Arturo Boada Cuisine

6510 Del Monte Dr, Houston, TX 77057

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  • “Why Not” Margherita Pizza $14.95
    Homemade marinara sauce,fresh basil and mozzarella.
  • Italian Sausage Pizza $15.95
    Fresh fennel, spicy diavola sauce.
  • Carnitas Pizza $15.95
    Charred salsa, asadero cheese, onion, freshcilantro.
  • Fresh Light Tomato Basil Soup $6.95 +
  • House $10.95
    Green Batavia lettuce, hearts of palm, walnuts, tomato, and cucumber with our fresh herb vinaigrette.
  • Tomato Caprese $14.50
    Fresh mozzarella, capers, basil, extravirgin olive oil.
  • Whole Nine Yards $24.50
    Shrimp, chicken, smoked salmon, artichoke, tomato, avocado, hearts of palm, hardboiled egg, sweet peas in a champagne dressing.
  • Spinach Salad $16.95
    With artichoke hearts, tomatoes, peas, hearts of palm, hardboiled egg and fennel in a light garlic dressing.
  • Charred Veggie Plate $16.95
    Fresh grilled vegetables.
  • House Spaghetti Marinara $7.25
  • Steamed Vegetables $7.25
  • Roasted Herbed Potato $7.25
  • Sautéed Spinach $7.25
  • Truffle Fries $7.25
  • Fettuccine & Shrimp $29.50
    In a creamy cilantro pesto sauce.
  • Farfalle Pasta $19.50
    Extra virgin olive oil, fresh mozzarella,tomato, garlic, and basil.
  • Rigatoni $26.50
    Grilled chicken, sweet peas, mushroom, prosciutto, sugar rosa sauce.
  • Mama Sonia's Ravioli $31.50
    Stuffed with chicken and porcini mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce topped with jumbo lump crab meat.
  • Camarones Henesy En Hamaca $16.95
    Sautéed shrimp with hearts of palm, tomato, cilantro in a ginger-soy sauce on a bed of sweet plantains.
  • Fresh Calms $17.95
    Sautéed with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, fresh basil in a light broth.
  • Beef Blue $19.95
    Filet on sliced tomato topped with blue cheese and onion rings.
  • Papas Bravas $14.95
    Spicy red b’s potato with sliced Spanish chorizo.
  • Snapper Tacos $12.50
    Spicy red b’s potato with sliced Spanish chorizo.
  • Carnitas Tacos $12.50
    Spicy red b’s potato with sliced Spanish chorizo.
  • Suhrid Spicy Beef $19.50
    Cooked with fresh tomato and peppers.
  • Ceviche $16.95
    Snapper and shrimp in a fresh lime juice and serrano peppers.
  • Fresh Mussels $17.50
    Sautéed in your choice of homemade marinara, white wine, or tomatillo jalapeno and cilantro.
  • Calamari $15.95
    Your choice of fried / sautéed / grilled.
  • Tuna Tartare Sashimi Grade $15.95
    Cucumber and fennel with Asian vinaigrette.
  • THE Sliced Prosciutto San Daniele $14.95
    With melon.
  • Grilled Beef Filet Center $38.50
  • Grilled NY Strip USDA Prime $44.50
  • Grilled Veal Chop Natural $49.50
  • Chicken Breast Provenzale $24.95
    Artichoke hearts, fresh tomato, garlic, mushrooms, olives, and fresh herbs.
  • Snapper Al Fresco $36.50
    Sautéed with fresh tomato, basil, garlic and capers topped with jumbo lump crab meat.
  • Grilled Sashimi Grade Tuna $29.50
    Fresh arugula and grape tomatoes, drizzled with a lemon truffle oil.
  • Grilled Salmon $29.50
    Topped with a Thai mango pico de gallo.
  • Frutti DI Mare $36.50
    Snapper, shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari served in a light tomato broth.

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Arturo Boada Cuisine is located at 6510 Del Monte Dr, Houston, TX 77057.
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