fried Mushrooms$7.95
    Hand battered.
  • Fried Ravioli$7.95
    Stuffed with cheese.
  • Fried Calamari$8.95
    Hand battered.
  • Wings$10.95
  • Spicy Crab & Shrimp$16.95
    In marinara sauce.
  • Spicy Crab Claws$18.95
    In marinara sauce.
  • Chicken Tortellini Soup$6.95 +
  • Minestrone Soup$6.95 +
  • Tomato Basil Soup$7.95 +
  • Greek Salad$6.95 +
    Romaine Lettuce, feta cheese, black olives, red onions, cucumber, tomato.
  • Tuscan Salad$7.95 +
    Romaine lettuce, mozzarella cheese, tomato, red onions, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, olive oil, garlic.
  • Antipasto Salad$9.95 +
    Lettuce, tomato, pickled vegetables, salami, ham, cheese, black olives, salad peppers.
  • Soup & House Salad$9.95
  • Cheese Calzone$12.95
    Create your own calzone with four toppings.
All served with Italian bread.
  • Spaghetti with Garlic & Oil$10.95
  • Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce$10.95
  • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce$10.95
  • Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Meat Sauce$12.95
  • Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Tomato Sauce$12.95
  • Baked Ziti$11.95
    Ziti noodles, meat sauce, cheese.
  • Cheese Ravioli$11.95
    Ravioli, tomato sauce.
  • Tortellini with Tomato Sauce$12.95
  • Tortellini with Meat Sauce$12.95
  • Spaghetti with Meatballs & Tomato Sauce$13.95
    Meatballs & tomato sauce.
  • Manicotti Pasta$12.95
    Stuffed noodles with ricotta, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Lasagna$13.95
    Noodles, meat sauce, cheese.
  • Ziti Mama Teresa’s$13.95
    Ziti noodles, meat sauce, mushrooms, cheese.
  • Tortellini Alfredo$13.95
    Tortellini noodle,? cream, ham, cheese.
  • Fettuccini Alfredo$13.95
    Fettuccini, ham, cream, cheese.
  • Fettuccini Bolognese$13.95
    Fettuccini, ham, cheese, tomato sauce.
  • Spaghetti White Clam Sauce$14.95
    Clams, oil, garlic.
  • Spaghetti Carbonara$14.95
    Noodles, cream, bacon, onions, egg yolk.
  • Chicken Alfredo$15.95
    Chicken, fettuccini, cream, cheese.
  • Shrimp Alfredo$17.95
    Shrimp, fettuccini, cream, cheese.
  • Spaghetti with Shrimp, Garlic & Oil$17.95
    Shrimp, fettuccini, cream, cheese.
  • Shrimp Marinara$17.95
    Shrimp, marinara sauce, garlic, spices.
  • Italian Sausage$11.95
    With peppers, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Meatball$11.95
    With cheese,? meat sauce.
  • Combination$11.95
    Ham, salami, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives, oil/vinegar.
  • Chicken Parmigiana$12.95
    hand breaded chicken, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana$12.95
    Hand breaded eggplant, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Veal Parmigiana$13.95
    Hand breaded veal, meat sauce, cheese.
  • Shrimp$14.95
    Fried hand battered shrimp, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce.
All served with Italian bread and spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  • Eggplant Parmigiana$14.95
    Hand breaded eggplant, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Chicken Parmigiana$15.95
    Hand breaded chicken, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Veal Parmigiana$16.95
    Hand breaded? veal, meat sauce, cheese.
  • Shrimp Parmigiana$17.95
    Hand battered shrimp, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Fried Shrimp Dinner$17.95
    Hand battered shrimp, french fries.
  • Snapper Parmigiana$17.95
    Hand battered snapper, tomato sauce, cheese.
  • Fried Snapper$17.95
    Hand battered snapper, french fries.
Kids under 12 years old.
  • Kid's Spaghetti$5.50
    With meat or tomato sauce.
  • Kid's Chicken Nuggets$5.50
    With french fries.
  • Kid's Cheese Ravioli$5.50
    With meat or tomato sauce.
  • Kid's Cheese Tortellini$5.50
    With meat or tomato sauce.
  • Cannoli$5.95
  • Tiramisu$6.95
  • Chocolate Eruption Cake$6.95
  • Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake$6.95
  • White Chocolate Mousse Cake$6.95
  • New York Cheesecake$6.95
  • Italian Cream Cake$6.95


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